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Robert Stark talks to Director Matthew David Wilder about his film Regarding the Case of Joan of Arc












Robert Stark and co-host Count Fosco talk to director Matthew David Wilder about his upcoming film Regarding the Case of Joan of Arc .


A domestic terrorist who claims to hear the voice of God commanding her to attack federal buildings
Inspiration from Bresson’s The Trial of Joan of Arc 
Joan’s belief in the soil, the bloodline of the people, making America Christian again, and against the elites
Joan’s ideology as a miss mash of the Alt-Right, Cliven Bundy, and Christian Fundamentalist
The theme of having high ideals and coming to grips with one’s fragility
The question of whether Joan is a villain or sympathetic character
How the film does not give a moral judgement of Joan
The dialogue between Joan and the Judges
The office politics of the people judging her
The Guantanamo Bay like setting and theme of government tyranny
Characters who represent Deep State figures
The triad of judges arranged in a pyramid
The dream like surreal quality to the film
The minimalist aesthetic
The casting and discovering of the lead actress Nicole LaLiberte from the New Twin Peaks 
The production of the film
Writing  for the new film Looking Glass
Robert suggests Matthew make his novel Journey to Vapor Island into a film

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