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Robert Stark interviews Tila Tequila

Tila Tequilla










Robert Stark and co-host Alex von Goldstein talk to Tila Tequila

Topics include:

How Tila was the first person to catapult social media into what it is today
How Tila became disillusioned with the degeneracy and emptiness of Hollywood
Tila’s response to people who say she is a hypocrite for speaking out against degeneracy
Blackmail, character assassinations, and censorship in Hollywood
Drug Addiction
Meditation and Spirituality
Conspiracy Theories & The Green Pill
How Tila was the first celebrity to openly endorse Donald Trump
The Japanese Vaporwave Donald Trump Commercial
How Tila’s views have evolved and her interest in the Alt-Right
How Tila’s original fans have reacted to her views and her new fans on the Alt-Right
How becoming a mother has changed her outlook on life
How Tila’s Normie friends have reacted to her views
Trolling and Meme Culture
Tila’s upcoming appearance at the National Policy Institute in D.C

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