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Charles Lincoln talks about life in Beverly Hills














Charles Lincoln describes the transformation of Beverly Hills as a model for the transformation of American society and how we create corrupt elites overseas that come back to change our society into a prison planet where wealth is created by access to easy credit.

Topics include:

His article Beverly Hills at 100: who sets the style for this style-setting enclave?
Mansionization in Beverly Hills
The concept of nuisance as the origin of environmental law
How banks encourage and profit from over-development
How the transaction tax encourages over-development
The transformation of wealth and class in the United States
The Queen of Versailles
The Iranian Jewish community if Beverly Hills
The multi million dollar security plan for Beverly Hills High
How we create corrupt elites overseas that come back to change our society

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Robert Stark interviews Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer










Richard Spencer is Editor of RADIX JOURNAL, Founder of the Alternative Right, and President of THE NATIONAL POLICY INSTITUTE.


Why he quit the Alternative Right to start Radix Journal

The need to reject association with the right wing and phony left right spectrum

Richard’s thoughts on the Republican Party victory

The need to create a new “Centrist” movement that is pro-environment, anti-wall street, and socially moderate

How both Robert and Richard have much in common culturally with SWPL’s and hold many views associated with the left

The myth that Millennials want mass immigration, but rather associate the anti-immigration movement with the right wing of the Republican Party

Why the immigration restriction movement has failed

Facing the Future

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Daryl B. discusses Anti-Social Skills
















A special guest host Daryl B. aka “Kane/Metal Gear” discusses anti-social skills. Daryl is not part of the New Right but the New Underground Proletariat.


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