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Robert Stark talks to Dan Baltic about his debut novel Nutcrankr

Robert Stark and Matt Pegas talk to Dan Baltic about his debut novel Nutcrankr. Dan Baltic is the co-hosts of the literary podcast, New Write, with Matt Pegas. Nutcrankr is available in print and ebook at Terror House publishing.

Intro to the protagonist Spencer Grunhauer and the plot
Spencer’s philosophy and his manifest
The psychological process of how one becomes more alienated, unstable, and unhinged
Psycho-sexual motives behind politics and moral panics
Social status, elite overproduction, and out of whack life expectations
Making your own way “pill”
Narratives about online grifters
Bullishness on the future of dissident arts
Terror House’s book reading in Brooklyn, NYC
Creating effecting satire
The literary genre of alienated loners
A homage or modern day reboot of Confederacy of Dunces
Comparisons to Robert’s novel Vaporfornia and Matt’s Dragon Day

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Robert Stark interviews Alex von Goldstein about Conspiracy Theories & The Green Pill









Topics include:

The importance of being skeptical towards both the establishment narrative and conspiracy theories
Conspiracy theories vs. the general populist narrative that the elites are acting against the interest of the people
How contrary to conspiracy theories, many of the elites have a short time frame
How conspiracy theories have become irrelevent because the world is so crazy that reading the news is enough
September 11th, and the rise of the modern conspiracy movement
Alex Jones
How the US Government covered up Saudi Arabia’s role in 9/11
The concept of controlled opposition
How conspiracy theories are used to avoid addressing politically incorrect issues
How conspiracy theories about 9/11 and Terror attacks distract from the Invade the World, Invite the World agenda
How conspiracy theories about mass shootings(ex. Sandy Hook and the Batman shooting being MK Ultra) distracts from society’s role in creating these individuals 
Ingroup vs outgroup indentities as a basis for conspiracy theories
Jewish conpiracy theories vs SJW theories of White Privelege and the Patriarachy
Bohemian Grove(archeo-futurist bent of Carthage vs Rome)
David Icke‘s Reptilian “bloodlines” theory
The Green Pill, which is the belief in the supernatural vs. the Red Pill, which see’s the world in terms of people
Graham Hancock vs Richard Dawkins on materialism, the idea of “The Truth”, Spirituality vs Rationality- LSD/DMT hippies vs Fedora Atheists
Terence McKenna and Henry Harpending’s research(the great leap in human IQ caused by magic mushrooms) vs human biodiversity
The documentary Hollywood Casting Couch Satan’s Playground, and the theory that sexual rituals are used to blackmail public figures
Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut
The Film They Live
Andy Nowicki’s book: Conspiracy, Compliance, Control, & Defiance

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Robert Stark interviews Giovanni Dannato













Robert Stark and co-host Alex von Golstein talk to Giovanni Dannato. He blogs at Colony of Commodus and is the author of A Kingdom For the Introvert.

Topics include:

Why he describes himself as a Neo-Progressive
How he shares many views with those who call themselves Neo-Reactionaries, but  does not consider himself one of them
Caste systems in modern societies
A Fair and Just Caste System
Sorting Out the Castes: Easy Disqualifiers
The problem Marxism and Capitalism have in common.
The importance of controlling who controls wealth
Market Demand Must Be Regulated
What Money Rewards, We Get More Of
The Middle Class: Caught In Between
The Deep divides in American culture
How Trump and Sanders Are Part of the Same Political Movement
How dissident and populist movements are no longer prole movements, and are attracting many dissafected SWPL’s
The Need For Grandeur
The effects of aesthetic uniformity on the human spirit in architecture and urban planning
Overpopulation Altruism Is Misguided

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Robert Stark interviews Alex von Goldstein












Topics include:

Alex’s ideological and philosophical journey
How Alex’s political views are where the dissident right meets the radical center
Alex’s upcoming podcast “The Lord of the Gadflies”
How Alex defines liberalism as modern society, a mutable force with different layers
America’s cultural homogenization
The pros and cons of individualism
How our world is at a point of disintegration(the Kali Yuga) and we are at a void
Why Alex supports Donald Trump primarily as a metaphorical symbolic figure against the globalist establishment
Donald Trump, “New York values”, and how he is searching for values of the American people
Radical Centrism, which is where the left and right overlap against the establishment
How giving out information is often more effective than pushing an ideological agenda
Alex’s view that it is important to maintain a European demographic majority, but rejects crude racial thinking such as disliking a person because of their race
The Red Pill, Blue Pill, Iron Pill, Bread Pill(Christianity) Yellow Pill(Libertarianism, Anarchism), and Black Pill
How the Red Pill is the rejection of the dominant values of society
How with the Red Pill one must develop their own world view and perception of the truth
How the Red Pill leads to either the Iron Pill, which is self improvement and self realization, or the black pill which represents alienation, nihilism, and despair
Christianity, Catholicism, and Spirituality
The Millennial generation, and how they are unique in the sense they were spoiled growing but now face a dire economic situation
The appeal of Bernie Sanders to Millennials
The NEET Phenomenon

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Robert Stark interviews The Truth Will Live about Redpilling your family & Catholicism












Topics include:
Wife The Girl by Uncuck the Right
How the Truth Will Live was Redpilled
How she was able to Red Pill most of her family
How most of her family was relatively moderate to conservative to begin with
How the first reaction to the Redpill is often a hysterical but after that the person changes their views
How women tend to be more conformist than men
How it’s easier to Redpill people of the same gender
How to Redpill liberals by bringing up how mass immigration harms workers and the environment and that immigration and feminism are driven by capitalism
How we live in neither a true Patriarchy nor Matriarchy but rather a  culture driven by consumerism and profit
How our culture is in a spiritual and moral crisis
Her video Why Have Children? a response to anti-natalism
Social Atomization and how it leads to psychological problems
How Americans are expected to put on a facade of happiness
The Paleo diet and lifestyle
The Catholic Church and how it has changed since the 2nd Vatican Council
The end of the Latin Mass
How the Catholic Church is suppressing traditionally music such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Gregorian Chants
How Catholicism has become more like Protestantism
Aesthetic standards in religion and how it was affected by the prohibition against idolatry
Traditional Catholics who reject the Vatican
E Michael Jones and how he views Protestantism as similar to Judaism(ex. prosperity doctrine)
How modern Christianity has become synonymous with prole culture and has driven away creative types
Missa Luba, A Choir in the Belgium Congo that was taught to sing Latin Mass by Missionaries

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