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Robert Stark interviews William Costello about Incels












Robert Stark interviews William Costello about his article Step Your Dick Up: Why incels deserve better advice. William Costello is an Irish writer and post-graduate student of Evolutionary Psychology at Brunel University in London and is writing his thesis on incels. You can follow William on Twitter.


How William became interested in the incel phenomenon from an evolutionary psychological standpoint
The positive reactions to the article from incels, feminists, and normies alike
The misrepresentation of incels and comparisons to calls for sympathy for other disenfranchised groups
How the incel subculture provides a sense of community, fraternity, and ingroup identity
The Sexodus and hypergamy in the modern dating market
The hypocrisy of the gender pay-gap debate in regards to complaints about the shortage of marriageable men
Is The Future Polygamous?
The limitations of self-improvement
2020 and the coming of neo-feudalism
Dunbar’s number which suggests cognitive limits to the number of people with whom one can maintain social relationships
The psychosexual motives behind social behavior
William’s article How Sport Can Reduce Racism: An Irish Case Study
Developing career guidance software and the need to focus on specialization in education and economics

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