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Robert Stark and Matt Pegas try to start a New Religion

Robert Stark and Matt Pegas  tease the notion of a speculative new spiritual movement. This is a simulcast with Matt’s literary podcast, New Write, and a field-recording, conversation on cults, the new age movement, Matt’s Substack article “The Renaissance of the Ritual“, Robert’s novel “Vaporfornia“, California as fertile soil for new religions, occultism, and much more. Recorded on May 1st, 2022, on a trip through the backcountry of San Diego County, near Palomar Mountain, where Crowlian occultist, Wilfred Talbot Smith, erected an Ordo Templi Orientis temple.


Background on the “new religion,” started as a half joke in Yosemite
A self-initiatory religion, comparable to Discordianism
Social reasons for the rise in cults
California ‘s spiritual movements: Mike Marinacci’s book California Jesus, Order of Atwa, and the Partridge Family Temple
Syncretic occultism and the esotericism/New Age to fascist pipeline
The right hand vs. left hand path and Jungian shadow work
The occultist ritual, finding structure in chaos, and a metaphysical/esoteric take on self-improvement
Knowing when to surrender and embrace the photosynthesis of the Universe/Light of God
The relationship between spirituality and biology (speculating where atheism and various theologies fit on the Bell Curve meme)
An anti-liberal and anti-blank slatist case for Theosophy
Robert’s article on a psychological inspired approach to solving political and social problems
Aesthetic alchemy (Sigils), and the spiritual, ethereal component to  aesthetics
Bronze Age Pervert as a foundationalist (not a traditionalist), and Mike Ma as an instinctive Christian
Jason Jorjani’s Prometheism 
Why spirituality and reclaiming vitality needs to come before politics

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Robert Stark talks to Jason Reza Jorjani about Faustian Futurist














Robert Stark and Francis Nally talk to Jason Reza Jorjani about his new Science Fiction novel Faustian Futurist. Jason Reza Jorjani, PhD is an Iranian-American philosopher, lifelong native New Yorker, and author of numerous books including Prometheism and Prometheus and Atlas. Also check out his Twitter and Patreon.


Jason’s Faustian Futurist as an entry point to the philosophical and political concepts of his non-fiction work
The intimacy in giving the reader a window into the author’s subconscious
The Faustian archetype
The novel’s alternative history timeline set in the 2nd half of the 20th Century with an epilogue of the 21st Century
The theme of reincarnation
The significance of Atlantis in the novel and the empirical archeological evidence of Atlantis
Parapsychologist Gerald Feinberg’s The Prometheus Project, Mankind’s Search for Long-Range Goals
The parapsychological science of Remote viewing
A Prometheist vision beyond the convergence of left and right with a post-capitalist/scarcity outlook, and objective to find the balance between communitarianism and the creative potential of the individual
The limitations of electoral politics and the need to create a technological, cultural, and aesthetic movement
The Great Reset and the breakaway civilization
The mass exodus out of major cities and symbolism of the destruction of New York City as the cosmopolis of the West
Jason’s thoughts on the motives behind the woke agenda

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Robert Stark interviews Scott Tungay











Robert Stark talks to Scott Tungay about the current situation in South Africa, the ongoing riots in America, and his views on social capital, land use, and wealth. Scott is originally from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and immigrated to Kentucky to be with his American wife. He blogs at Department of Winning, has a Youtube channel with his wife Kelli, and is also on Twitter.


Scott’s background, like many English South Africans, growing up believing in the Rainbow nation narrative and classical liberal values
How immigrating to America lit a nationalist spark
Scott’s passion for homesteading and Permaculture
Scott’s admiration for conservationist Wendell Berry and the Southern Agrarians
How Scott is currently stuck in South Africa which has one of the most draconian Lockdowns in the world
How the lockdown could be used as a power grab by the ANC, with businesses foreclosing, and a planned expropriation of White property
Why South Africa will fall, like Yugoslavia | With Scott Tungay by Willem Petzer
Different scenarios for South Africa, including a partition into smaller nations, Chinese intervention, and why a Rwandan scenario is unlikely
How most White South Africans are looking to emigrate
The ongoing riots in America, and why Scott thinks America is 20-30 years away from where South Africa is now
The media narrative about race relations, divide and conquer strategy, and long term un-sustainability due to economic breakdown
The failure of conservatism, and opportunity for a Third Position that is localist, anti-usury, and anti-globalist
The missed mashup that could have happened between Bernie and Trump
The Backto-the-land movement and New Urbanism as alternatives to the commercial squalor that destroyed small town Americana
How the lockdown proves the value of family and community over the corporate rat race
Economic Class Dynamics: The significance, slave, and survival economy
The importance of aesthetics: how beauty elicits care
The limits of meritocracy: how future economic survival will depend upon one’s In-group

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Robert Stark talks to Paul Tripp about his proposal for a Green New Right












Robert Stark talks to Unz review writer about his proposal for The Green New Right. Paul is also the author of Psionism.


Paul’s critique of the Left’s handling of environmental issues
The focus on carbon emissions and the degree to which climate change is responsible for habitat loss
The Left’s focus on the West while ignoring ecological devastation in the developing world
The Left’s lack of concern for overpopulation in the developing world while telling Westerners to reduce their birthrates
Mass immigration’s impact on ecological footprints
Education, IQ, and Fertility
The need for rural revitalization for the new green economy
How sustainable agriculture would need a much larger and higher skilled workforce
The mainstream right’s neglect of environmentalism
How economic nationalism and tariffs would help end the exploitation of resources by global capitalism
The environmental origins of the coronavirus pandemic
The problems of a consumption based economic model
Why profits should be based upon reciprocity
One-Third of American Workers Pay Is Being Stolen. Here’s How
The decline in workers’ purchasing power
Why the Financialization of the economy is a bigger issue than labor supply
Paul’s book Psionism about rejecting an imposed mono culture in favor of neo-tribalism

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The Alt-Center, Starkianism and the Demystification of Social Capital










Originally Published by Shane Eide on Emerging Hermit

There’s something to be said for those in whom the sign of the times less offers an omen and more flashes across their periphery like a neon sign at an amusement park.

In 2019, the assumed excesses of prefixing an ‘Alt’ to any political fringe is virtually guaranteed to incite misunderstanding, scrutiny and suspicion. In that sense, the Alt-Center is a shameless affair. However, it isn’t shameless merely because of its ideas – which are eclectic – but rather, because of its ultimately strategic knowledge of where it sits within the dissident sphere.

The impending antiquation of older ways of thinking about politics is not for them an indication that some inevitable new path will soon announce itself, for which they will conveniently be the vanguard. Rather, this antiquation is for them an occasion to consider the possibility of creating something wholly new whose expression may unfold in ways as varied as one could imagine.

Journalist, artist, novelist and host of Stark Truth Radio, Robert Stark, has built something of a salon for Alt-Center ideas on his show, where, as of late, one may hear talk of Starkianism – existing in its own corner of Alt-Centrism. Roughly put, Alt-Centrism is where ideas of the dissident right and dissident left meet, and is itself comprised of concepts such as Aesthetic Socialism, Aristocratic Radicalism and Alt-Urbanism.

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Robert Stark talks to Kashif Vikaas about the Meta-Right













Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas talk to Kashif Vikaas. Kashif runs the site Meta-Right.


Meta-Modernism and the Meta-Right as right-wing Post Modernism
Philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling and metaphysical realism
The concept of Hyperreality
The impact of aesthetic preferences on political ideology
Retro-futurism and Synthwave as the aesthetic of the Meta-Right
Kashif’s observation from working in Silicon Valley that User Interface designers often held pro-fascist outlooks based on aesthetics
Kashif’s fundamentalist Christian upbringing and transition from the Left to “nation over profit” politics
The existential crisis of capitalism and corrosion of the national interest
Capitalism and hyper individualism creating a low trust socially atomized society
Kashif’s observations on White poverty and the ethnic dynamics of drug addiction and homelessness in Fishtown, Philadelphia

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Robert Stark talks to Guillaume Durocher about the Yellow Vests & National Economics














Robert Stark and Anatoly Karlin talk to Alt-French Unz Review blogger  about the Yellow Vest Protests, political situation in France, and National Economics.


The gas tax as largely symbolic for overall populist discontent
Macron’s Neoliberal economic polices
Decentralized nature of the movement
The culture of protest in France
The role of the police(update: Police Deploy Rifles with Live Ammunition to Yellow Vest Protests)
The White Working Class demographic
Fusion of Left and Right Populism and support from both nationalist Le Pen and leftist Mélenchon supporters
How the outcome of the Yellow Vest protests will impact the next election
Why movements need a segment of the elite to succeed
Russian and American(ex. Steve Bannon) conspiracy theories
Orbánomics, or the Return of National Economics
National Economic policies such as state control of banks, national banks, and local production
The Economics of Globalism and High vs. Low Globalism
Left Wing French Social Nationalist Alain Soral
France Is Becoming More Violent

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Robert Stark talks to Giovanni Dannato about the Alt-Center











Robert Stark, co-host Sam Kevorkian, and Joshua Zeidner talk to Giovanni Dannato. Giovanni blogs at Colony of Commodus and is the author of A Kingdom For the Introvert. Follow Giovanni on Twitter.


How We Get to an Alt-Center
Combining The Alt-Right and the Alt-Left
How both the Alt-Left and Alt-Right are populist but attack the elements of the establishment most pertinent to their interests
The Alt-Left as an upper middle class reaction to the problem of Elite Overproduction
Smart Socialism
Joshua’s observation on the success of Germany’s specialization based economy
The medium is the message and the information economy
What Explains the Trump-Sanders Crossover Vote?
The cultural divide between the Alt Left SWPL’s and the Alt-Right, and the importance of embracing the creative class
Alt-Right Drift Towards “Leftist” Policies
The Alt-Right Is Green: Not A Pepe Meme
Steve Bannon wants to raise taxes on the very rich
Defining the Alt-Center: Neo-Tribalism
Thoughts On Replacing Traditional Marriage In A Post-Scarcity Society

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Robert Stark talks to Giovanni Dannato about The Post Scarcity Economy









Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to Giovanni Dannato. Giovanni blogs at Colony of Commodus and is the author of A Kingdom For the Introvert. Follow Giovanni on Twitter.


On A Post Labor Scarcity Economy
On A Basic Guaranteed Living
Some Form of State Capitalism Is the Future
State Capitalism in the Internet Age
Much US Dysfunction Comes From Post-Scarcity Denial
Urban Land Management In A Post Scarcity Economy
The Leisure Economy
NEETs, Lumpenproles, and the Leisure Economy

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Robert Stark interviews Count Isidor Fosco














Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to Count Isidor Fosco. He is an actor based in Toronto, Canada.


Count Fosco’s background in the Film Industry in Toronto
Count Fosco’s background in Philosophy
Count Fosco’s Catholic upbringing and Catholic Social Teachings
Toronto as the Neo-Liberal, Multi-Cultural capital of North America
The Eurasian scene in Toronto, The Mixed in the Six club, and Pilleater’s Asian Aryanism
The Secessionist movement in Quebec, Native American Secessionist movements, and Calexit
CPAC organizer denounces ‘alt-right’ as ‘left-wing fascist group’
Neo-Liberal Feudalism and how the mainstream Left has abandoned class issues
Third Positionism, Social Nationalism, and historic figures including Juan Perón, and Sir Oswald Mosley
Why Mosley was an admirable misunderstood figure, and a true Anti-Globalist who would have made a more logical “third power” to America
The need for an Aristocratic form of Socialism, and why socialism isn’t contrary to hierarchy
Karl Marx’s hierarchy of labor
Social Credit and the Basic Income, and how it should be implemented
Affordable Family Formation
What an aristocrat is in today’s capitalist society
The idealistic definition of a True Aristocrat as a revolutionary figure
Georges Palante and Aristocratic Radicalism
Jonathan Bowden and the Angry Young Men
Working and middle class people who view the Trump family as Aristocrats
Trump’s “Aristocratic Futurist” aesthetic and Rockefeller Center in New York City

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