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Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford













Robert Stark interviews Journalist Luke Ford. He blogs at

Topics include:

Working as a columnist for the porn industry
How he see’s himself as a journalist analyzing the porn on sites like rather than promoting it
How individuals in the porn industry lack human and social connections
His Memoir “XXX Communicated: Rebel without a Shul”
Why sexual sin is less important in Orthodox Judaism than in Christianity
Why Jews are over represented in the porn industry
How his moral views about pornography have changed
His conversion to Judaism and latter to Orthodox Judaism
His admiration of Dennis Prager
How Luke’s suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder causes him to look for heroes
His status as a convert in Orthodox Judaism
His recent trip to his home country Australia and how it has changed
How homogeneous countries have higher levels of social trust and social capital
On Luke’s search for an Orthodox wife
His minor celebrity status
How he broke the story of LA Mayor Villaraigosa’s affair
Why he recently came out of the closet as a White Nationalist
Why he believes every group as a right to advocate for their group interest
How his exposure to Orthodox Judaism led to his sympathy to White Nationalism
Why Orthodox Jews tend to have little interest in left wing politics
His interview with Kevin MacDonald and why MacDonald does not view Orthodox Judaism as a threat
Elliot Rodger and how the feeling of emptiness causes people to prove their worthiness
How lacking a sense of belonging and identity causes emptiness
Luke’s one man play “Erotized Rage”
Sex Addiction
The importance of social status
How bloggers often use their online personas to create social status lacking in reality
The Alexander Technique

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Robert Stark interviews Alex from Academic Composition








Robert Stark talks to Alex from Academic Composition on writing college papers for money and the massive fraud that is higher education.

Topics include:

Alex’s Russian background and how Russians take a more cynical view towards society than Americans

Addressing the allegations that academic ghost writing is ethically wrong

Demographics of those who use his services include lazy students, older busy employed students, and foreign students

How academia create docile workers for corporations rather than good citizens

Academia as a money making industry

The diminishing value of a College Degree

Ghost writing as a political cause to undermine the system



Part II: Robert Stark interviews James O’Meara about Houellebecq












Michel Houellebecq Sexual Anti-Utopia “The Elementary Articles”

How societal ties have become atomized

The Rise & Fall of the Männerbund in Pre-War American Pop Culture a review of Jeffrey P. Dennis’s “We Boys Together: Teenagers in Love before Girl-Craziness”

Homosexuals as creators of culture

How Homosexual masculinity was historically superior to the effeminate womanizers

Karl Marx’s theory on how if you redistribute wealth without fundamentally changing society you end up with the same problems


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Part I: Robert Stark interviews James O’Meara about The Eldritch Evola & Others












Topics include:

His recent book “The Eldritch Evola & Others: Traditionalist Meditations on Literature, Art, and Culture”

Why Traditionalist must create something new based on fundamental principles instead of trying to re-create the past

How if you try to recreate the past you end up back where we are today

H.P. Lovecraft and his horrific visions of the future

How the worse thing that could happen has already happened






Robert Stark interviews Kerry Bolton on Peron & Peronism














Robert Stark talks to Kerry Bolton about his book “Peron and Peronism,” on Argentina’s Juan Person and his legacy. “Peron and Peronism is published by Black House Publishing.

Robert Stark interviews Dr. William Todd Overcash about Family Court System Corruption



Robert Stark  is joined with Charles Lincoln to interview Dr. William Todd Overcash  about his personal experiences with the Family Court System and how it promotes economic sabotage, social destruction, and genocide.

William Todd Overcash  is a Medical Doctor from Ocala Florida.










Robert Stark interviews Andy Nowicki about This Malignant Mirage











Robert interviews Andy Nowicki about This Malignant Mirage, the elegant new anthology of darkly erotic short stories.

Topics Include:

The Genre of erotica
Writing erotica from a traditionalist standpoint
Continuation of the theme of Telepathic relationships from “Beauty and the Least”
How political correctness and mass sexualization sometimes contradict each other
Laci Green and her piece on Sadomasochism
“The Rape of the Therapist”
How sex can be a dangerous force
Elliot Rodgers and the similarities between him and the themes in Andy’s work
Elliot Rodgers and 80’s Music
The theme of the ex nerd who wants revenge
The theme of Desperation and similarities to Dostoevsky
Trying to understand the motives of tragedies such as Mass Shootings and the reactions they bring out
A Story of a teacher falsely accused of a sex crime who takes his accuser hostage
The theme of sexualization of death
A desperate House Wife who dares her henpecked husband to have an affair

Robert Stark interviews Robert Lindsay on Elliot Rodger


Topics include:

Elliot Rodgers Manifesto

Mental illness versus situational mental torment

Aspergers Syndrome

Bullying in adolescence

Elliot’s incidences of rage

Elliot’s racial identity

Narcissism and fluctuations in self esteem

The “nice guy” theme

Social Isolation

PUA Hate & Incels

Robert Lindsay’s misogynist and racist phases in the past

This is a transcript of the interview because the audio quality was so awful that it was very hard to listen to.

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Robert Stark interviews Matt Forney on Elliot Rodger, Eroticism & Media Lies











Topics include:

Matt’s article on Elliot Rodger “Soulless in Santa Barbara”

How Spree Shootings signal the last days of a sick society

How Mark Ames “Going Postal” theories relate to the Elliot Rodgers case

Aaron Clarey’s “Enjoy the Decline”

Andy Nowicki’s “This Malignant Mirage”

Sexual deprivation

Kevin Smith’s Movie “Chasing Amy”

Media reactions to Elliot Rodger

PUA Hate vs. the Manosphere

How to talk about themes in the Manosphere without sounding like a total nerd

Matt’s book “Trolling for a Living”

Robert Stark interviews Paul Bingham











Robert Stark talks to Paul Bingham about his book Down Where the Devil Don’t Go published by  Nine-Banded Books. “In his debut collection of short fiction, Paul Bingham confronts us with four sardonic tales of men at war. A writer at war with himself. A hired gun at war with time. A soldier at war with peace. A TV executive at war with an audience he cannot understand. When hearts and minds are up for sale and every battle line is blurred, there is yet a war that rages … Down Where the Devil Don’t Go.”

Topics include:

Creating characters that exist in the real world

Men who take action vs. those who act in a less masculine way to get their point across

Stories from a Nietzschean perspective

Why Andy Nowicki will be vindicated as a great writer by the younger generation

The meaning of the title and how the Alternative Right is willing to explore taboo and dark aspects of human nature

Paul’s experience trying to create an AM Radio network

His American Onslaught show which he co-host with Daryl Basarab

His Bi Racial identity(white and American Indian) and his interest in ethnocentric movements

His views on how America’s heterogeneity makes it difficult to create organic identities

His research on communities in the Ozarks such as the Mennonites

Public Banking and infrastructure Reform

His involvements in electoral politics

His upcoming Rock Opera project