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Robert Stark talks to Jason Reza Jorjani about Prometheism












Robert Stark talks to Jason Reza Jorjani about his new book Prometheism. Jason Reza Jorjani, PhD is an Iranian-American philosopher, lifelong native New Yorker, and author of numerous books including Prometheus and Atlas. Also check out his Twitter and Patreon.


The Prometheist Manifesto: a new political, spiritual, and techno-scientific movement
Prometheus as the enlightener of mankind in Greek mythology
Promethean archetype in the Zoroastrian deity Ahura Mazda
Prometheism’s  Retro-futurist rather than traditionalist trajectory
The technological singularity, dystopian scenarios, and limited time frame to ensure these technologies benefit mankind
Jason’s book Lovers of Sophia which deals with scenario of existing elites preventing the singularity through a controlled demolition
CRISPR gene editing, potential benefits, and dangers that it could be used to weed out non-conformity
ParapsychologyPrinceton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory program on psychokinesis
Need for a new Promethean elite of creative geniuses and technological innovators
Archeo-futurism as the aesthetic of Prometheism (ex. Art Deco Rockefeller Center and drafts of Hugh Ferriss, Frank Lloyd Wright, Syd Mead, and 70s Iran)
Advocacy of a geo-political constellation of the West, Russia, Iran, India, and Japan under the umbrella of a Promethean ethos
The dangers of toppling the Iranian regime, Trump’s disastrous policies, and how change must come from within

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Robert Stark interviews Alina Gorina about Soviet Futurism, Technocracy & Transhumanism















Alina’s background as a Russian from Kazakhstan living in Crimea
The referendum in Crimea and how the Russian controlled region is much more prosperous
Soviet science fiction novel The Ugly Swans
Soviet science fiction novel Andromeda: A Space-Age Tale published in 1957 which predicts future trends
Science fiction novel Childhood’s End
Mid-Century Space Futurism vs. 80’s and 90’s Cyberpunk
How both the United States and Soviet Union had a fascination with Space Futurism during the Cold War
Soviet architecture, Stalinist Neoclassical skyscrapers, and Soviet Retro-futuristic illustrations
The Soviet film Aelita: Queen of Mars
Techno Corporatism, Techno-Syndicalism, and Technocracy
The automation of government
How a Technocracy can provide free healthcare and education
How Technocracy can solve problems with democracy, corruption, monopolies, and income inequality
Trump, his space proposals, and how he was relatively popular in Russia until the Syrian attacks
Transhumanism, Biotech, CRISPR gene editing, and radical life extension

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Robert Stark interviews DECAY about Politics & Urbanism

Check out Decay’s blog, his writings for Brandon Adamson’s, and Twitter profile.


The Orientation of D E C A Y’s Political Views
DECAY’s outlook on human dynamics can be described as “right-wing”, but without stereotypical “right-wing” stances, such as laissez-faire free-market economics or moral traditionalism
DECAY’s left Wing stances on environmental and public health regulations, worker and consumer protections, and a social safety net
Meta Politics
The Bearer of “Trad” News
A post American perspective
Futurism and technological progress
Predicting Future Trends
Independent City States
Where Should One Live?
Urban neighborhoods, Sreetcar Suburbs, Retrofitted Suburbs, Small Towns, College Towns, and the reemergence of the village model, where people live in close proximity to where they work, shop and recreate
Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and thoughts on the region’s cities, suburbs, and wilderness
The need for a balance between urbanism and wilderness
Retro Futurism and an affinity for 80’s Synthwave

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Transcript of interview:

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Robert Stark talks to Constantin von Hoffmeister about Archeofuturism














Robert Stark and co-host Brandon Adamson talk to Constantin von Hoffmeister. Constantin is originally from Germany, lives in Moscow, blogs at Oge Noct, and published the National Futurist Manifesto.


Constantin’s article Archeofuturism: I Have a Dream!
Archeofuturism as the combination of archaic traditions with futuristic visions
A Utopian science fiction vision of the future based on Faustian ideals
Constantin’s materialist viewpoint and belief that spirituality stems from matter and biology
Constantin’s belief in technological progress
Transhumanism and human cloning
Guillaume Faye’s novel Archeofuturism
The European Migrant Crisis
The failure of Trump
Space Colonization
The Soviet film Aelita: Queen of Mars about a proletarian revolution on Mars
Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers and Heinlein’s views on limiting democracy
Norman Lowell’s Imperium Europa
The need for strength on an Imperium level and freedom on a Dominium level
Constantin’s support for a hybrid of capitalism and socialism that promotes both innovation and a social safety net
Automation, the basic income, and the creation of new jobs in scientific fields
The lack of investment in infrastructure and transit in America
Architectural style’s that best capture Archeofuturism; both new and Stalinist skyscrapers in Moscow
Soviet Retro Futurism
Constantin’s upcoming speech and debate in Germany

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Robert Stark talks to Ann Sterzinger about her Novel LYFE (Elektra’s Revenge)















Robert Stark and co-host Paul Bingham talk to author Ann Sterzinger about her new new novel LYFE (Elektra’s Revenge), A SCI-FI ROMANCE GONE TERRIBLY WRONG… Meet Elektra, the angry young woman of the future. It’s the fifth millennium, and Earth One is a faint memory. After nuking itself stupid, the human race limped off to the only orb our spacecraft could reach: a tiny inhabitable moon that’s so small and overpopulated that society cajoles the normies into being gay. The crowding is worsened by the mysterious ability of the upper classes to become immortal by ingesting the local psychoactive substances… the same drugs that kill the lower classes. No one seems to know why or how this works, but Elektra knows it’s not fair. As the series begins, we find Elektra trying to get revenge on a fickle old lover by sleeping with her husband. But instead of ruining their marriage, Elektra ends up falling for the husband instead. Elektra is so busy plotting revenge on the theater producers who pass her over for roles in favor of Immortals, she hasn’t noticed that her torrid affair is bringing her ever closer to solving the dark mystery of why some people live forever while others die as junkies… Welcome to LYFE, the first book of the Elektra’s Revenge series.

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Robert Stark interviews Synthwave Artist Damokles















Robert Stark, Sam Kevorkian, and J.G Michael talk to Swedish Synthwave Artist Damokles. Check out his work on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Future 80’s Records which produces his music.


Intro: Into the Future from the new Time Machine album
Damokles’ new 14 track album Time Machine
The Time Travel Theme; Back to the Future
Creating synth music since the 70’s
Influences including Kraftwerk
Favorite songs including Yazoo’s Don’t Go and Don’t You Want Me? by the Human League
Experimentation with synthesizers in the 80’s
Being a DJ in the 80’s and how DJ culture has evolved
Working as a piano bar entertainer
The New Retrowave genre and how it is different from original 80’s synth music
Industrial music
The future of electronic music, the mainstreaming of synthwave, and the need for an alternative to mainstream pop
The pros and cons of producing music online without large corporations
Cinematic influences; sci-fi and horror
The illustrations for the albums
80’s Retrofuturism
Visions of the future and how humans are becoming cyborgs

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Robert Stark interviews Constantin von Hoffmeister












Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, and Rabbit talk to Constantin von Hoffmeister. He is an advocate of National Futurism and blogs at Oge Noct


Constantin’s National Futurist Manifesto
How Futusim captures the Faustian Promethean nature of Western Man
Taking a materialistic over spiritual outlook toward identity
The Italian Futurist who wanted to re-create the glory of Rome in a futurist setting
The Dada movement, and Constantin’s flirtation with the concept of National Dadaism
The concept of Eurosiberia and Imperium Europa
National Bolshevism, Eurasianism, and Aleksandr Dugin
The European Migrant Crisis, and why Constantin is pessimistic about his home country Germany’s future
Why Constantin views Islamization as Europe’s primary threat, but America as a rival
How the election of Trump has improved Constantin’s view toward America
Constantin’s support for Israel and Secular Arab Nationalism as a bulwark against Radical Islam
The Cultural effects of Communism on East Germany and Eastern Europe
The Faustian Imperial Nature of Brutalist Architecture
Le Corbusier’s Plan To Overhaul Paris
Using Le Corbusier’s ideas to redevelop decaying suburbs into garden cities
The glitzy Neo-Brutalist Architecture of John C. Portman Jr, and his inspiration from the Champs-Élysées
London’s Architecture, Ernő Goldfinger’s Brutalist towers, Centre Point, and the BT Tower
The Bauhaus White City in Tel Aviv, Israel
Art NouveauArt Deco, and Mid-century modern
The Palace of the Soviets proposal in Moscow
The Russian Futurist movement
1970s Soviet futurism
New Arbat and Cyberpunk in Moscow
Constantin’s experience in India, and Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh, India
Constantin’s Poetry

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Robert Stark interviews Comic Writer Woody Arnold














Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater interview comic writer Woody Arnold. Woody’s current project is the online cyberpunk comic, Cybersymbiosis. He also operates Minature Dragon Comics and has written Countermay: War of the God King, The Gamers: Alterations, and The Thunderfrogs.


Woody’s background in comics, Transformers, Battletech, Space Battleship Yamato, Captain Harlock
RPG Games, Traveller, The Cyberpunk genre, William Gibson, Blade Runner, Johnny Mnemonic, Shadowrun
Akira, Ghost in the Shell, X-men
Eric Vargas, Woody’s comic artist.
Woody’s latest and ongoing cyberpunk comic, Cyber-Symbiosis. The city of Seattle
The architect of cyberpunk cities, underground malls, cyberpunk socio-economics
China vs. Japan ruling the world, Eastern influences in Cyberpunk, Vaporwave, 80’s tech, Mars colonization
Utopian vs. Dystopians societies, Internet cultures, unpredictable futures, progressive technology, storytelling with cyberpunk
The characters in Cyber-Symbiosis, Games and storytelling, influences
Woody’s comic The Thunderfrogs, Usagi Yojimbo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Archie’s Sonic The Hedgehog
Video games, upcoming movies
Retrowave music, film soundtracks, ABBA
Thunderfrog Studios, Miniature Dragons
Hamlet’s Hit points, Fighting Fantasy gamebooks
Woody’s interested in Heroclix and Mage Knight figures

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Robert Stark interviews Mark Velard

Pepe John Carter










Robert Stark and co-host Rabbit talk to Cartoonist Mark Velard. He publishes his work at Refractor Industries

Topics include:

How he got into drawing comics
His influences, including Daniel ClowesRobert CrumbJack Kirby, and Jim Woodring
The 60s-80s influence in his comics
Why he prefers to work in Pen & Ink instead of digital graphics
Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars and Mark’s parody “Pepe John Carter”
His short stories, including his recent one Cliff Wretched’s Escape, and the themes that drive them
How his stories tend to be tales of journeys and heroism
His upcoming graphic novel “Clowns of the Apocalypse,” about evil clowns who invade society and want to be seen as equals
His stand up comedy
His fascination with Space Travel and Escapism
John Carpenter’s Film In the Mouth of Madness
How he ended up associating with the AltRight
How his politics influences his work
His experiences with political correctness at Comic Cons
Whether his political views have interfered with his art career

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