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Robert Stark interviews Naama Kates about Incels














Robert Stark talks with investigative journalist, actress, musician, and director Naama Kates about her journey deep inside the incel community. Naama Kates is the host of the podcast Incel. You can follow The Incel Project on Twitter and contact Naama at


Naama’s background as an actress including roles on the show NCIS and the movie Stepmom
Directing the horror film Sorceress, the documentary Dutchman Revisited, and producing Chloe
Naama’s Music Videos directed by Princeton Holt from the early 2010s’ Indy Craze
Naama’s personal and political evolution
How Naam’s fascination with incel culture started with a correspondence on Twitter
Why the media narrative about incels is wrong, harmful, and casts dispersion on a group that is already marginalized
How Naama’s journey started out as an open ended question
Misconception that incels are a political movement and have a racial orientation
Incel Lexicology and narratives
Naama’s personal interactions with incels
Disarmed by the humor of the incel forums
Guests on the podcast Incel, including a Christian pastor, a forensic psychologist, a neuro-scientist, and a psychiatrist
Incels as part of a greater trend of social atomization and inequality
#pinkystream – naama kates on hikkikimori
Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages
The limitations of self improvement
Are femcels a thing?
Incel as a brand
Naama’s upcoming podcast, ESC-Hate, featuring dialogue between opposing political sides

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Robert Stark interviews DECAY about Politics & Urbanism

Check out Decay’s blog, his writings for Brandon Adamson’s, and Twitter profile.


The Orientation of D E C A Y’s Political Views
DECAY’s outlook on human dynamics can be described as “right-wing”, but without stereotypical “right-wing” stances, such as laissez-faire free-market economics or moral traditionalism
DECAY’s left Wing stances on environmental and public health regulations, worker and consumer protections, and a social safety net
Meta Politics
The Bearer of “Trad” News
A post American perspective
Futurism and technological progress
Predicting Future Trends
Independent City States
Where Should One Live?
Urban neighborhoods, Sreetcar Suburbs, Retrofitted Suburbs, Small Towns, College Towns, and the reemergence of the village model, where people live in close proximity to where they work, shop and recreate
Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and thoughts on the region’s cities, suburbs, and wilderness
The need for a balance between urbanism and wilderness
Retro Futurism and an affinity for 80’s Synthwave

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Transcript of interview:

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Robert Stark talks to Ann Sterzinger about her Novel LYFE (Elektra’s Revenge)















Robert Stark and co-host Paul Bingham talk to author Ann Sterzinger about her new new novel LYFE (Elektra’s Revenge), A SCI-FI ROMANCE GONE TERRIBLY WRONG… Meet Elektra, the angry young woman of the future. It’s the fifth millennium, and Earth One is a faint memory. After nuking itself stupid, the human race limped off to the only orb our spacecraft could reach: a tiny inhabitable moon that’s so small and overpopulated that society cajoles the normies into being gay. The crowding is worsened by the mysterious ability of the upper classes to become immortal by ingesting the local psychoactive substances… the same drugs that kill the lower classes. No one seems to know why or how this works, but Elektra knows it’s not fair. As the series begins, we find Elektra trying to get revenge on a fickle old lover by sleeping with her husband. But instead of ruining their marriage, Elektra ends up falling for the husband instead. Elektra is so busy plotting revenge on the theater producers who pass her over for roles in favor of Immortals, she hasn’t noticed that her torrid affair is bringing her ever closer to solving the dark mystery of why some people live forever while others die as junkies… Welcome to LYFE, the first book of the Elektra’s Revenge series.

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Robert Stark interviews Richard Wolstencroft about Aristocractic Radicalism









Robert Stark and Alex von Goldstein talk to filmmaker Richard Wolstencroft

Topics include:

Aristocratic Radicalism is the notion that Society and Civilization exists to enable and empower great individuals and minds
The Nietzschean origins of Aristocratic Radicalism
Hugo Duchon’s book Nietzsche’s Great Politics
Besides Nietzsche, Richard’s philosophical influences include Ernst Junger, Carl Schmitt, Martin Heidigger, Ezra Pound, TS Elliot, and the Italian Futurist
Nietzsche’s justification of Slavery and other forms of oppression of the masses
In contrast to hereditary aristocracies, great minds and spirits can emerge from the slave class, and must still be enabled
Why a social safety net is necessary to enable great thinkers and creative types to arise
Aleister Crowley, his belief in an Aristocracy of the creative class, and how he saw capitalism as degrading genuine cultural elitism
Richard’s exposure to occultism through filmmaker Kenneth Anger, who was a student of Crowley
Richard’s concept of Transcendental Fascism, which is a new and more peaceful form of fascism, that is based on implementing Aristocratic Radicalism
Transcendental Fascism is an attempt to create a fascism that reinvents itself along dialectical lines toward the absolute, but also hopes to transcend some of the negative sides and effects of past fascism
Richard’s debate with Jim Goad about capping wealth
How it’s necessary to cap income on billionaires, because their excess wealth is used to corrupt the political system, and put into savings rather than invested in the economy
How despite Richard’s support for some degree of socialism, there must still be economic incentives for innovation and success
The Genealogy and Genesis of the Alt-Right, and Richard’s point that Boyd Rice, Jim Goad, Adam Parfrey of Feral House Books, Michael Moyniham, and Douglas P were the godfathers of the Alt-Right
Boyd Rice’s song People, which deals with themes of misanthophy, nihilism, and fascism
Richard’s article Why The Globalist Elite Should Drop Hillary And Support Trump
Richard is sympathetic to the Alt Left
Richard Spencer 2011 NPI Conference speech, where he showed stock footage from the UK in the 1970’s, of hippies protesting against mass immigration
Richard’s friend musician David Thrussell, who is a leftist but agrees with Richard most of the time
Richard’s documentary Heart of Lightness about the war in Uganda
David Lynch, his interested in transcendental meditation, dark themes in his films, and his politics
Paul Schrader
Richard’s upcoming film the Debt Collector, which is a revenge genre film with political themes

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Robert Stark interviews Haarlem Venison










Robert Stark and co-host Alex von Goldstein interview Dramatist, Vagabond, HBD Doomsayer, Globalist, Universalist, Evolutionary Humanist, Panpsychist, Black Aryan, and Poet-Warrior, Haarlem Venison. Haarlem blogs at AcidRight.INFO

Topics include:

Haarlem’s book of poetry LO! a racist exhile
Robert’s observation that the book uses racial slurs, but the overall theme of the poems are not about race, but rather alienation and being an exile from society
Moral Risk Associated with Dismantling Antiracism
Co-opt Kindness and Empathy
Why Haarlem calls himself THE FINAL NEGRO
The Origin of Haarlem’s Addiction to Sex with Refugee Men
Haarlems’s shtick is to elude categorization
Gangster Bolshevism
The role of the meek in society, and why Haarlem believes the meek will inherit the earth
Haarlem’s travels across Europe and Asia, and his observations of the cultures and countries he visited
Haarlem’s experience in Tibet, the Free Tibet movement, and ethnic self determination
The philosophy of the Acid Right, and the intellectual and spiritual value of psychedelic hallucinogenic drugs
How subversive political movements are more likely to come from counter-culture figures including hippies, rather than middle class conservatives
Haarlem’s new book DEATHTOTHEWORLD: an interracial racist love story
How the book is fiction, but the character is based on Haarlem, and inspired by his experiences traveling across America by Freight Rail
How the Alt Right serves a purpose as a wrecking ball to political correctness, but has it’s intellectual limitations
How Haarlem trolled Red Ice Radio by proposing the Nazi Virtual Reality Theory
Haarlem’s plan to attend the National Policy Conference, and organize a workshop(not officially affiliated with NPI) on non-violent direct action at West Potomac Park
His upcoming series of plays, “Four Speeches at the Gallows”
Harlem’s review of Beatnik Fascist by Brandon Adamson

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Robert Stark interviews Ann Sterzinger about In the Sky















In the Sky(Dans le ciel) was written by Octave Mirbeau in France in the 1890’s. Ann Sterzinger translated the first English edition published by Hopeless Books. It’s available on Amazon.

Topics include:

How Ann discovered the book from Pierre Michel, a French literary scholar specializing in the writer Octave Mirbeau
How Mirbeau is best known for his book Diary of a chambermaid but In the Sky was little known outside of France
How Mirbeau was an anarchist and a Dreyfusard
How Mirbeau was a major influence on Louis-Ferdinand Céline who shared his misanthropic outlook
How Céline was marginalized for his support of the Vichy Regime however he influenced many writers such as Jack Kerouac, John Dolan, Charles Bukowski, and Michel Houellebecq
How the book reflects Mirbeau’s outlook towards life and society
The main character X who is a depressed, misanthropic, artist based on Vincent Van Gogh who Mirbeau knew
The Narrator who discovers X’s manifesto after his death
How X struggles to create his artistic vision
X’s mentor who looses his mind
The post Catholic concept of expressing spirituality through art
How X struggles with sexual and romantic frustration and when he finally meets a girl he dumps her because she did not live up to his romantic ideals
How the of meaning of the title In the Sky and both where X lives on top of a mountain where you can only see sky and  metaphor for being detached from society
Mirbeau’s view on the family and how neurosis is pasted down from parents to children
How the book combines tragedy and comedy
Matt Forney’s review Elliot Rodger Goes to Paris
The genre “Loser Lit”
Ann’s article Dead David Bowie, French Nationalists, Antinatalism, and the Meaning of Life
David Bowie’s art & legacy
Her article The Magical Bottomless Labor Pool which connects political themes to her book NVSQVAM
Why I’m Scared of Widows & Orphans
Applied Dysgenics
In Defense of Beta Females
Ann’s upcoming Science Fiction Dystopia novel Lyfe, which needs a publisher that specializes in Science Fiction

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Robert Stark interviews Paul Bingham about Black House Rocked & Cultural Trends












Topics include:

Paul’s Novel Black House Rocked which Robert interviewed Paul’s co-author Emril Krestle about
How almost everything in the story was based on real life events
How the protagonist’s story was inspired by a friend of Paul’s who was falsely convicted of Child Molestation
Why Paul picked a character who was at the bottom of society
How Paul see’s his characters as willing to pay the price for their qualities
The cultural and political topics covered in the book
The setting the book, an economically decimated community in the Ozarks
The Fabian concept of a commuter town which led to modern lifeless bedroom communities
Why the culture of Flyover country should not be fetishized
How despite regional differences the media sets the culture and values in America
Paul’s view that the Alternative Right tends fosters a critique of society without producing any goals or culture
The Poet & The Cat, how Paul gives Robert credit for it’s inception, and production, and how he wrote the script when he was drunk, broken down, in the middle of the night
James O’meara Reviews The Poet & The Cat
The writer Taylor Caldwell
How the theme of theme of nihilism and viewing society as empty is nothing new(ex. Dostoevsky)
The concept of dying with honor
How the bloodshed and violence of the middle east has produced great poetry and literature
Saddam Hussein’s literary work and why Paul want’s to see it translated into English and made widespread
Black humor and finding humor in the worst situations
Paul’s theory of generations; Millennials versus the younger generation who are still in their teens
How the 1980’s was the last decade of cultural innovation in music
How Rap has always been about selling out since it left the streets
The genre of angry rock in the 90’s that died off after the Columbine Massacre
James O’Meara view of acceptable versus unacceptable homosexuality
Paul’s view of the German band Rammstein as an example of unacceptable homosexuality
John Houston’s critique of Tennessee William’s play The Night of the Iguana from his memiors
The “Wiggerfication” of Country Music and Rednecks
How the lack of real life experiences leads to the sterility of the culture
The film  Winter’s Bone which is set in the Ozarks like Paul’s book
How Paul views Robert Stark as one of the few truly independent journalist

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Robert Stark interviews Robert Lindsay about the Oregon Shooter

Another Incel Shoots up College, 10 Dead, 7 Wounded
4Chan Subculture and the post on R9K predicting the shooting
Beta Uprising
How America’s hyper individualism and atomization leads to mass shootings
The Oregon School Shooter and Asperger’s
Depression and Suicide
Homicidal Fantasies
Study: Males and Females Differ in How They Rate the Attractiveness of the Opposite Sex
What Is This Man Doing Wrong?(Why hasn’t Game Worked?)

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