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Robert Stark talks to Richard Register about Resilient Design in the San Francisco Bay













Richard Register is a theorist in ecology and urban design, the author of several books on the topic of ecologically sustainable cities, and founder and President of Ecocity World.


The Bigger Bay Ecotropolis
The degree to which sea level rise is inevitable
Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming
How people in Ancient Mesopotamia adapted to flooding with artificial mounds
How that concept can be incorporated in the San Francisco Bay Area and Mississippi River Delta
How that concept is not adaptable in spread out suburbia
Building on elevated terrain in compact pedestrian developments
The All Bay Collective Proposals
Why damming the Golden Gate is not viable
The long term goal of living car free
Underground highways
Retrofitting suburbs into compact villages surrounded by open space
How that model is more sustainable to natural disasters such as wild fires
Yv 88: An Eco-Fiction of Tomorrow and its depiction of a car free Yosemite Valley

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Robert Stark interviews Peter Moruzzi about Mid-Century Modern











Robert Stark and co-host Cartrell Payne(The Adventure Kid) talk to Peter Moruzzi. Peter was born in Concord, Massachusetts and raised in Hawaii, he graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and later attended the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. In 1999, he founded the Palm Springs Modern Committee (PS ModCom) an architectural preservation group. He is the author of “Havana Before Castro: When Cuba Was a Tropical Playground,” “Palm Springs Holiday: A Vintage Tour From Palm Springs to the Salton Sea,” “Classic Dining:Discovering America’s Finest Mid-Century Restaurants,” “Palm Springs Paradise: Vintage Photographs from America’s Desert Playground,” and “Greetings from Los Angeles.”


Classic Dining: Discovering America’s Finest Mid-Century Restaurants
Grand Central Oyster Bar
Historic Preservation
Notable Mid-Century architects including Richard Neutra and Joseph Eichler 
A Eulogy for the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York
Neon Signs
Dal Rae Replaces Historic Neon for Ugly Backlit Plastic
The Mob, the El Cortez, and the Flamingo
Tiki culture
The Tonga Room in San Francisco
Palm Springs Paradise
Melvyn’s Restaurant in Palm Springs
Greetings from Los Angeles
L.A.’s Backyard Oil Well Fever!
Norms Restaurants in LA
Googie, Space Age, and the International Style
Mid-Century Modern highrises including Eichler’s highrises in San Francisco and the Sierra Towers in LA
The Madonna Inn
70’s Mayan themed Architecture
Havana Before Castro: When Cuba Was a Tropical Playground
Mid-Century Modern Furniture including Danish Modern, Italian Murano Lamps, and Swiss Swiza Clock
Nationwide Map of Classic Restaurants Now on Google Maps

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This show is brought to you by Robert Stark’s Paintings and his novel Journey to Vapor Island

Robert Stark interviews Charles Lincoln about Cultural Genocide in the American South

Charles Lincoln- Lee Circle

Topics include:

The Push to remove Confederate Monuments in the American South
The Proposed Censorship of Gone with the Wind
How Southern Culture has became synonymous with prole culture
The History of the American South since the Civil War
How the Civil War was the beginning of American Imperialism
How Culture is dependent upon Symbols
How regional cultures are being eradicated
Defining Cultural genocide
Examples of Cultural Genocides throughout history
Parallels between the English occupation of Ireland and the American South


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Robert Stark interviews Charles Lincoln about Las Vegas, New Orleans & Vice



Topics include:

Contrasting the histories of Las Vegas and New Orleans

The Ecological impacts of building cities in the Desert

How both cities serve a function as a destination for escape, hedonism, and vice

How Bread and circuses distract the masses

How without the Law there would be no Vice

How when Vice becomes suppressed it becomes more cruel

How New Orleans has gentrified since Hurricane Katrina

How the culture of New Orleans is one that enjoys life because it accepts death

How in New Orleans there’s no pressure to be either moral or immoral

The European cultural influence in New Orleans

The Cult of Youth

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This show is brought to you by Robert Stark’s Artwork