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Catching up with Matt Pegan in Quarantine














Matt Pegan returns to talk with Robert Stark about the social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and some of their upcoming projects. Follow Matt’s new account on Twitter.


Why Matt decided to go under his real name
The new Weird Right cultural scene, with more freedom to be creative without guilt by association, and cross pollination with the Dirtbag Left
The TFW NO GF documentary
The impact of the pandemic on mental health
How the quarantine proves the value of leisure and whether it will spark a cultural renaissance
Transitioning into a new era after a long era of stagnation since the last election
How Covid-19 narratives are creating new political paradigms
How the quarantine vindicates nationalist policies with a safety net
The political impact of States re-opening
The pandemic’s long term impact on social bonds
The economic impact of the pandemic and how inequality will likely get much worse
Robert’s upcoming sequel to his novel Journey to Vapor Island and Matt’s novel Dragon Day(excerpt from Terror House)
Robert and Matt’s LA nostalgia series with David Cole(Part One: Westside Pavilion)
Will public spaces survive the pandemic?

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Robert Stark talks to Lynn Zook about Gambling on a Dream Volume 2

Robert Stark talks to Lynn Zook about her new book Gambling on a Dream Volume 2:. This second volume of a two-part multimedia book tells the fascinating story of the Las Vegas Strip hotels built during the turbulent years of cultural and societal change, 1956-1973. Nowadays, alongside traditional casinos, people can go online to sites such as togel singapore for easier access to their gambling/lottery needs. In the digital age in which we live today, online gambling has really taken over the world. This is indicated by the number of people using parhaat nettikasinot (the best online casinos) for entertainment or as preparation for a real casino setting. Competition is still fierce though. Online casinos have to offer bonuses and other initiatives to tempt gamers in. Want to learn How to receive the first deposit bonus? If so, doing some research on casino review websites is strongly recommended. Back to the book though, Lynn Zook also runs the website Classic Las Vegas, and has produced an hour-long, first person narrative documentary on the history of Las Vegas entitled “The Story of Classic Las Vegas. Check out Robert Stark’s first interview with Lynn Zook on Gambling on a Dream Volume 1.


Lynn’s first book Gambling on a Dream: The Classic Las Vegas Strip 1930-1955
Lynn’s interest and personal connection to Vintage Las Vegas
Caesars Palace
The Hacienda
The Stardust
The Aladdin
The original MGM Grand which is now Bally’s
The International which is now the Westin
The English Tudor themed Tally Ho which was built by the creator of Yahtzee
How the Tropicana and Circus Circus are the last two remaining from this era
The Sin City Era
The Rat Pack and Frank Sinatra
The showrooms and variety show performers
The role of the Mob
Historic Preservation and the Neon Museum
Lynn’s upcoming book on Fremont Street and Downtown

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Robert Stark talks to Robert Brenner about HBO’s The Deuce and 1970’s Time Square










Robert Stark talks to Robert Brenner. Robert Brenner runs the Remnants of Gritty Times Square Tour hosted by Untapped Cities and has his own tour company Pig Feet Walking Tours.  Check out Robert Stark’s first and second interview with Robert Brenner about bout his Time Square Tours.


HBO’s “The Deuce” Resurrects Gritty Times Square
NYC Film Locations for The Deuce about Gritty 1970’s Time Square on HBO
Robert Brenner’s upcoming tour on October 22nd which will incorporate locations from HBO’s “The Deuce”
How the locations for the show have been re-created from scratch in Washington Heights
42nd Street which was once known as “The Deuce” and was a hub for adult venues
Remaining adult venues on 8th Avenue including Show World and The Playpen
Theatres retrofitted into Broadway venues including the The Victory, The Empire, The Lyric, and The New Amsterdam
The Condor and Big Al’s being retrofitted from adult venues in San Francisco
Defunct theatres including The Pussycat Cinema, The World Theatre, The Rialto, and The Apollo
Adult Films Beyond the Green Door and Deep Throat
The history of Broadway

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Robert Stark talks to Director Richard Wolstencroft about The New Twin Peaks: Part II









Robert Stark and co-host Sam Kevorkian talk to filmmaker Richard Wolstencroft about the new Twin Peaks series. This is the sequel to our last show on The New Twin Peaks


How we left off on the previous show predicting that the series will end in the White Lodge
Robert Stark and Jay Dyer’s prediction at the beginning of the series that the primary theme will be about the Deep State investigating the Black Lodge
The beginning of the “Blue Rose” investigation into the Black Lodge
The Black and White Surreal “Lynchian” Episode 8 set in New Mexico and the responses to it
Lynch’s fascination with evil and the cameos of the creature from Mulholland Drive
Whether Dougie Jones(Cooper) will regain his consciousness
Twin Peaks: How the Insurance Man explains everything, maybe
Phillip Jeffries and the secretive forces that wants Cooper dead
The transformation of the side characters, how some have risen in significance, while others have become a side note
The role of the deceased Major Briggs in the series
David Lynch’s character Agent Gordon Cole becoming the new Cooper
Ben Horne’s Grandson Richard Horne who is a fugitive involved in organize crime
Richard’s view that criminals serve a purpose in society
The transformation of Ben Horne and the recent return of Audrey Horne
Michael J. Anderson'(The Man From Another Place), his feud with David Lynch, and his political statements
The prediction that in the upcoming episodes there will be a showdown with Cooper’s Doppelgänger at Glastonbury Grove
How the recent episodes have become more involved with the town of Twin Peaks
The de-romanticism of the town of Twin Peaks in the New series
The music in the new series; Twin Peaks: The Return | Part 13 “Just You”
Whether David Lynch will leave the series open ended in his signature style
The influences of David Lynch in Richard’s films Pearls Before Swine and The Second Coming Vol I and II
Richard’s political views and thoughts on Trump; Australia’s immigration policies and healthcare system

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Robert Stark interviews Leisure Suit Larry Creator Al Lowe









Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, and Brandon Adamson talk to Leisure Suit Larry Creator Al Lowe


The music from the game
1981’s Soft Porn Adventure
How Al wanted to make a comedy game
The main character Larry Laffer
Larry as a loser and sleazy, but guys can relate to him probably more than they would want to admit
How young people today are able to identify with the character of Larry through their online dating adventures
The fan song feel like leisure suit larry
Al’s point that the game is not about the “sleaze” but a satire
The portrayal of women in the game who get the upper hand on Larry
How the early games had only text and no voice for Larry
The Adult Video Game genre and nudity in the game
How the old Larry games were difficult, and you could actually get stuck if you forgot to do something or ran out of money, and there were totally unpredictable ways of dying. In some cases clues were very minimal
The groundbreaking software innovations of Sierra Entertainment in the 80’s
The aesthetics of the game, Vaporwave and 80’s nostalgia, and Al’s point that he was just going with the style and limited color pallet of the time
Video Games as Art
Brandon’s point that the essence of the game is exploration rather than winning
Nontoonyt Island, the tropical setting in Leisure Suite Larry 2 which has been transformed into a resort
The Casino Aesthetic, City of Lost Wages, and “Ceasars Phallis”
How in Leisure Suit Larry 5 (1991) there’s a “Tramp International Casino” which is clearly a reference to Trump and now Trump is president
The Alicia Silverstone look a like in Leisure Suite Larry 6
The process of creating a character
“Save Early, Save Often”
Rumors that Glen Quagmire from Family Guy was based on Larry Laffer
The Planned Leisure Suite Lary TV show in the 80’s with Sony
The Leisure Suite Larry Calendar
The Leisure Suite Larry look a like contest
The Reloaded Edition
Sierra’s Game “Kings’s Quest”
The Game “The Manhole”
Al’s game Torin’s Passage
The effects of political correctness on video games
Al’s free daily jokes at his Humor Site

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The Return of Rabbit!














Robert Stark and Co-host Pilleater talk to Rabbit. Rabbit blogs at


Robert and Pilleater’s upcoming show on the film The Crush
Rabbit’s article Porky’s Pathological Altruism, the death of Porky’s Director by an Illegal Immigrant drunk driver, and the cultural themes in the film
The portrayal of sex in the film, Kim Cattrall, the mysticism of girls locker room, and the demise of showering in High School
The 1950’s nostalgia in the 80’s, the recent film The Founder, and the animated neon sign in Porky’s
Rabbit’s experience growing up in the 80’s, 80’s fantasy films The Dark Crystal, and The Secret of NIMH
Rabbit’s interest in 60’s Mod culture
Robert Stark and Rabbit trip to Las Vegas, and Robert’s show on Vintage Vegas with Lynn Zook
Las Vegas as a Retro Futurist fantasy world, how a place can have different meanings to different people, Evel Knievel at Caesar’s Palace, the Frog Slot Macine, and the Asian Aryan aesthetic to the Wynn
Rabbit’s article BackPage’s Greatest Hits about the shutdown of BackPage, and the sites’s comic relief
Peter Sotos’ book Index about adult reviews
Rabbit’s point that society pushes deviate sex acts but than criminalizes people for acting out on them
Rabbit’s article The AltLeft “Tea Party” about the the Alt-Left drama and eccentric characters, what originally attracted him to it, and his critique of the Right
The 1972 film Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which inspired Rabbit’s moniker

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Robert Stark and Rabbit talk about their trip to Las Vegas

Polaroid 100%

Las Vegas-California Casino






















Rabbit blogs at

Topics include:

Robert and Rabbit’s recent trip to Las Vegas
How Las Vegas epitomizes capitalism and commercialism at it’s fullest
How Las Vegas demonstrates how capitalism is both a force for creation and destruction
How Las Vegas lacks any historic preservation
How despite it’s flaws Las Vegas offers an otherworldly fantasy experience
The Resort Fees
The ethics of Gambling
The political and demographic landscape of Las Vegas and Nevada
How Las Vegas lacks any significant SWPL presence
How Las Vegas attracts the trashiest of pop culture
Douche Bag culture, it’s different subsets, and how it’s absorbing hipster culture
The Aesthetics of Las Vegas Casinos, Robert and Rabbit’s favorites, and conceptual casino designs
The different era’s of Las Vegas, including Vintage Las Vegas, the themed resorts of the 90’s, and the newer casinos
The Las Vegas monorail
Whether Las Vegas resorts are a model for urban living

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More Photos from Trip:

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Robert Stark interviews Thomas Rinaldi about New York Neon

NY NEON Cover_r2_Final.indd











Robert Stark and co-host Rabbit talk to Thomas Rinaldi. He is the author of New York Neon and blogs at

Topics include:

How Thomas got interested in Neon growing up, and how he noticed it’s decline
His project charting and photographing existing  Neon Signs before they disappear
The History of Neon, how it was invented in Victorian England in 1898, and latter made into signs by French Scientist Georges Claude
How the peak of Neon was in the late 1920’s and  30’s(Art Deco Era), but already started to see a decline in the 40’s
How Neon was originally used by Corporate chains but latter delegated to small businesses
Churches & Neon
How Neon  was originally seen as glamorous but latter became associated with seediness
Neon in Cinema, contrasting Dick Powell’s  glamorous Gold Diggers Of 1933 – The Shadow Waltz and his 1944 detective film Murder, My Sweet, which depicts Neon as seedy
The 1946 film It’s a Wonderful Life which also uses Neon to depict seediness
Hotel Neon Signs and and Hotel Neon in the Film Noire Genre
Neon in future films including the utopian 1927 film Metropolis and the dystopian 1982 film BLADE RUNNER
Incandescent Bulb Signs
The history, decline and revitalization of Time Square, and how there are very few Neon Signs left
How Neon has become replaced by LED Signs
The myth that Neon signs are not eco friendly
Historic preservation issues regarding Neon Signs
New Neon Signs designed in the Vintage style
Neon in San Francisco and the book San Francisco Neon
Las Vegas, how newer casino’s have rejected Neon, and how older signs are preserved at the Neon Museum
The popularity of Neon in Asian cities
How there is a renewed interest in Neon
Artist who depict Neon in their work including Robert Stark
Neon in 1960s Pop Art
The importance of patronizing businesses that have Neon Signs

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Robert Stark interviews Charles Lincoln about Las Vegas, New Orleans & Vice



Topics include:

Contrasting the histories of Las Vegas and New Orleans

The Ecological impacts of building cities in the Desert

How both cities serve a function as a destination for escape, hedonism, and vice

How Bread and circuses distract the masses

How without the Law there would be no Vice

How when Vice becomes suppressed it becomes more cruel

How New Orleans has gentrified since Hurricane Katrina

How the culture of New Orleans is one that enjoys life because it accepts death

How in New Orleans there’s no pressure to be either moral or immoral

The European cultural influence in New Orleans

The Cult of Youth

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