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Robert Stark talks to Bay Area Guy about Bullshit Jobs












Robert Stark talks to Bay Area Guy about Bullshit Jobs: A Theory by David Graeber and his Review of Bullshit Jobs published on Alt of Center.


Bay Area Guy’s background in blogging at the defunct Occident Invicta and move to the left economically
David Graeber’s background as a left wing anarchist and involvement with Occupy Wall Street and the anti-globalization protests of the late 90’s
Bullshit Jobs as the culmination of The Managerial Revolution
Neo-feudalistic economy based on extracting wealth and distributing it to underlings who maintain the system
Loyalty to the system more important than productivity or innovation
How the system is held together for political and moral imperatives rather than economic
A leisure economy and subsidies such as a basic income as necessary for innovation
The argument that handouts will make people lazy does not take into account the need for status and feeling useful
The moral imperative that value comes from work
Graeber‘s belief in compensating work that benefits the common good
90’s comedy Office Space as a parody of dehumanizing corporate culture
Despite automation don’t underestimate late capitalism’s ability to create more bullshit jobs
Parallels between conservatives calling the poor entitled and SJWs’ “check your privilege”
Bay Area Guy’s support for Bernie Sanders from the beginning and dissident right’s disappointment with Trump
Kamala Harris’ regressive Neoliberal record of harsh justice for the rabble and impunity for elites

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Robert Stark talks to Bay Area Guy about Trump & The Healthcare Cartel










Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to Bay Area-based blogger Bay Area Guy of Occident Invicta.


Bay Area Guy’s article Healthcare and The Donald about the demise of the Republican healthcare bill, and its implications for Trumpian nationalism
How America’s healthcare system is a vile abomination, and the passage of Ryancare/Trumpcare would have compounded the problem
Richard Spencer’s article Why Trump Must Champion National Healthcare
How Obamacare itself wasn’t really “socialism” but rather an insurance scheme
How like debt deflation, our current healthcare albatross renders Americans meek and servile
Donald Trump Praised Socialized Healthcare in the past
Why Trump owning universal healthcare would force both neoliberals and “cucks” into a corner
Why whoever passes single-payer will alter the political landscape for generations
Gaining ground by championing certain progressive causes(universal healthcare, a stronger safety net, and a higher minimum wage), ignored by the corporatized left
Corporate suppression of free speech, and how the threat of loss of healthcare shuts down political dissidents
Tony Soprano Versus the Health Insurance Mafia
Why insurance companies should be public utilities, and the need for price controls on prescriptions drugs
Bay Area Guy’s experience working at an insurance brokerage firm
Globalization and Designated Shitting Streets
UCSF’s decision to outsource 49 of its IT jobs to India
Steve Sailer’s article Malibu, America’s Least Welcoming Town, Declares Itself a Sanctuary City
Wahhabism and Globalism
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Introduces the Stop Arming Terrorists Act
Refugees and White South Africans

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Robert Stark interviews Bay Area Guy about our Rigged Economic System















Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to Bay Area-based blogger  Bay Area Guy of Occident Invicta


Bay Area Guy’s review of Dean Baker’s Rigged: How Globalization and the Rules of the Modern Economy Were Structured to Make the Rich Richer
How Baker along with Michael Hundson, were some of the few economists to get the housing bubble right
Why Baker does not praise of Bill Clinton’s budget surpluses, and his critique of conservative fiscal hawks
Rules and regulations are what make the market, and how America’s current inequality was caused by deliberate policies designed to redistribute income upward
Using Free Market talking points against apologist for the plutocracy
Professional Protectionism(ex. Nurses and Paralegals being barred from performing tasks of doctors and lawyers)
CEO to worker pay disparities, and Baker’s proposal that Shareholders should vote on CEO compensation; German and Japanese Stakeholder Capitalism
Copyright and Insurance Monopolies
How to rig the market in our favor
Zoe Lofgren and the H-1B Question
Winston Churchill on Land Monopoly
Michael Hudson’s article Trump Infrastructure Plan Is Developer Welfare
Robert’s point that cohesive urban mass transit is necessary, but must be funded by either taxes on the FIRE sector or a Public Infrastructure Bank
The importance of sustaining an urban middle class
Scattered Thoughts on Political Violence

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Robert Stark interviews Prince of Queens about Economics & the Alt Left Movement












Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater, Bay Area Guy, and Rabbit talk to alt-left YouTuber Prince of Queens about Alt-left philosophy and economic issues.

Prince of Queens’ discovery of the Alt-left
The “Milo of the Alt Left?”
Prince of Queens’ vote for Jill Stein, and why he viewed Clinton as much worse than Trump
Rabbit appears 6 minutes in
A foundation for the Alt-left
Is the Alt-left, “the left-wing faction of the Alt-Right?”
Rationalism and the skeptic community
Bay Area Guy’s point that the Alt-Right has neglected economic issues, which are crucial to millenials
Books on economics including Michael Hudson’s Killing the Host, Ha-Joon Chang’s 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About CapitalismDean Baker’s Rigged, and Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus
Why corporations must have incentives to invest in their communities
Prices for housing and causes of the housing crisis
Prince of Queen’s personal story about renting in the Bay Area
The FIRE Economy, and the importance of distinguishing between productive earned income and parasitic unearned income
Corporate control and private-sector oppression
Mundane working, productivity, and income
The Basic Income
Student loan debt
The need for debt forgiveness
Slavery to work, Job distribution, and Ponzi schemes
Economic trolling

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Robert Stark interviews Alt-Left Youtuber Prince of Queens about SJW’s & the Regressive Left









Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, and Bay Area Guy talk to alt-left YouTuber Prince of Queens.

Topics includes:

Quiplash and Google hangouts
Joshua David McKenney was a college roommate of Prince of Queens in college
Professor Jordan Peterson and “Authoritative” psychological traits
The Queer community and fourth-way intersectional feminism.
The Regressive Left
SJW’s hate cisgenger white male homosexuals
“Homosexual men trying to rape women”
How the left fell after the 2nd Obama term
Intersectional feminism as a form of trickery
Black Lives Matter
The arrogance of Feminism about the Hillary campaign
Bernie Sanders and Bay Area Guy’s endorsement
The “progressive stack” and how SJW’s destroyed Occupy Wall Street
The cult of Race Theory
San Francisco & Stuff White People Like
Asians and SJWs
Whites and Asians on the same side for “privilege?”

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Alt Left Election Roundtable with Robert Stark, Ryan Englund, Bay Area Guy, Rabbit & Alex von Goldstein













Robert Stark, Alex von Goldstein, Alt Left Blogger Ryan EnglundBay Area Guy, and‘s Rabbit talk about the election of Donald Trump

Topics include:

How the polls were inaccurate
The shy Trump voter affect in the polls
Trump’s election as a referendum against globalism, political correctness, and the establishment
Trump as a repudiation of Conservatism INC
Trump’s success winning blue states in the rust belt by appealing to working class white voters
How despite media hysteria of racism, Trump’s share of Minority voters was slightly higher than past Republicans
How working class whites have been economically marginalized by both parties, and culturally marginalized by the left
The new Alt Left Meme “Class Cuck”
The relationship between class and race, as middle class whites are being pushed down to the economic level of non-whites
The importance of holding Trump’s feet to the fire
Bay Area Guy’s article Election Musings
Rabbit’s article Last Minute Reflections On a Dime Store Election
Ryan Englund’s article Triumph of the Iron Heel, about how Hillary is the candidate of war, SJW culture, and neoliberal economics
How despite Trump’s flawed support for tax cuts for the 1%, he is addressing immigration and outsourcing which are major causes for income inequality
Bernie Sanders Statement on Trump, where he states he is willing to work with Trump on issues that help working families
Trump’s non-interventionist statements, and whether he will pick Neocon John Bolton as Secretary of State
European Nationalist adopting left positions on economics and social issues, and how Trump is adopting that strategy to a degree
Ticket splitting voters who supported Trump as well as progressive ballot measures, such as raising the minimum wage, and legalizing marijuana
Thanks to Trump The Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead
How unlike the Alt Right, the Alt Left is divided over the election, with some supporting Trump, some Jill Stein, and some Hillary Clinton
How the main battle in the future will be Nationalism vs. Globalism

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Robert Stark interviews Bay Area Guy about the SF Bay Area and the FIRE Economy















Robert Stark, Rabbit & Alex von Goldstein talk to Bay Area-based blogger Bay Area Guy of  Occident Invicta

Topics include:

Bay Area Guy’s article The Bay Area and the FIRE Economy, which reviews Robert Stark’s interview with Laura Foote Clark of Grow SF
How as a renter in the Bay Area this issue personally effects Bay Area Guy
The role that Banks and the FIRE sector play in driving up the cost of real estate
Bay Area Guy’s point that he does not want the Bay Area to become like SoCal: an environmental eyesore characterized by track housing and strip malls
However Bay Area Guy does endorse Laura’s proposal of having Silicon Valley become more urbanized
The role that mass immigration plays in the housing crisis on top of the FIRE economy
Bay Area Renters Federation’s Sonja Trauss: Advocating for Housing Development in San Francisco
San Francisco Bay Area Renters’ Federation‘s lawsuit against the city of Lafayette over a development
The argument that white NIMBY’s oppose development because of diversity, and Bay Area Guy’s article, “Diversity” is Simply Code for “Non-white”
Bay Area Guy’s review of Killing the Host by Michael Hudson
The FIRE economy, which is an economy based on Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate sectors
Michael Hudson’s proposal to tax unearned income(ex. Tobin tax)
The goal of a fair tax policy should not just be to redistribute wealth, but also to punish predatory behavior, and incentivize productive behavior
How Michael Hudson invokes the arguments of Classical Liberals such as Adam Smith, and John Stewart Mills, who distinguished between earned and unearned income
Unearned income is any wealth not generated by production or labor
Debt and living paycheck to paycheck is the road to serfdom
How the majority of people’s income goes towards unearned income(ex. rent, insurance, mortgages)
How lower wages are bad for the economy, because consumers have less money to spend
Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Calls Bernie Sanders Supporters Basement Dwellers, and that she viewed Wall Street as best to manage the economy
The Calvinist mentality in American culture, that your worth is based on your wealth
What makes Hudson’s book so brilliant is he points out that the ultra rich make their money through unproductive or predatory ways
Examples of countries that have moved away from the FIRE economy include Germany and Japan, who have a high end manufacturing base
In contrast the FIRE economies of the United States and the United Kingdom became dominant using protectionist and mercantilist measures, but liberalized their economies later on
Why Universal Healthcare and Public investment in infrastructure benefit the economy
Michael Hudson debunks supply side economics by pointing out the rich spend most of their extra income on products they already own, or lend their money out at interest
How the concept of a free market has been twisted from freedom from the rentier economy, into letting the financial sector do what ever they want
Michael Hudson’s point that the primary function of banking is not to fund business or stimulate the economy, but to bid up assets already in place, and attach debt to rents

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Robert Stark interviews Bay Area Guy about the New American Civil Wars

Ghiridelli Square-SF










Robert Stark and co-host Alex von Goldstein talk to Bay Area-based blogger  Bay Area Guy of  Occident Invicta

Topics include:

How Bay Area Guy is one of the Alt-Right’s few Bernie Sanders supporters
How Bernie Sanders was the only candidate to not attend AIPAC , and Bay Area Guy’s view that the Alt-Right gave Trump a free pass for pandering to AIPAC and the Neocons
How the most crucial aspect of Trump’s campaign is his role in expanding the overton window and undermining the establishment
How Trump supporters are primarily anti-establishment rather than conservative ideologues
How Donald Trump is running to the left of Hillary Clinton and whether he will appeal to disaffected Sanders supporters
Red State article about Trump democrats “ruining” the GOP, who are described as racist democrats who want handouts for white people
The decline of Conservative Inc.
How the political coalitions on the left are also breaking downs
How Bernie  Sanders undermines the Neoliberal/Social Justice Warrior Alliance
Thomas Frank’s(What’s the Matter with Kansas? author) new book Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People
Social Justice, Social Darwinism, and the Curious Case of SF’s Housing Squeeze
Steve Sailer’s article San Fran Whitening Plan
The civil war among the Bay Area’s left on the housing issue, including wealthy NIMBY‘s, anti-capitalist anti-gentrification activist, and pro-density groups such as BARF
Michael Hudon’s book Killing the Host about the FIRE economy,  based on the Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate sectors
London’s new Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan, and how Bay Area Guy views him as another identitarian neo-liberal like Obama
The California Senate Race and how the Democratic front runner Kamala Harris also fits that mold
Why Bay Area Guy views the Democratic runner up Loretta Sanchez as preferable to Harris
Senate Candidate Ron Unz’s Radical Centrist Platform, which combines the best aspects of the left, right, and libertarianism, and how Radical Centrism is an emerging trend in politics

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Robert Stark interviews Bay Area Guys about the case for Economic Populism













Robert Stark and co-host Rabbit talk to Bay Area based blogger  Bay Area Guy of  Occident Invicta

Topics include:

Rabbit’s Alt Left and how it’s similar to the views expressed in Bay Area’s guys article The Radical Center
Ha-Joon Chang’s 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism
Bay Area Guy’s Review: “Saving Capitalism” by Robert Reich
National Capitalism
Ralph Nader: What About Some Corporate Patriotism?
The role that mass immigration plays is suppressing wages
The white economic division
How the differences between liberal and conservatives elites are superficial
How mass immigration and economic changes are beginning to have an impact on the upper middle class
The mass exodus of working class and middle class whites out of California
Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders
How the driving force behind Sanders’s campaign is economics but is under pressure from Social Justice Warriors
Whether those divisions  could push young white male Sander’s supporters(Bernie Bros) towards Trump or the Alt Right
The division between the Republican donor class and rank and file which Trump is appealing to
Corporate monopolies and how corporations use government regulation to suppress their competition and prevent startups
Healthcare and how insurance  originally started out as people pooling their resources instead of massive for profit industries
America’s economic peak and how WWII and the Cold War gave the elites an incentive to provide the people with economic opportunities
The flaws of libertarian idealism
The need to change the conversation around economics and provide proper solutions
The European Migrant Crisis

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Robert Stark interviews Bay Area Guy about the Radical Centre

Pat and Ralph










Topics include:

Bay Area Guy’s article The Radical Center
How Radical Centrism combines the best aspects of the right(ex. Pat Buchanan) and the left (ex. Ralph Nader) against the corrupt establishment
How the establishment combines the worst aspects of both the left and right
More on the election and why Bay Area Guy supports Bernie Sanders
How Radical Centrism could be co-opted by the establishment
Making Sense of White American Misery
How hyper individualism leads to high rates of suicide and mass shootings
Why “Diversity” is Simply Code for “Non-white”
How to Win by Refusing to Say Sorry
The Importance of Historical and Global Awareness: Bay Area Guy’s Brief Thoughts on 1984

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