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Robert Stark interviews Carol Jean Sing

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Carol Jean Sing speaks to us on the eve of her sentencing in the United States District Court for the District of Utah. Dr. Sing, who holds a PhD from the University of Hawaii, is a 75 year old grandmother who stands charged with a single count of conspiracy to defraud the United States Government and the violation of Section 371. For this she is facing 5 to 10 years in Federal Prison with no prior criminal record or misconduct of any kind in her entire life.

Dr. Sing says she is speaking to warn the American people of the abuses of the IRS and the danger of totalitarianism by the United States Government and it’s so-called Department of Justice.

Dr. Sign is joined by former Montana State legislature and Blackfeet Indian advocate and Tribal civil rights activist Jerry O’Neill of Kallispell and Dr. Charles Edward Lincoln , III of New Orleans, who holds degrees from Tulane, Harvard, and the University of Chicago.


Update: Carol Jean Sing was sentenced to 3 years in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, 3 years probation.


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