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Robert Stark discusses his novel Vaporfornia

Robert Stark is joined with Matt Pegas and Dan Baltic to discuss his new novel, Vaporfornia. Vaporfornia is a surreal dark comedy, a coming of age story set in California, and is the sequel to Robert’s first novel, Journey to Vapor Island. This show is a simulcast with Matt and Dan’s dissident, counter-culture, literary podcast, New WriteVaporfornia is available for purchase on Lulu publishing. Also check out Matt’s review of Vaporfornia.


Contrasting Vaporfornia with Journey to Vapor Island, and how both novels capture the zeitgeists of their respective eras
The niche genre of the satirical moving adventure story
Literary comparisons to a Confederacy of Dunces, William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch, Lucky Jim, Voltaire’s Candide, and Gulliver’s Travels
The situational humor and dramatic irony
Vaporfornia as a satire of the themes in Robert’s Substack that delve into California’s social, political, class, and demographic dynamics
Vaporfornia as a travelogue for California
Allegories and symbolism in the book
Saudade, a longing for what could have been or nostalgia for lost futures
Gio Pennacchietti’s video about how Robert’s literary fiction and visual art complement each other
The protagonist’s personal and political journey
The politics of the “Chad Centrist” presidential candidate Roger Blackstone
Whether Robert Stark will run for California Governor or have a Vaporfornia tour some day

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Robert Stark interviews Artist Epiphora













Robert Stark and Pilleater talk to artist Ephiphora. He has a Redbubble and facebook page

-Epiphoras art
-Video Synthesis. Teenage Engineering OP-Z, Lumen, TACHYONS+ video synths.
-Verso Books, Jacobin Magazine, Benedict Anderson’s Imagined Communities
-Epi’s Facebook account, his off-color jokes and troll personalities.
-Super Mario 64 Gameshark Glitch stuff.
-Italian Futurism, James Turrell
-Glitch Art, Vaporwave, Gerhard Richter
-60’s, 70’s and 80’s designs.
-Mainstream Left vs. Alt-Left, economic arguments, the basic income
-Art and the economy, manufacturing, job outsourcing, and automation
-Epiphora’s art, his colors, his pieces (name of the pieces)
-Global warming, climate change.
-Looking at things that are unattractive
-infleences in major philosophies, Hegel and Pascal.
-Science-Fiction, the series Black Mirror, future technologies
-Intenret culture
-Influences in art, Hieronymus Bosch

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