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Robert Stark talks to David Cole about The Right’s Trump Fatigue












Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas talk with David Cole about the Right’s disillusionment with Trump. David Cole writes for Takimag and is the author of Republican Party Animal.


David’s article Twilight of the God Emperor
Ann Coulter : Trump’s Failing. Don’t Ask Me to Lie About it
Ann Coulter: Trump’s Border Wall Prototypes a Ridiculous Waste of Time’
The reasons that Trump is ignoring the concerns of his base
How the election is not Trump’s to win but Democrats’ to lose
How employment stats are like Nielsen Ratings
How it is easier for politicians to tell people they are doing poorly than defend the status quo
Never Trumpers warming up to Trump who is now basically a standard big business Republican
Robert’s Takimag article on Andrew Yang demonstrates that the Right has basically given up on stopping mass immigration
How Dystopian Science Fiction Films often deal with class but not race
The disenfranchisement of the White proletariat in South Africa
Whites exploiting their physical appearance
How Ann Coulter’s comment that immigration policy should be run like Tinder was inspired by a discussion with David on South African actresses
David’s article Stop With the Golems, Already! about congresswoman Ilhan Omar

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Return of the Republican Party Animal











Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas talk to David Cole about his recent Ann Coulter event, and the past, present, and future of the Republican Party. David Cole writes for Takimag and is the author of Republican Party Animal.


Ann Coulter “Resistance Is Futile” Full LA Event
David’s friendship with Ann Coulter
David’s reception from former Friends of Abe members in regards to the past controversy
The Neocon domination of the old Friends of Abe
Political Correctness in Friends of Abe and how that mentality led to the collapse of Conservative Inc
How Trump expanding the overtone window made David’s return possible
Ann Coulter’s criticism of Trump and the GOP on immigration
David’s soft on immigration bias as an upper class home owner
The Mid Term Elections and future of the GOP
The Proud Boys
Extending the concept of free speech to the private sector and David’s point on identity over view point discrimination
The location at an 80’s mini mall

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This show is brought to you by Robert Stark’s PaintingsStark Truth TV, and his novel Journey to Vapor Island

Robert Stark interviews David Cole about Censorship & Selective Outrage


Topics include:

David’s article Our Delicate Muslims about the Muslim boy who brought a clock to school
How there is police state abuse but people are selective in their outrage
How Political Correctness forces the Police State to treat everyone equally bad
How Ernst Zundel was treated the same as Islamic Terrorist in Canada in order to appear fair
David’s experience at Hamilton High School in Los Angeles in the 1980’s
David’s article The Right’s Jewish Problem about Dave’s old “Friends of Abe Club” hosting Mark Steyn
Double standards about censorship
Why David is even handed in criticizing all groups
David’s thoughts on the Ann Coulter incident
John Derbyshire’s expulsion from National Review
Aryan Psycho Killers and Me
The Left’s Ever-Shifting Goalposts
Latinas in the Field

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Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford about Ann Coulter & the Jews

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Topics include:
Ann Coulter & The Jews
Ann Coulter’s controversial Tweet about Jews after the Republican Debate
How Ann Coulter’s Faux Pas Calls Attention to Jewish Influence
The Jewish reaction to Ann Coulter’s Tweet
The Jewish Drive To Marginalize Ann Coulter
Philip Weiss: Coulter’s point is that Republicans pander on Israel to win donors, not voters
Ann Coulter’s book Adios, America which has a chapter praising Israel for it’s immigration policies
Whether Ann Coulter will survive this incident and if she does it will further expand the Overton window
Roosh Triggers ADL Cyber Police Investigation for stating Israel’s border walls work
How Jewish organizations in the diaspora oppose nationalism for non Jews
Donald Trump & The Jews
How Donald Trump sybolizes a resurgence of Nationalism and Populism
How like Coulter, Trump is also pro Israel but is opposed by Jewish activist for fear of a revival of Nationalism
Orthodox Jews For Trump
Jewish Organizations supporting Muslim migrants into the West
Luke Ford’s interview with Roger Devlin about his book “Sexual Utopia in Power”
How Luke often has “Beta Male” characteristics in relationships
How when Luke showed his vulnerable side that was often seen as a sign of weakness
The affects of promiscuity on women
How the more people lack bonds the more likely they are to engage in reckless behavior
When Beta Males Go On A Shooting Spree and how Luke views the key issue as a lack of social bonds
How Narcissist seek attention as a substitute for attachment
JSwipe vs Tinder


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