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Robert Stark talks to Logo Daedalus about America’s Promethean Aesthetics










Robert Stark and Matt Pegan talk to Logo Daedalus to analyze the Promethean themes throughout American history in regards to culture and aesthetics. Logo is the author of Selfie, Suicide: or Cairey Turnbull’s Blue Skiddoo and you can follow him on Twitter.


Online Trad subculture as a search for authenticity within the Simulation
Embracing America as a theme park
Archeofuturism: progress fused with nostalgia
How cultural elitism can contradict economic elitism and vice versa
Popularity of Neoclassical architecture in 19th Century America, The Soviet’s later adoption of Neoclassical architecture, and Art Deco as the pinnacle of archeofuturism in early 20th Century America
The Minimalist architectural trend of the 2010s, focus on functionality, Puritanical origins, and popularity in the Silicon Valley
Logo’s experience living in New York, notable architectural sites, and it’s state of decay
Neo-Trad architectural fad
What Internet Memes Get Wrong About Breezewood, Pennsylvania
Finding political symbolism in architecture
Celebrity Futurism
The ironies of Trump’s aesthetics
Mormonism as a manifest of America’s Promethean Spirit
How modern America started at the Chicago World’s Fair
The early Electric Park and Freedomland U.S.A. Theme Parks
Utopian Societies in 19th Century America and Utopianism through accessing the capital to build rather than politics

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Robert Stark interviews Synthwave Artist Damokles















Robert Stark, Sam Kevorkian, and J.G Michael talk to Swedish Synthwave Artist Damokles. Check out his work on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Future 80’s Records which produces his music.


Intro: Into the Future from the new Time Machine album
Damokles’ new 14 track album Time Machine
The Time Travel Theme; Back to the Future
Creating synth music since the 70’s
Influences including Kraftwerk
Favorite songs including Yazoo’s Don’t Go and Don’t You Want Me? by the Human League
Experimentation with synthesizers in the 80’s
Being a DJ in the 80’s and how DJ culture has evolved
Working as a piano bar entertainer
The New Retrowave genre and how it is different from original 80’s synth music
Industrial music
The future of electronic music, the mainstreaming of synthwave, and the need for an alternative to mainstream pop
The pros and cons of producing music online without large corporations
Cinematic influences; sci-fi and horror
The illustrations for the albums
80’s Retrofuturism
Visions of the future and how humans are becoming cyborgs

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666D Interuniversal Teichmuller Chess with Anatoly Karlin











Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, and Rabbit talk to Anatoly Karlin. He blogs at The Unz Review and has a new Russian language podcast rogpr(Russian Occupation Government Public Relations) hosted by Kirill Nesterov (@strana_mechty), and with @paypigdog.


Anatoly’s article This Fishy Smell of Sarin, or Was It Chlorine?
How there was no evidence nor motive that Assad was behind the attack
Trump’s motives for attacking Syria
Reactions to #SyriaStrikes
The situation in North Korea
The Alt Right as the antiwar resistance and how Antifa attacked Richard Spencer’s Anti-War protest
Cucked by the Donald
Anatoly’s point that the dissident right has a tendency towards binary thinking
The recent terrorist attacks in Saint-Petersburg and Sweden
Moderate Kazakh Rebels and the rise of radical Islam in Central Asia
The Triumph of “Patriotic Corruption”
Russia’s Protest Season
Russian presidential candidate Alexei Navalny and An Analysis of Navalny’s Program

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Robert Stark interviews Vincent Law











Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to . Vincent is based in Russia, blogs at Atavistic Intelligentsia, and co-hosts the Red Dawn Podcast


Vincent’s background being born in the Ukraine, growing up in the United States, and living in Russia
Identity and the importance of understanding ones roots
The generational divides in Russia
The effects of Communism on Russian Culture
The Yeltsin era in the 90’s, the populist backlash, and the rise of Putin
Social Nationalism, rejecting right wing economics, and why it’s crucial to appeal to factions of the disaffected left
Bobo Nationalism
The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Soul Theory
Cultural Appropriation, LARPING, and Elite Slumming
Chad Nationalism is a Bad Idea
Vincent’s observations from his recent trip to Sweden
Singh – A Sikh Perspective on the Alt-Right
The Alt-Right Should Support Gentrification
Moscow and Saint Petersburg’s architecture; Archeo-Futurism
Vince’s Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Novel Jak’s Play set in Saint Petersburg in the future, and the upcoming sequel set in Sweden

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Robert Stark interviews Daniel Friberg

Daniel Friberg The Real Right Returns

Daniel Friberg, MBA, is CEO of the Swedish mining corporation Wiking Mineral and was a founding member of the Swedish metapolitical think tank, Motpol. He has a long history in the Swedish opposition, and was one of the founders of Arktos. His new book is The Real Right Returns (Hardback) – Arktos

Topics include:

The decline in the Swedish education system
The immigration situation in Sweden and Europe
How US and NATO foreign policy destabilized the Middle East
How American influence threatens European independence
How the establishment is loosing it’s intellectual legitimacy
The importance of metapolitics
Defining the right and left
The left’s cultural war of conquest
The outsourcing of manufacturing
How wealth is being distributed from the middle class to the financial elites and foreign proletariat
The book’s chapter on gender
Political Correctness and Censorship in Sweden

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