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Robert Stark talks to Zoltan Istvan about his Campaign for President in 2020
















Robert Stark talks to Zoltan Istvan about his campaign for the Republican Party nomination for President in 2020. Zoltan previously ran for President as a Transhumanist and for California Governor as a Libertarian. Zoltan is the author of The Transhumanist Wager and has a new book out Upgrading America: The Political Writings of Zoltan Istvan.


A new type of Republican that is technologically innovative and culturally open minded
How science and technology can fix most of the nation’s problems
The use of science and technology to upgrade the human experience
Genetic editing
The use of AI for public safety and recognizing trauma
Basic income proposal funded by monetizing federal land
Immigration policy taking into account automaton
How past issues of discrimination will be outdated in the Transhumanist future
Parental licensing
Automating bureaucracy
Using technology to protect humankind from existential risks
Long term goal of ending all human suffering
How technology can be used to protect the environment

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Robert Stark talks to Rachel Haywire about her Campaign for President





















Robert Stark talks to Rachel Haywire about her campaign for President under the Transhumanist Party. You can register here to vote for her in the Transhumanist primaries. Rachel is a musician, event producer, writer, model, and is currently the CEO of Avant Design, a new agency focused on bringing a unique aesthetic to both tech and media.


Trans-humanist policies: neuro engineering, cybernetic implants, and radical life extension
The wealthy gatekeepers in Trans-humanism
Crypto-currency for specialized healthcare
Funding for MDMA and LSD as therapeutic remedies
The political ideology of beyond the center
Thesis on the restraint of mental freedom
Funding for the transgressive arts and giving artists a greater role in the economy
Rachel’s book The New Art Right
National Futurism and creating nations of the mind
An end to imperialistic global trade policies
An end to credentialism
Greater awareness and support for neuro diversity
The deplatforming of political dissidents and center right gate keepers
A UBI of 2k/per month, funded by taxing Woke Capital and an end to overseas intervention and mass incarceration
Releasing a music track about running for President

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Robert Stark talks to Zoltan Istvan about his Proposal for a California State Basic Income










Robert Stark and co-host Sam Kevorkian talk to Zoltan Istvan about his proposal for a California State Basic Income. Zoltan is a Trans-Humanist and futurist writer, philosopher, and journalist. He was the Transhumanist Party’s candidate for president in 2016, has written for Vice, Newsweek, the Huffington Post, and Psychology Today, was a reporter for the National Geographic Channel, and is the author of The Transhumanist Wager.


Zoltan’s campaign for President
Zoltan’s Run for California Governor as a Libertarian in 2018
Zoltan’s proposal for a California state-wide Basic Income
How Automation and Artificial Intelligence will make a Basic Income Necessary
The estimated proposal of $56k per household in California
Residency restrictions on the Basic Income
How the Basic Income would replace existing social programs
Is monetizing federal land the way to pay for a basic income
The environmental concerns in monetizing Public Lands, how no National Parks would be touched, and the clause that says the land must be maintained
How Gene Editing will impact wildlife conservation in the future
Using drones to track non-violence criminals in lieu of incarceration
Liberty Might Be Better Served by Doing Away with Privacy
The California High Speed Rail and Driverless Cars

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Robert Stark interviews Anatoly Karlin about his American Decade, Futurism, & Political Trends










Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to Anatoly Karlin. He blogs at The Unz Review

Topics include:

Anatoly’s article at the Unz Review about his American Decade
Why Anatoly is leaving the United States and going back to Russia
How the United States is becoming more like Europe
T.R. Reid’s book The United States of Europe, where he argued that the EU was emerging as a superpower rivaling the US, but has latter been disproved
How during the Bush era Americans perceived Europeans as “Cheese Eating Surrender Moneys,” but latter Sarkozy became the architect of the war in Libya, and arming Syrian rebels
Another element of America’s Europeanization is the decline in social conservatism, the surge in support for gay marriage, and drug legalization
Anatoly’s political views, which are fairly socially liberal(except for rejecting political correctness, and radical feminism),  economically centrist, and closest to Rabbit’s AltLeft
U.S. Millennials More Likely to Support Censoring Offensive Speech, especially among university students who are the future elites
The decline in American fertility rates toward European levels
How American politics now resembles Europe in the sense that there are five distinct blocs: Clinton democrats, Sanders socialists, Rubio/Bush etablishment conservatives, Cruz Bible-bashers, and Trump nationalists.
Anatoly’s pre election prediction article US Elections 2016: Let’s MAGA, Not War, and Trump’s support in the rust belt
Trump’s economic policies as a hybrid of supply side economics, and economic nationalism, and the similarities to Putin’s economic policies in Russia
The GINI index of income inequality
The pros and cons of economic automation, and the basic income
Transhumanism, Zoltan Istvan, and his book The Transhumanist Wager
The Bay Area where Anatoly spent most of his time in the US, and how it’s pretty much ideal, but also the most expensive macro-region of the US
California is also home to Ron Unz, Steve Sailer, as well as the “Alt Left” movement(the tiny group of thinkers combining leftist economics with HBD, sane views on gender relations, and a penchant for futurism )
The futurist scene in the Bay Area including Scott Jackisch’s Bay Area Futurists meetup, Health Extensions Salons, Mike Johnson’s Qualia Research Institute, Effective Altruism, and the “techno” faction of NRx
Mass Transit, Bay Area Rapid Transit, how older cities tend to have more integrated transit systems, and why conservatives oppose mass transit
Global Warming, Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius who discovered climate change, debunking climate change deniers, and whether it will benefit arctic regions such as Russia
Observations on other American cities including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, and Pittsburgh
Anatoly’s experience ridding across the nation on Amtrak
Architecture: Skyscrapers, Brutalism, architect John Portman’s 70’s Neofuturism, and Rabbit’s ideal city based on the film Logan’s run
America’s great wilderness and National Park System

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Robert Stark interviews Zoltan Istvan about his Campaign for President

Zoltan Istvan










Robert Stark and co-host Rabbit talk to Zoltan Istvan. Zoltan is a trans-humanist and futurist writer, philosopher, and journalist. He has written for Vice, Newsweek the Huffington Post, and Psychology Today, and was a reporter for the National Geographic Channel, and is the author of The Transhumanist Wager. Visit his official campaign site Zoltan Istvan for US President 2016

Topics include:

Why Zoltan is running primarily to raise awareness about Trans-humanism
The importance of investing in science and technology
Addressing the ethical reservations about Trans-humanism and whether it could lead to dangerous outcomes
The Trans-humanist goal of life extension
The Trans-humanist goal to eliminate human flaws and whether that could lead to a boring existence
Trans-humanist breackthroughs in healthcare
How to make Trans-humanism affordable and accessible to the public
Psychologist Timothy Leary as a precursor to Trans-humanism and his work to expand human consciousness
Zoltan’s support for a basic income, how it will become necessary due to automation, and how to implement it
The ideological divides within the Trans-humanist movement and how Zoltan considers himself fairly Centrist
The Transhumanist Bill of Rights

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