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Robert Stark interviews Author James Nulick

















Robert Stark and Cartrell Payne talk to Seattle based author James Nulick about his new book Haunted Girlfriend, a collection of short stories. James is also the author of Valencia and Distemper. OUT Magazine called him “a mashup of Nabokov and Larry Clark.”


James’ interest in collecting rare and vintage books
The theme of disorientation in Haunted Girlfriend
The centerpiece, “Body by Drake” set in a dystopian future
The trends of corporate control, mass automation, alienation, and despair
Plans to expand “Body by Drake” into a full length novel
The story Delonte Lost, a first person narrative of mental illness
Why James never reads fiction while writing
Changes in James’ writing style and subject matter
James’ novel Valencia about a man who contracts HIV and decides to live it up
Why Distemper is the one novel James would take back

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