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Kevin Lynn interviews Robert Stark about Why No Collapse is the Real Dystopia

Kevin Lynn interviews Robert Stark about his article, No Collapse is the Real Dystopia: still waiting for the Big Collapse. This recording is a simulcast for Kevin’s Institute for Sound Public Policy’s YouTube channel, recorded on June 13th. Kevin Lynn is executive director of the Institute for Sound Public Policy and Progressives for Immigration Reform, and founder of US Tech Workers. Follow Kevin on Twitter.


Revisiting past predictions about economic collapse, the current stagnant vibes,  and return of bullish copes about the economy
John Michael Greer’s Not the Future We Ordered and his theory of catabolic collapse
Research predicting future cycles of collapse by Peter Turchin, Neil Howe & William Strauss’ Fourth Turning, and the Kondratiev wave
Reponses to the article , including a re-publish on ZeroHedege, and a critical response from Jeet Heer
Those who are psychologically invested in collapse
The pros and cons of being a perma bear, and Kevin revisits the 08 crash
How the bears will be vindicated in the long run, due to unprecedented levels of debt
The impact of demographic cycles on politics, social strife, and the economy
The scope of the migrant crisis which is unprecedented in American history, and Michael Yon’s reporting from the Darien Gap
Janet Yellen’s statement, expecting a slow steady decline of the dollar
The exodus out of California 
The Hard Times Create Strong Men meme 
Speculation about the Trump incitement and 2024 election

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Robert Stark talks to Edward Dutton about the Coming Apart of Civilization

Dr. Edward Dutton is an English Anthropologist based in Finland and is the host of the Jolly Heretic on YouTube, and BitChute. You can follow Dutton on Twitter and check out his books on Amazon. His latest books are Sent Before Their Time: Genius, Charisma, and Being Born Prematurely and Witches, Feminism, and the Fall of the West.


The historical context of the Witch Trials as an era of harsh Darwinian selection
The impact of Malthusian selection pressures on fertility trends
Why populists or dissidents seizing power would not impede the incoming civilizational collapse
The evolutionary psychological motives behind woke culture, and why wokeness will wane out in the long run
Why techno-dystopian scenarios of the elite using technology to enslave the masses will not happen
How the rise in conspiracy theories are a sign of the winter of civilization
Why enclaves will be the Neo-Byzantiums of the future
The housing crisis and why NIMBYism is dysgenic
The social and psychological reasons to why terrorism will become much worse in the future
The scientific measurement of cycles of crisis, including the work of Peter Turchin and Jani Miettinen’s research on GENERATIONAL HORMONE CYCLES
The high probability of World War III and a global economic catastrophe this decade

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Aristocratic Aesthetic Socialism

By Robert Stark: Originally Published on Alt of Center

The concept of beauty throughout history has been a force for creation, inspiring mankind to reach the pinnacle of civilization. From men accomplishing great things to win over a lover, the beautiful female as a muse for the artist, religions building great temples and cathedrals to attract worshipers, kings and emperors building monuments to demonstrate their greatness, and businesses using aesthetics in architecture and advertisements to attract more consumers.

In today’s society aesthetics serves primarily as a force to manipulate people to keep them striving and conforming to the liberal capitalist system. Advertisements use aesthetics to create a vision of a product to consume; not just the product itself but an overall aesthetically pleasing scene involving beautiful women, luxurious furnishings, great architecture, natural scenery, and music to create the mood.

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Robert Stark talks to Ashley Messinger about Roger Blackstone & The Politics of AESTHETICS













Roger Blackstone is a fictional presidential candidate in Robert Stark’s novel Journey to Vapor Island.


Ashley’s article Roger Blackstone: The Politics of Aesthetics
Roger Blackstone’s ideology as a psychedelic futurist form of social nationalism
Roger Blackstone utilizing capitalism as a real estate mogul to rise to power
Roger Blackstone’s Utopian visions in contrast with Trump who has been a major disappointment
Roger Blackstone’s campaign commercial
“Advancing civilization and furthering human progress” implies a rejection of the NRx reading of history (inverted Whig view) and assumes that some forms of progress are actually meaningful
Basing political ideology on aesthetic values
New Urbanism and the necessity of creating aesthetically pleasant living spaces
The idea that simple libertarianism is just not enough and we need to create intentional communities for every possible group
The 1980’s Retro Futuristic theme; “Neon Nationalism”
Roger Blackstone’s idea of making humans, rather than just art and architecture, the subject of aesthetic concern
Roger’s Blackstone’s economic views and support for a basic income
The power to completely re-engineer the human genome to enhance human potential(Transhumanism)
The book The Chemical Muse about the prevalence of drugs(especially entheogens) in pre-modern societies, and the importance of drug use to a lot of artists and anti-conformists
Roger Blackstone’s father Alistair and his manifesto “Why The True Aristocrat Must Rule”
The notion of a natural aristocracy(ex. Ralph Waldo Emerson and HL Mencken)
The term “Aristocratic Radicalism” pops up, which has been used to describe Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy
Similarities to Alistair Crowley’s concept of “Aristocratic Communism,” where society is geared towards empowering those who are naturally non-conformists, artists, and intellectuals
There is some evidence that Alistair is sympathetic to distributive economic philosophies, because capitalism has this stifling effect on the creative class
The mock presidential debate scene where Noam has to represent Roger Blackstone against the Democrat, Republican, and Libertarian
The growing trend of political fusionism
The importance of using fiction to influence political discourse

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Robert Stark interviews Curt Doolittle









Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater interview entrepreneur, philosopher, and author Curt Doolittle. He is a proponent of the Philosophy of Propertarianism, and his writings can be found at


Propertarianism as a new ideogology and an evolution of Empiricism
Propertarianism as a way to explain one’s ideology using the scientific method
How Propertarianism is more analytical than moralistic
How Propertarianism differs from Rationalism, and Curt’s point that Rationalism appeals primarily to internal consistency rather than external evidence and Empiricism
The Anglo roots of Propertarianism, Brittish Common Law, and rejecting conflation
How Propertarianism takes into account individualism vs. collectivism, and how those positions relate to group reproductive strategies
Chinese Philosophy based on deceipt, ‎Sun Tzu‘s The Art of WarThe Culture of War: Martin van Creveld
The flaws of Libertarianism, Liberal Democracy, Communism, and Fascism
The flaw in begging for liberty, rather than protecting one’s sovereignty
The domestication of man
Curt’s point that mass executions in Europe and East Asia led to more docile populations
Economic Policies, Debt Repudiation, Seizing the Wealth of Parasitic Elites who brake their contract of Sovereignty
Testimonialism, and the legal foundation of proving what is wrong over justifying what is right
Environmentalism; Curt’s point that you cannot own property unless other people protect it for you, therefore one does not have a right to abuse natural resources
The importance of having a high trust society
The convergence of Nassim Taleb empirically, Curt Doolitle institutionally, and Jordan Peterson in literature
Explaining Propertarianism in laymen’s terms

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Robert Stark, Rabbit, & Alex von Goldstein talk about Radical Centrism, Cultural Elitism, & Gore Vidal

Stark Truth Vaporwave










Topics include:

Rabbit’s Alt Left and how it’s similar to Radical Centrism
How Radical Centrism relates to the Alt Right, which is a big tent movement for people who oppose political correctness and mass immigration, but includes people with more left and Center views
How Radical Centrism can adopt the issues abandoned by the left in favor of globalism and open borders(ex. civil liberties, the environment, workers rights, and anti-war)
How the left opposed the Brexit which strips the world’s 400 richest people of $127 billion
The Horseshoe theory, and how the radical center is the part of the horseshoe drifting in nothingness
Implementing Radical Centrism politically, and which demographic groups it could appeal to
Where Radical Centrism overlaps with the left, right, and libertarianism
What is the role of Government vs. Individual Liberty
Capitalism and how it can produce innovation, but is disruptive when unfettered without zoning laws, environmental protection, protectionism, and financial regulation
White liberal utopia’s such as Portland, Oregon and Boulder, Colorado, how they relate to the Alt Left, and how they contrast with “conservative” run regions such as Texas
Pan Secessionism and how it can offer every ideology and group self determination
Gore Vidal as a Radical Center/Alt Left Icon
Gore Vidal’s controversial statements on issues including immigration, race, WWII, Roman Polanski, Ruby Ridge, and how he corresponded with Timothy McVeigh
Gore Vidal’s Cultural Elitism
Gore Vidal’s novels
Homosexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome
The importance of cultural elitism
How our society has a hierarchy based on wealth and celebrity status  rather than cultural elitism

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Robert Stark interviews Sean Gabb













Sean Gabb is the director of the Libertarian Alliance in the UK

Topics include:

The objectives of the Libertarian Alliance
The divide between establishment libertarians and traditionalist leaning libertarians
How there were originally laws against the publication of pornography under the Obscene Publications Act but there were no laws about possession or the viewing of it on websites like porn 7 which is still completely legal.
How today the publication of pornography has become widespread but there are strict laws about possession such as the Extreme Pornography Act
How laws dealing with possession give enormous power to the police state
Hate speech laws in the UK
The case of Joshua Bonehill-Paine who planned an anti-Jewish rally and was sentenced to three years in prison
How the BNP membership was leaked and how many of it’s members who were government employees were sacked
Sean Gabb – Enoch Powell. The Man and His Politics
How the Labor Party imported a new electorate
How a balkanized country makes it more difficult to cooperate against the state
Whether only Europeans can create free societies
The Basic Income
The debate about whether wealth used to corrupt politics and generated by crony capitalism should be confiscated
Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost Lost England and How to Get It Back
Double Jeopardy laws in the UK and how they were dumped after the Murder of Stephen Lawrence
Police Brutality in the UK
The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher
His historical fiction written under the pen name Richard Blake and his most recent book Game of Empires
His interest in the Byzantine Empire which is the setting of many of his novels
How the Byzantine Empire was a much more free and humane society than the Roman Empire

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