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Return of the Republican Party Animal











Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas talk to David Cole about his recent Ann Coulter event, and the past, present, and future of the Republican Party. David Cole writes for Takimag and is the author of Republican Party Animal.


Ann Coulter “Resistance Is Futile” Full LA Event
David’s friendship with Ann Coulter
David’s reception from former Friends of Abe members in regards to the past controversy
The Neocon domination of the old Friends of Abe
Political Correctness in Friends of Abe and how that mentality led to the collapse of Conservative Inc
How Trump expanding the overtone window made David’s return possible
Ann Coulter’s criticism of Trump and the GOP on immigration
David’s soft on immigration bias as an upper class home owner
The Mid Term Elections and future of the GOP
The Proud Boys
Extending the concept of free speech to the private sector and David’s point on identity over view point discrimination
The location at an 80’s mini mall

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