Vaporfornia by Robert Stark: Reviews, Promos, & Podcasts

Vaporfornia is available for purchase on Lulu publishing.

Matt Pegas’ book review: Vaporfornia
RJ Smith: Dissident Reviews #6: Vaporfornia by Robert Stark
Rainer Chlodwig von K: Esoteric Brezhnevism: Commoditizing the Starkian
Pilleater: Max von Mueller meets Lilly Nguyen
a review of Robert Stark’s “Vaporfornia”

Politics of Aesthetics revisited in Vaporfornia
Addendum to Vaporfornia
Fictional Presidential Debate in Vaporfornia
Roger Blackstone’s Fictional Campaign Promo in Vaporfornia
Vaporfornia: Three Campaign Promos about the Future of the American Dream

Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 409
Robert Stark on His New Novel Vaporfornia

New Write with Matt Pegas & Dan Baltic: Vaporfornication w/ Robert Stark

Journey to Vapor Island by Robert Stark: Reviews & Podcasts

Journey to Vapor Island by Robert Stark is available on Lulu.


Brandon Adamson reviews Journey to Vapor Island
Magical Miserablism: Robert Stark’s Myths of the Near Future by James O’Meara
Ben Arzate reviews Journey to Vapor Island
‘A Vaporwave Literary Genre? from the mind of Robert Stark” BY “Count Fosco”
Roger Blackstone: The Politics of Aesthetics by Ashley Messinger
Reading Robert Stark’s Novel Gave Me Aids by Rainer Chlodwig von K.
Giovanni Dannato Reviews Journey to Vapor Island


Robert Stark talks about his new novel Journey to Vapor Island
Self Checkout – Review of “Journey to Vapor Island” by Brandon Adamson
Al Stankard aka HAarlem VEnison talks to Robert Stark about Journey to Vapor Island
Robert Stark talks to Ashley Messinger about Roger Blackstone & The Politics of AESTHETICS
Quiet Place Ep 39: Vapor Island Tourist Trap w/ Robert 

Robert Stark talks to James O’Meara about Mysticism After Modernism

Robert Stark speaks with James O’Meara about his book, Mysticism After Modernism: Crowley, Evola, Neville, Watts, Colin Wilson, & Other Populist Gurus. Mysticism After Modernism is published by Manticore Press, where it is available for purchase. You can also find it at Counter-Currents and on Amazon.

“Our spirituality has gotten too tame today. James J. O’Meara has a solution [in Mysticism After Modernism]
Mitch Horowitz, PEN Award-winning author of Occult America and The Miracle Club

-The intersection of mysticism with politics and culture, and how mysticism is available to any political persuasion
-Countering the Hippie-dippy liberal  stereotype about New Age gurus
-Critiquing the reactionary who passively accepts cycles of decay, and the need to embrace infinite possibilities
-A practical take on magic/mysticism, in regards to enacting real world change
-Aleister Crowley’s definition of magic as transforming the World in accordance with one’s will
-Examples of opinions and attributes of Alan Watts and William Burroughs that come across as anti-liberal
-Greg Johnson’s article, “The Spiritual Materialism of Alan Watts: A Review of Does It Matter?
-Watts’ ties to quasi-fascist Serbian mystic, Dimitrije Mitrinović
New Thought, and an explanation for how Neville Goddard’s Law of Assumption works
-New Thought as a vehicle for political change, by removing all mental constraints
-Why Theosophy is the theology best adapted to hereditarianism (eg. illiberal pluralism)
-William Burroughs’ obsession with rejecting control in a metaphysical sense
The Greek Qabalah, hidden esoteric traditions in Abrahamic faiths
-Colin Wilson’s practical mysticism, focused on expanding consciousness
-Parapsychology and Spiritual Science
-The need for spiritual elitism and Aristocratic Radicalism
-Robert’s novel, Vaporfornia, which has themes relating to New Thought
-James’ book, Passing the Buck: Coleman Francis and Other Cinematic Metaphysicians

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Robert Stark’s Articles & Vanity Features

The Case for Planet of the Bass Nationalism
The recent Bullishness and why a Hard Landing is still inevitable
Reasons to be optimistic about Architectural and Aesthetic trends for the 2020s
The Decline of the WASP (Leftist Peter Schrag proposes a version of Pan-Enclavism/Ethnopluralism in the 1970s)
Speculating the demographic impact of the Recession on California: Part I
No Collapse is the real Dystopia (Still waiting for the Big Collapse)
Michael Lind’s Liberal Nationalism vs. Rightwing Multiculturalism
Can Public Banking save the Financial System and prevent Consolidation and a Credit Crunch?
Even Ultra-Bear’s Have Their Copes (Harry Dent predicts Mega Crash in June, followed by Millennial-lead recovery in late 2024)
College May be a Scam, College Town Urbanism is Not (The modern campus experience is sociologically fraught, but it just might have the keys to rebuilding social capital)
Beware of the Restrict Act: Patriot Act for the Internet on Steroids
Fed’s attempt at Goldilocks Scenario (Soft Pivot) will crash the Economy
Economic Death Spiral (Fed Trap: Financial Collapse or Hyper Inflation?)
How the Scott Adams Situation vindicates the case for Symmetrical Multiculturalism
Psycho-Political Symbolism of Prison Rape
Intersectionality of the Smart but Poor
UBI Reconsidered For ’23
White Californians as a Prototype for America’s Multiethnic Future
Why Eagle Act Immigration Bill is against True Diversity
Caruso goes bust in LA: a Radical-Centrist Analysis
A Sober Look at Ukraine War Narratives
A Rightwing Multiculturalist approach to Immigration
Revisiting the Politics and Demographics of Bay Area Enclavism
GOP Populists lack an Institutional Strategy
New US Birth Data vindicates Breeder Selection Theory (Mini-White Baby Boom)
Why California’s Affirmative Action Ban may have harmed White Enrollment
Neon Nationalism or Minimalist Renovations: Which way Western Man?
Politics over Poolside: The Case for Aquaticism
Radically Unconventional Solutions to Inequality (including Universal Orphanhood)
Replacement Theory and The Future of America’s Identity Crisis
Failure of California Democrat’s Economic Agenda creates an opening for the Radical Center
Is California Overpopulated? (Santa Barbara edition)
Elon Musk’s offer of Freedom through benevolent Oligarchy
Can Michael Shellenberger’s Centrism Save California?
Why not Reparations for White Californians too?
LA’s Brentwood School: Ground-Zero for Elite Ethno-Masochism
Could the Ukraine Conflict cause a realignment on Immigration ?
Is this the end of “The End of History” ?
The Intra-NIMBY Politics of the Proposed Santa Monica-Malibu School Split
YIMBY’s Plan to integrate the East Bay’s White Enclave
The Radical Center’s Psychosocial approach to Race Relations
2020 Census: In-Depth Analysis of LA’s Demographic Trends
The prospects for a viable Non-Leftist California Nationalism
Down and Celibate in Beverly Hills (NIMBY Edition)
Left-NIMBYs Mogged by the YIMBY to Alt-Right Pipeline
Matt Yglesias endorses The Great Class Swap
Rightwing Multiculturalism Explained
NIMBY Victory in Santa Barbara’s Mayoral Race
Xenophobia is Woke now?
Are YIMBYism and Enclavism Compatible?
Are NIMBYs and YIMBYs Two Sides of the Same Coin?
Woke Culture as a Minimalist Mall Renovation for America
New California Nationalist Unity Platform
Santa Barbara Mayoral Race puts the Spotlight on longtime NIMBY stronghold
Why the new “Populist” GOP is the worst of both worlds
2020 Census: Speculating The Bay Area’s Demographic Future
NIMBYs: The Real Culprit in California’s “Great Replacement”
Alt-Center Lexicon
Thoughts on Afghan Refugee Resettlement, YIMBYism, and Enclavism
Radical Centrist Guide to the California Gubernatorial Recall
A Proposal for a New Alt-Center: Philosophy & Policy
The Alt-Center Revisited
Cape Independence and shared California values
California NIMBY Cities must pursue Enclave Status or embrace the inevitable YIMBY Future
Amidst Global Crises, US should honor its commitment to Diversity
A Post-American 4th of July in the Bay Area
Endorsement of Louis Marinelli for California Governor
Proposal to reform Property Taxation in California
The Politics of Housing and Property Taxation in California
Calexit and the California Recall
California’s Future of Pan-Enclavism
New Pluralist Vision for California
UBI for California
Hypothetical Political Realignments under Calexit
The Great Class Swap
An Alternative Vision for California

Joakim Andersen: Robert Stark and the Radical Center (in Swedish) English
Doxometrist: Alt-center pill: TL;DR of Robert Stark’s proposal
GiantArt Productions: The Fauvist Vaporwave Interiors of Robert Stark
Shane Eide: The Alt-Center, Starkianism and the Demystification of Social Capital

Unz Review:
The Denmark Plan Versus Right-Wing Multi-Culturalism
Pod-Living vs. the White Picket Fence: A False Dichotomy
You Can’t Take Back America But You Can Join the Tribe
Who Breeds in California
Exploring California’s Political Demographics Based On In-Depth 2020 Election Analysis
White Millennials: America’s Sacrificial Lamb
The Real Wealth Gap: The intergenerational wealth gap, the housing crisis, and how “BLM vs. MAGA” poisons the discussion on every issue

Stark Truth:
Alt-Urbanism: Building a Based Urban Middle Class SWPL Utopia
Alt Urbanism: Retrofitting The Aesthetically Pleasing Suburb
Scarcity of Positional Goods is the basis for Aesthetic Socialism
Aristocratic Aesthetic Socialism

Taki’s Magazine:
Andrew Yang and the Post-Nationalist Future

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Big Bear & Lake Arrowhead Photo Album (Summer 2023)

Photos were taken over July 4th weekend in the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California. Album includes, Big Bear VillageBear Mountain Ski area, Garstin/China Island and Stanfield Marsh at Big Bear Lake,  Baldwin Summit Vista view to Mojave Desert, Snow Valley Mountain resort in Running Springs, and Lake Arrowhead.

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Kevin Lynn interviews Robert Stark about Why No Collapse is the Real Dystopia

Kevin Lynn interviews Robert Stark about his article, No Collapse is the Real Dystopia: still waiting for the Big Collapse. This recording is a simulcast for Kevin’s Institute for Sound Public Policy’s YouTube channel, recorded on June 13th. Kevin Lynn is executive director of the Institute for Sound Public Policy and Progressives for Immigration Reform, and founder of US Tech Workers. Follow Kevin on Twitter.


Revisiting past predictions about economic collapse, the current stagnant vibes,  and return of bullish copes about the economy
John Michael Greer’s Not the Future We Ordered and his theory of catabolic collapse
Research predicting future cycles of collapse by Peter Turchin, Neil Howe & William Strauss’ Fourth Turning, and the Kondratiev wave
Reponses to the article , including a re-publish on ZeroHedege, and a critical response from Jeet Heer
Those who are psychologically invested in collapse
The pros and cons of being a perma bear, and Kevin revisits the 08 crash
How the bears will be vindicated in the long run, due to unprecedented levels of debt
The impact of demographic cycles on politics, social strife, and the economy
The scope of the migrant crisis which is unprecedented in American history, and Michael Yon’s reporting from the Darien Gap
Janet Yellen’s statement, expecting a slow steady decline of the dollar
The exodus out of California 
The Hard Times Create Strong Men meme 
Speculation about the Trump incitement and 2024 election

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Robert Stark talks to Keith Preston about Rudolf Steiner

Robert Stark and Matt Pegas talk to Keith Preston about the life and philosophy of Austrian occultist and Renaissance Man, Rudolf Steiner, and what we can learn about Steiner’s ideas to address contemporary problems. Check out Keith Preston’s article, Scientific Spirituality and Ethical Individualism: The Legacy of Rudolf Steiner, and Troy Southgate’s new book, THE SPIRIT UNBOUND: RUDOLF STEINER’S PHILOSOPHY OF FREEDOM. Keith Preston is a historian, social scientist, political analyst, author, lecturer, trends researcher, and the editor of Attack the System. Follow Keith on Twitter.


The crisis of modernity as anomie, uprootedness from place, identity, tradition, and social bonds, and its impact on the human psyche
Parallels between the modern existential crisis and that of Steiner’s era
Traditional religion being replaced by new secular religions (eg. social justice, scientism, secular heresies)
Steiner’s belief that spirituality and science are interconnected
Parapsychology, including studies of near death experiences
Comparisons to Carl Jung and Christian mystics, Emanuel Swedenborg and William James
Anti-vaxxers’ fascination with Steiner’s warnings of genetically re-engineering people’s spirituality
Steiner’s views on spiritual races and the Steiner schools becoming a target of cancel culture, though Steiner was staunchly anti-fascist
The limitations of materialism and rationalism, and Steiner’s influence from Romanticism 
Steiner’s philosophical relation to other thinkers, including Julius Evola, Nietzsche, Aleister Crowley, and Martin Buber
How the essence of Steiner’s political philosophy was reconciling the differences  between individualism and rootedness, liberal egalitarianism and tradition, and occultism and ethics
How Steiner favored an economic system like distributism, over capitalism or Marxism, and decentralized local autonomy and identities, over nationalism

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Robert Stark interviews Montgomery Markland about his movie Malibu Road

Robert Stark and Matt Pegas speak with filmmaker, Montgomery Markland, about his film Malibu Road, which he both directed and starred in. Malibu Road is available to watch for free on Tubi, and for purchase on Apple TV and Amazon. While the pandemic delayed Malibu Road’s theatrical release, Montgomery has further plans for multipicture deals.

“Fast living Los Angelenos are targeted by the Central Intelligence Agency during Operation Midnight Climax, part of MKUltra. The experience takes a turn for the deadly during New Year’s Eve 1960 and now a professor, a starlet and the workers at a hotel with a questionable reputation must rediscover reality or be trapped in an endless cycle of sex, drugs and murder in ‘paradise.'”

Malibu Road (2021) IMDb 

Montgomery Markland has an idiosyncratic resume. Originally from Dallas, Montgomery was a state and local reporter in Austin, worked in the Texas state legislature on policy, was  then a producer, president, and CCO at a number of video game companies, before working in Hollywood. Follow Montgomery on Twitter.


Applying videogame design principles to Cinema
The Meisner acting technique
MKUltra connections to university professors and Hollywood (eg. Irvin Keshner)
Timothy Leary’s prediction that video games had the potential to recreate psychedelic trips
The History of the Albatross Hotel in Malibu and connections to Old Hollywood
Cinemaphotographic techniques used to capture the psychedelic aesthetic
Distorting reality in stories as representations of dreams (eg. traumnovelle), and influences from David Lynch
Influence from soap operas, telenovelas, and 90s Cinemax
The set design, recreating the aesthetics of the 60s and 70s
Influences from Jungian archetypes, as well as Ancient Greek, Hindu, and Buddhist mythology (eg. Timothy Leary on the Tibetan Book of the Dead)
Hunter S. Thompson
Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo
Malibu Road’s filming locations, including Malibu State Park and Will Rogers State Historic Park
The politicization of entertainment, and why overtly political conservative media fails
Reasons to be optimistic about opportunities in entertainment via niche markets
The Banking crisis, Economic Death Spiral, and narratives of collapse

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Robert Stark is interviewed about California’s Political & Demographic Future

Robert Stark is interviewed by John Friend of the Realist Report, about his article White Californians as a Prototype for America’s Multiethnic Future. Check out the Realist Report on Twitter.


Various responses to the article
Putting forth an accurate portrayal of California, in contrast with the media hype
A critique of various rightwing narratives about conflict and collapse
Causes of White flight and demographic change in California
Whether race relations will remain affable in California with extreme woke politics
Contrasting different future scenarios for California, including pan-enclavism
How White Californians are uniquely individualistic and rootless, and whether they will  develop a stronger identity in the future
Why Whites should take part in multiculturalism to adapt to the end of Americanism

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Robert Stark talks to Dan Baltic about his debut novel Nutcrankr

Robert Stark and Matt Pegas talk to Dan Baltic about his debut novel Nutcrankr. Dan Baltic is the co-hosts of the literary podcast, New Write, with Matt Pegas. Nutcrankr is available in print and ebook at Terror House publishing.

Intro to the protagonist Spencer Grunhauer and the plot
Spencer’s philosophy and his manifest
The psychological process of how one becomes more alienated, unstable, and unhinged
Psycho-sexual motives behind politics and moral panics
Social status, elite overproduction, and out of whack life expectations
Making your own way “pill”
Narratives about online grifters
Bullishness on the future of dissident arts
Terror House’s book reading in Brooklyn, NYC
Creating effecting satire
The literary genre of alienated loners
A homage or modern day reboot of Confederacy of Dunces
Comparisons to Robert’s novel Vaporfornia and Matt’s Dragon Day

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Eastern Sierras Photo Album (Mammoth, June Lake, & Whitney Portal)

Album includes the town of Bishop in Owens Valley, June Lake, Minaret Vista, Mammoth Mountain, Horseshoe Lake, McLeod Lake, Lake George, Ski Lodge Urbanism at The Village at Mammoth, Mount Whitney Fish Hatchery, and Whitney Portal, the gateway to Mount Whitney. Photos taken on Labor Day Weekend 2022.

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Where will this Economic Chaos lead to? (With Kevin Lynn)

Robert Stark talks to Kevin Lynn about the dire implications of economic data and trends. Kevin Lynn is executive director of Progressives for Immigration Reform and founder of US Tech Workers. Follow Kevin on Twitter.


Examples of gaslighting on the economy,  Redefining the definition of recession and declaration of a “Vibecession
How the economic bullishness and bear rallies in stocks show the degree of disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street
The “Baking” of the Jobs numbers report and inflation data
The beginning of mass Tech layoffs
The super bubble to end all bubbles
Kevin’s article If You Thought the NIMBYs Were Bad – Meet the YIMBYs
Revisiting the pandemic stimulus and how only a fraction of stimulus went directly to the people
Federal Reserve policy, Biden’s “Inflation Reduction” Act,” and vulnerabilities of the dollar
Speculating worst case economic scenarios (deflationary depression, long-term stagflation, real estate crash, and debt crisis)
Geopolitics crisis, supply chains issues, global conflicts and civil unrest
The Fourth Turning theory and Peter Turchin’s method of measuring cycles of crisis
The political implications of the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar a Lago
Kevin’s observations from attending the recent CPAC conference in Texas on the political currents

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