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Robert Stark talks to Hunter Wallace about Post Trump Political Trends













Robert Stark talks to Hunter Wallace about the Biden Administration, Post Trump Right, and political realignment on class. Hunter Wallace is an Alabama based blogger at Occidental Dissent and describes himself as a Nationalist Moderate Populist.


Revisiting why Donald Trump lost
The New Political Realignment on Class and  Woke Capital’s boycott of Georgia
Whether the GOP’s call to Boycott Woke Corporations is purely symbolic
The track records of potential 2024 GOP nominees including Cotton, Hawley, and De Santis
The role of Trump Post Presidency and whether MAGA Inc. is just the new Con Inc.
Joe Biden’s Polling and his biggest electoral weaknesses: Immigration, Crime, cancel culture, and civil liberties
The Biden Admin’s crackdown on civil liberties in the name of fighting Domestic  Extremism
The pros and cons of Biden’s Infrastructure Plan and the last COVID Relief Bill
Neoliberal Joe Screwing Millennials on Student Debt and giving the shaft to progressives on economics
How opposition to Cancel Culture has become the new culture war with Black Lives Matter tumbling in popularity
The Dirtbag Left flirts with the Dissident Right
How the transformation of the GOP into a National Labor Party is a long-term process
Hunter’s predictions for the midterm elections and next presidential election

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