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Robert Stark interviews John Robb

John Robb










Robert Stark talks to John Robb of Global Guerrillas . John is an author, inventor, entrepreneur, technology analyst, engineer, and military pilot. He’s started numerous successful technology companies, including one in the financial sector that sold for $295 m and one that pioneered the software we currently see in use at Facebook and Twitter. John’s insight on technology and governance has appeared on the BBC, Fox News, National Public Radio, CNBC, The Economist, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek.

John served as a pilot in a tier one counter-terrorism unit that worked alongside Delta and Seal Team 6. He wrote the book Brave New War on the future of national security, and has advised the Joint Chiefs of Staff, NSA, DoD, CIA, and the House Armed Services Committee.

Topics include:

His new booklet The American Way: The Lost Secret to American Prosperity and How to Get it Back

America’s foreign policiy

Resilient Communities

The factors that lead to America’s unique prosperity

The problems of centralization of power and low social trust

Barriers to creating resilient communities

How to become economically independent

How to return production to a local level


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Robert Stark interviews Keith Preston about Distributism
















Robert Stark talks to Keith Preston of Attack the System for a written interview.

Topics include:

Keith’s interest in alternative economics that opposes both capitalism and socialism such as distributism
Why third way economics theories have limited influence but a large potential audience
A Traditionalist critique of Capitalism
Chesterton and Belloc’s views on Nationalism, Eugenics, and Imperialism
How Marxist viewed Distributism as a Petit Bourgeois movement
The Distributist critique of the welfare state versus the modern conservative view towards poverty
Taxation policies such as a Negative Income Tax and Asset Tax

Transcript of Interview:

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The Stark Truth: New Right versus Old


The Old Right means Fascism, National Socialism, and other national-populist movements, which are the pre-eminent attempts to restore traditional hierarchical social forms within the context of modernity. Fascism and National Socialism were not merely reactionary, rear-guard resistances to modern egalitarianism by partisans of corrupt hierarchies. They represented a genuinely revolutionary impetus to restore vital, archaic, hierarchical values within the context of modern science, technology, and mass society.

Robert Stark interviews returning guest Greg Johnson. Topics include:

  • Greg Johnson’s “Essay on New Right vs. Old”;
  • How the North American New Right is founded on the rejection of Fascist and National Socialist party politics, totalitarianism, terrorism, imperialism, and genocide;
  • How the New Right and the Old Right share the same goal–a society that is not just hierarchical but also organic;
  • The rejection of both egalitarianism and the plutocracy, and the need for a meritocracy.


Transcript of interview:

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Robert Stark interviews Bay Area Guy



Robert Stark talks to Bay Area Guy from Occident Invicta

Topics include:

France: Victory From the Land of Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys!
Saving the Children While Losing Your Nation: Immigrant Children, Imperialism, and Irresponsible Elitism
Land of the Fat and Home of the Busts: Baby Boomers and Economic Malaise
The message to Millennials that they should sacrifice and work hard without the incentives and rewards
The Calvinist culture in America that says if your a failure it’s all your fault
His thoughts on Elliot Rodger, Spree Shootings, and how modern society creates alienated individuals
The Donors Behind Cultural Crimes: Why the Alternative Right Should Embrace Political Independence

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Robert Stark interviews Joaquin Flores

















Joaquin Flores is a spokesman for New Resistance, runs The Center For Syncretic Studies, and is a member of the Serbian Radical Party.

Topics include:

New Resistance

The Center For Syncretic Studies

How he started off on the radical left

Modern day Bourgeois Liberalsim

Bourgeois Nationalism versus Revolutionary Nationalism

Latin American movements such as the Sandinistas, Peronist, and Bolivarist

Why he chose Serbia as his center of operation

Why he predicts World War IV starting in Eastern Europe

The situation in the Middle East

European Nationalism and the New Right

The need for a Left/Right alliance against the Plutocracy


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Robert Stark interviews Siryako Akda

Pic 1

Robert Stark interviews Filipino Journalist Siryako Akda.

Topics include:

Political incorrectness and the Moral Bubble

The POL Chan on 4 Chan and how it undermines political correctness and trolls society

Are Mass Movements Obsolete?

How one individual such as Edward Snowden does far more to undermine the system than mass movements such as The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street

Fourth Generation Warfare


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Robert Stark interviews Matt Forney on Bowden & Sade












Topics include:

Jonathan Bowden’s Mad

The theme of teenage angst and alienation with modern society

Jonathan Bowden’s Sade

How the Marquis de Sade symbolizes the dark side of the Enlightenment

Sade’s honest nihilism versus the politically correct moralistic degeneracy of modern liberal society

How human nature becomes animalistic once it is stripped of morality

How Bowden labeled Andrea Dworkin a female de Sade

Parallels between Dworkin, Sade, and Elliot Rodger’s manifesto

Camille Paglia as a dissident feminist


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Robert Stark interviews Dick Smothers Jr.










Robert Stark interviews former Porn Star Dick Smothers Jr.

Topics include:

Growing up the son of Dick Smothers of the Smothers Brothers and how he had a fairy normal childhood
Why being a Porn Star was not his main dream growing up
His rock band Kamikaze and his 80’s tribute band
Why he likes to create what he performs
The corporate environment of the music franchise
Why there’s more independence in the Porn Industry
Why The Porn Industry resembles the Publication Industry rather than the Film Industry
How his first Porn debut was in a Showtime Soft Core series My First Time
The Soft Core Genre
His preference for couples scene and the Genres he refused to act in
Abusive and degrading Genres of Porn and how girls are often coerced into those films
How guys like Max Hardcore harm the industry and appeal to a dark side of human nature
How the Porn Industry includes both kind and abusive individuals
His appearance on Howard Stern’s Show
His appearance in adult movies
Luke Ford and his observations on individuals in the industry
People who are traumatized or have long term psychological problems from porn
Dating women in Porn
A Dominatrix film he refused to act in
Why he was considered straight-laced by the standards of the Porn Industry
Why he wanted to be a positive male representative of the Industry with his average penis size
The interview with Reuters where he said he wanted to be the Orson Wells of Porn
Why there needs to be more creativity in Porn
How Porn becoming more accessible has harmed the profits of the industry
Why there’s a sadistic streak in America and how that influences it’s Porn
Why he left the industry
The AIDS Scare and how the industry is regulated for STD’s
The types of men who act in porn
The Narcissistic celebrity culture in America
His advice to someone looking to get into porn

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