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Robert Stark talks to Anatoly Karlin about the Coronavirus Pandemic & Animal Rights












Robert Stark talks to Russian Unz Review blogger Anatoly Karlin about the coronavirus pandemic. (Note updates have occurred since recording of show)


Anatoly’s initial predictions
Corona & the Cost of Doing Nothing
The success of China’s quarantine and whether it’s sustainable
Trump’s catch 22 on quarantining the pandemic
How the pandemic could restructure global geopolitics
Bernie Sanders Wouldn’t Close The Border To Prevent The Spread Of Wuhan Virus
The need for mandatory sick leave and an emergency UBI
The advantages (car centric suburbia) and disadvantages (no sick leave) of the US over Western Europe
Corona Clusters
Corona cases at AIPAC, CPAC, and NATO
The disproved ethnic specific theory
Will Russia Succumb to Corona-Chan?
Anatoly’s observations from Moscow
The degree to which new infections are originating from Chinese sources
Robin Hanson’s idea of delayed controlled infection
Cucked By Corona: will the the pandemic have a non trivial impact on global fertility?
The Cognitive Chain of Being: A New Approach to Animal Rights
Quantifying suffering and figuring out cost efficient ways to reduce suffering
The populist limitations to ending factory farming
In vitro meat, other meat substitutes, and whether they’ll becomes cost competitive
The US Presidential election, Bernie’s Woke direction, Biden as the quintessential normie, and why Bloomberg would have given America a cyberpunk vibe

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Robert Stark interviews Ashley Messinger












Robert Stark and co-host Brandon Adamson talk to ASHLEY MESSINGER. Ashley is based in the UK and writes for Brandon’s You can also find Ashley on Twitter.


Why Brandon’s moniker is now “The Left of the AltRight”
Ashley’s political evolution to the Alt Left(Left Wing of the Alt-Right)
Ashley’s disillusionment with the Alt-Right
The immigration and demographic situation in the UK
Radical Islam, the Charlie Hebdo Massacre, and the Rotherham scandal
The ineptitude of Right Wing politics in the UK
Ashley’s preference for SWPL cultural amenities
Whether there is a large enough demographic for a “Red Pilled” SWPL movement
Misconceptions about English culture
The Thacherite Neo-Liberal de-industrialization of the UK
Ashley’s support for a secular form of Distributism
Luck egalitarianism 
The Signalling Model of Education 
Automation and the Basic Income
The Techno Futurist faction of Neo-Reaction
Effective Altruism
Ashley’s article The Push to Normalize Polonophilia

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Robert Stark talks to Anatoly Karlin about Transhumanism & Effective Altruism












Robert Stark and co-host Sam Kevorkian talk to Anatoly Karlin about Transhumanism and Effective Altruism. Anatoly blogs for The Unz Review and is on the Russian language podcast rogpr.


The philosophical roots of Effective Altruism in rationalism and how it uses reason to determine the most effective ways to benefit others
Anatoly’s article Immigration and Effective Altruism
Steve Sailer on U.N. population projections for Africa and the Carrying Capacity of the Global Population
Hank Pellissier and his charity in Africa based on Effective Altruism
Psychometrics and Pellissier’s book Brighter Brains: 225 Ways to Elevate or Injure IQ
Positive Eugenics, IQ and fertility, and fertility preferences
The Transhumanist and Futurist movements
Paper Review: Artificial Wombs
Radical Life Extension
CRISPR gene editing and intelligence augmentation
How Transhumanism could exacerbate inequality
The Technological Singularity and the age of intelligent machines
Cybernetics and the Neural Lace
Anatoly’s essay A Short History of the Third Millennium which predicts a future based on current trends without Transhumanism
Anatoly’s upcoming book on Neo-Malthusianism

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