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Robert Stark interviews Manga Artist Toshio Maeda 前田俊夫











Robert Stark, Sam Kevorkian, and Joshua Zeidner talk to manga artist “Tentacle Master” Toshio Maeda(前田俊夫)


How Toshio learned how to draw manga and his inspiration from American cartoons and comic strips
How Toshio pioneered the tentacle erotic manga genre in the 1980’s
Tentacle manga as a reaction to censorship
Toshio’s groundbreaking manga series “Urotsuki Doji”
Traditional Shunga erotic art and “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife” which depicts an Octopus
How Japan’s culture became more socially conservative during the Meiji period
The origins of manga in Japan; rental manga in the 1960’s
Adult themed manga as a way to express political and cultural themes
Why Toshio is opposed to pedophile themed manga
How Toshio has done a wide variety of work including educational manga and ladies manga
Horror themed Manga and how horror reveals ones truths
How Toshio learned English from American TV
Otaku which is a person obsessed with a particular topic and the Hikikomori /NEET Phenomenon
Upcoming appearances at SacAnime in Sacramento and Anime Weekend Atlanta and special gifts for Stark Truth listeners

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