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Robert Stark interviews Vaporwave Artist Spear 槍













Robert Stark and co-host Francis Nally talk to Vaporwave artist Spear 槍. He is a musician and DJ who attends Pennsylvania State University. Check out his music on FacebookSoundCloud, and Bandcamp.


Intro: 名誉
The Vaporwave genre
Slowed down compressed 80’s music
Lo-Fi Trip Hot
The revival of cassettes and VHS
Adult Swim
Vaporwave as a surreal idealized consumerism
The visual art for the videos
The Vapor Room show
Saudade; a Portuguese term to describe the longing for and memories of good times
Hypnagogia; the state between being awake and being asleep where you can’t distinguish between what is real and what is not
Vaporwave Literature(Robert Stark’s Journey to Vapor Island)

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This show is brought to you by Robert Stark’s Paintings and his novel Journey to Vapor Island