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Robert Stark interviews Alt-Left Youtuber Prince of Queens about SJW’s & the Regressive Left









Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, and Bay Area Guy talk to alt-left YouTuber Prince of Queens.

Topics includes:

Quiplash and Google hangouts
Joshua David McKenney was a college roommate of Prince of Queens in college
Professor Jordan Peterson and “Authoritative” psychological traits
The Queer community and fourth-way intersectional feminism.
The Regressive Left
SJW’s hate cisgenger white male homosexuals
“Homosexual men trying to rape women”
How the left fell after the 2nd Obama term
Intersectional feminism as a form of trickery
Black Lives Matter
The arrogance of Feminism about the Hillary campaign
Bernie Sanders and Bay Area Guy’s endorsement
The “progressive stack” and how SJW’s destroyed Occupy Wall Street
The cult of Race Theory
San Francisco & Stuff White People Like
Asians and SJWs
Whites and Asians on the same side for “privilege?”

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Robert Stark interviews Joshua David McKenney

Joshua David McKenney and Doe Deere holding two Pidgin Dolls in the artist's home - Brooklyn, NY PHOTO: Eric Motika
















Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to doll-artist, fashion/beauty illustrator, Joshua David McKenney. He operates Pidgin Doll. You can follow him on Instagram.


Joshua’s background in art and interest in dolls
Marina Bychkova and Enchanted Doll
Little Miss No Name and Blythe Dolls
Designer Toys, Juxtopoz, Kidrobot, Vinyl Will Kill
The personality of dolls
Davecat and his doll wife, Sidore Kuroneko
Joshua’s illustrations and their Art Deco influence
Japanese art, anime, manga influences
Trevor Brown and sexuality
Kurt Halsey and innocence
Joshua’s designs for his dolls
Print All Over Me
Attitude of clothing
Japanese audience, Avril Lavigne’s Hello Kitty
Sayoko Yamaguchi and her films
Mass production
Joshua’s collaboration with Teen Vogue
Nintendo’s Amiibos and toy culture in the mainstream
Funko’s ReAction Toys
Collecting and Reselling
A doll as a real person

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