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Robert Stark talks to Andy Nowicki about his Novella Muze

Robert Stark talks to Andy Nowicki about his new novella, Muze, and Robert’s new surreal dark comedy novel, Vaporfornia. Andy Nowicki is a former English professor and the author of numerous books including The Columbine PilgrimLost Violent SoulsHeart Killer, Beauty and the Least, Under the Nihil, and The Insurrectionist. Check out Muze on Terror House Publishing and Andy’s YouTube channel and writings at his Substack.


Revisiting Andy’s earlier work and the genre of the alienated loner
References to incel culture in Muze
Other themes in Muze, including pharmaceuticals, transhumanism, blackmail, and mind control
Writing about depravity from a socially conservative/Catholic perspective
The revival in 00’s conspiracy theories
David Lynch and open ended narratives
Robert’s novel Vaporfornia and its similar themes to Muze
Allegories for degradation
Revisiting Robert’s mocumentary Supply
Matt Pegas’ Dragon Day
The growing dissident literary scene
Andy’s trip to South Africa in 2011
The politics of crisis: acceleration vs. gradual decay

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Robert Stark interviews Anatoly Voronin about Ukraine

Robert Stark talks to Anatoly Voronin about the war in Ukraine, meta-modernism, and cultural trends. Anatoly Voronin is from Kharkiv, Ukraine, has worked as a fashion photographer and makeup artist, and politically identifies as a meta-modernist and post-liberal Centrist. Check out Anatoly’s Substack blog: Golden Heart Motel, and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.


War Diary: Live witness account of 2022 Ukrainian-Russian hostilities
The dissident-sphere’s take on the war and pro-Russia biases
Why Anatoly rejects the narrative of Ukraine being used as a pawn of the West
The end of the post-World War II narrative
Why Radical Centrism and Meta-Modernism are the next levels of consciousness
The Americanization of Europe
Why America is fundamentally a rightwing country
The Black-Red-Gold pill
The politics of beauty and why beauty pageants are radically centrist
The Russian film Bespredel (1989 ) about social hierarchies in the Soviet Prison System

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Robert Stark chats with Default Friend

Robert Stark and Matt Pegas talk to Default Friend about online subcultures, incels, and generational trends. Default Friend, Katherine Deee, is a writer, cultural commentator, cultural anthropologist, internet historian, and digital native. Check out Default Friend’s Substack, Default Wisdom, her writings for the Claremont Institute’s American Mind, and follow her on Twitter.

Thoughts on various political-spheres including the intellectual dark web
The politicization of sex and relationships
On being a proto-Femcel
The impacts of dating apps and income inequality on the “sexual market place”
New York Times article, A Manifesto Against Sex Positivity, reviewing Default Friend’s writings on the backlash against hookup culture
The rise in conservative feminism and woke puritanism
Generational differences between Millennials and Zoomers, and cultural shifts from the 00s-to the 2010s, and 2020s
The trend in the end of mass youth subcultures and the rise in fusionism of “hybrid collages” and nostalgia based upon past generations’ nostalgia
The internet as the astral plane
Prediction of a tech backlash in the 2020s
Justin Murphy’s and Alex Kaschuta’s neo-traditionalism

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Robert Stark interviews William Costello about Incels












Robert Stark interviews William Costello about his article Step Your Dick Up: Why incels deserve better advice. William Costello is an Irish writer and post-graduate student of Evolutionary Psychology at Brunel University in London and is writing his thesis on incels. You can follow William on Twitter.


How William became interested in the incel phenomenon from an evolutionary psychological standpoint
The positive reactions to the article from incels, feminists, and normies alike
The misrepresentation of incels and comparisons to calls for sympathy for other disenfranchised groups
How the incel subculture provides a sense of community, fraternity, and ingroup identity
The Sexodus and hypergamy in the modern dating market
The hypocrisy of the gender pay-gap debate in regards to complaints about the shortage of marriageable men
Is The Future Polygamous?
The limitations of self-improvement
2020 and the coming of neo-feudalism
Dunbar’s number which suggests cognitive limits to the number of people with whom one can maintain social relationships
The psychosexual motives behind social behavior
William’s article How Sport Can Reduce Racism: An Irish Case Study
Developing career guidance software and the need to focus on specialization in education and economics

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Robert Stark & Matt Pegan discuss the work of Michel Houellebecq













Robert Stark and Matt Pegan discuss the significance of French author Michel Houellebecq to our current zeitgeist and his novels Atomised, Whatever, Platform, Submission, and Serotonin.


Houellebecq’s early “loser” status, achieving success later in life, and auto-biographical themes in his work
French archetypes and cultural themes
Houellebecq’s Incel Prophecy: The Alienated and Intimacy-Starved
Houellebecq’s comparison of the sexual marketplace to free-market economics
Houellebecq as a social commentator and satirist but offers no explicit political solutions
Transhumanism and Geomaxxing presented as non-conventional escapes from the post-modern predicament
The infamous night club scene from the film rendition of Whatever dealing with the Age Pill and Black Pill
The normie script for life and Houellebecq as an example of someone who broke the script and succeeded
Houellebecq’s commentary that the World Will Be Same But Worse After ‘Banal’ Virus and Study on long term impacts of pandemic on relationships                                                               
Houellebecq’s literary style and dry witty dark humor
Robert and Matt plug their upcoming novels which deal with similar themes to Houellebecq’s work
Submission, the vulnerability of atomized liberal societies to cohesive outside forces, and why France is the most politically significant European country

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Robert Stark interviews Matt Forney about the Virginia TV Shooting


Topics include:

Did the Media Drive Gay Black Man Vester Flanagan to Murder Two Journalists?
The Black Lives Matter Movement which incites violence and has mainstream media and political support
How the Black Lives Matter movement is biased in favor of Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders
The life and psychological profile of Vester Flanagan
How Flanagan differs from the profile of white male shooters who tend to be more socially and economically marginalized
How we’re now averaging more than one mass shooting per day
Why mass shootings are on the rise
How we are seeing a whole class of people pushed to the economic margins
People with Asperger’s and how they are screwed in modern atomized society
How bizarre subcultures such as Bronies are forming in reaction to social marginalization
The Phenomenon of young men joining ISIS
How people will likely form new functioning communities in reaction to a broken society
Why the Manosphere’s Fear of ‘TradCons’ is Misguided And Cowardly
More on the Trump campaign and whether his populist stances will repudiate the stupidity of Reagan Conservatism


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Robert Stark interviews Nataliya Kochergova













Nataliya Kochergova Sergeevna blogs at Emma the Emo’s Emo Musings . She lives in Norway and is originally from Russia.  

Why she is with Eivind Berge

What Happens When You Date An Angry Incel

Why she has an omega fetish

Why she calls herself an antifeminist

Why she used to cut herself

Her Comic Books

Robert Stark interviews Robert Lindsay on Elliot Rodger


Topics include:

Elliot Rodgers Manifesto

Mental illness versus situational mental torment

Aspergers Syndrome

Bullying in adolescence

Elliot’s incidences of rage

Elliot’s racial identity

Narcissism and fluctuations in self esteem

The “nice guy” theme

Social Isolation

PUA Hate & Incels

Robert Lindsay’s misogynist and racist phases in the past

This is a transcript of the interview because the audio quality was so awful that it was very hard to listen to.

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Robert Stark interviews Matt Forney on Elliot Rodger, Eroticism & Media Lies











Topics include:

Matt’s article on Elliot Rodger “Soulless in Santa Barbara”

How Spree Shootings signal the last days of a sick society

How Mark Ames “Going Postal” theories relate to the Elliot Rodgers case

Aaron Clarey’s “Enjoy the Decline”

Andy Nowicki’s “This Malignant Mirage”

Sexual deprivation

Kevin Smith’s Movie “Chasing Amy”

Media reactions to Elliot Rodger

PUA Hate vs. the Manosphere

How to talk about themes in the Manosphere without sounding like a total nerd

Matt’s book “Trolling for a Living”