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Robert Stark talks to Matt Pegas about The Black Album

Robert Stark talks to Matt Pegas about his book, The Black Album. The Black Album is a collection of essays and short stories, both fiction and non-fiction. The book deals with themes, including alienation, masculinity, incels, serial killers, spirituality, alchemy, philosophy and aesthetics.

-the inspiration for the title from Joan Didion’s The White Album and the music trope of color-coded albums
-Mass shootings as a metaphysical attack against reality
-The context of Matt writing himself into fictional stories
-Adapting to writing with time limitations
-Matt’s struggles with serial killer OCD and POCD in adolescence
-the gnostic component to psychology and mental illness
-Jefferey Dahmer and the trope that the weird loner is the most dangerous
-the archetype of the Emo
-coping with malaise and dissatisfaction with life
-transcript of a disturbing correspondence involving an online follower
-Matt’s essay, Renaissance of The Ritual
-Foundational thinking over Traditionalism
-A painting of a failed alchemist and why alchemy is legit
-Matt’s experiences with Tarot, transcendental meditation, and esotericism
-Matt’s Essay, David Lynch, Bronze Age Pervert, and the possibility of inner freedom
-Matt’s thought experiment of a based Marianne Williamson or BAPist version of Steiner schools
-Matt’s essay, The Politics of Aesthetics Revisited
-The esoteric significance of Las Vegas
Revisiting Alt-Centrism
-How Robert and Matt manifested Dime Square in 2018

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Robert Stark is interviewed about Esotericism

Robert Stark is interviewed by Matt Pegas and his co-host Evan, as a simulcast for their Strange Flows podcast.

Colin Wilson’s study of consciousness
-Robert’s art, Substack writings, and novels
-Mark Fisher’s Capitalist Realism
Robert’s case for Theosophy
-Robert’s mystical experience at June Lake
-contrasting Neoplatonism and Gnosticism, in their approach to theurgy, aesthetics and the natural world
-can ugly things be beautiful or divine?
-channeling the fire of youth
-revisiting Robert’s first podcast with Matt from 2018
-rediscovering the song, 9pm (Till I Come)
-occultist, genetic, political, and social dynamics to oral acts
-A critique of the moral authoritarianism and lack of pluralism of Abrahamic faiths
-how we should approach occultism
-prediction that America will have another religious revival
California’s pan-enclavism
-thoughts on neo-reactionary critiques of democracy, the case for proportional inequality, and how to select elites
-the Art Fascist vs the Warrior Fascist

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Robert Stark talks to Constantin von Hoffmeister about Esoteric Trumpism

Robert Stark and Matt Pegas speak with Constantin von Hoffmeister about his book Esoteric Trumpism. This is a simulcast with Matt’s New Write podcast. Originally from Germany, Constantin von Hoffmeister studied English Literature and Political Science in New Orleans. Constantin has worked as an author, journalist, translator, editor, and business trainer in the United States, India, Uzbekistan, and Russia, and is the editor in chief of Arktos publishing. Follow Constantin on Twitter and subscribe to his Substack.


Literary references, including William S. Burroughs, HP Lovecraft, and Edgar Alan Poe
Misconceptions about the Beatniks as leftwing (eg Jack Kerouac’s admiration of Oswald Spengler)
How the Beats’ disillusionment shows problems with fetishizing 1950s America
Philistinism on the Right and the rise of a new creative culture-focused Right
How America has an underappreciated rich cultural heritage
America as an extension of European civilization
Rightwing Postmodernism
Trump as the great revealer of hidden Lovecraftian horrors
Why Trump’s political significance is primarily symbolic
Addressing criticisms and disappointments with Trump
Meme magic
Why Constantin rejects accelerationism
Why Rightwing multiculturalism or ethnopluralism is the future 
Constantin’s recent meet up with Robert and Matt in LA, and observation that LA is a model for ethnopluralism
Why Constantin is more optimistic about America’s future than Europe’s
Upcoming Arktos projects, including a new translation of Dominque  Venner on Ernst Junger, a rightwing critique of Nietzsche, and an art history book

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Robert Stark talks to Francis Nally about Colin Wilson

Robert Stark talks to Francis Nally about the English author, Colin Wilson, his book The Outsider, and his esoteric ideas about consciousness, as well as revisiting Francis’s philosophy of Asian Aryanism. Francis’s website is,  he has a YouTube Channel, and has a new book out, Suicidal, Asian, and Promiscious. The Muse We Neglect.


Colin Wilson’s brief fame, and his relationship with the Angry Young Men literary genre
The archetype of the Outsider
The appeal of Colin Wilson to the New Right (eg. Counter-Currents)
Aspects of both populism (anti-credentialism) and Nietzschean elitism to Colin Wilson
Colin Wilson’s interview with Jeffrey Mishlove’s New Thinking Allowed
Wilson’s approach to mysticism, spiritual science, and the supernatural
Wilson’s theories on consciousness and the Peak Experience
Wilson’s book, The Occult: A History
Wilson’s book, The Misfits: A Study of Sexual Outsiders
Wilson’s correspondence with serial killer, Ian Brady, and Wilson’s intro to Brady’s book, The Gates of Janus
Francis’s essay on how Ethical Sadism can be used to disrupt liberalism and free our desires 
The need to embrace sincerity, identity and passion
How Transhumanism has potential to expand consciousness but also to turn man into “robots”
My Little Pony, Faustian aesthetics, and the Brony phenomenon
Planet of the Bass Nationalism

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Robert Stark interviews Artist Jason D’Aquino













Robert Stark talks to Artist JASON D’AQUINO. He is known for his Miniature Matchbook Art, drawings on found objects and vintage surfaces in graphite.


Jason’s Kickstarter JOIN IGGY POP! Let’s Make Artists Worth More Alive for Portal del Pop
Jason’s project Portal del Pop which is a place for artist to feature and sell their art commission free
The article in the Miami Times Miami’s Weirdest Kickstarter: Art Space, Iggy Pop, and Tattooed Skin in a Jar
Jason’s friendship with Iggy Pop and his involvement with the project
The process of creating miniatures on vintage matchboxes
Themes of interest including horror films including Hellraiser, Serial Killers, David Lynch films, and mechanical pieces such as clocks, pistols, and cameras
The Making Of Twin Peaks And David Lynch Miniature Matchbook Art by Jason
Jason D’Aquino “Shilling for Eames”
Jason’s tattoo art

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Robert Stark interviews J. David Spurlock about Margaret Brundage










Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to J. David Spurlock about his book The Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage. He is an award-winning author, historian, educator, advocate for artists’ rights, documentary filmmaker, and editor of Vanguard Productions.


Background as a comic artist and his shift from comics to books on the careers of artist including AL WILLIAMSON SKETCHBOOK
Teaching art at The University of Texas at Arlington, the Joe Kubert School for Comic Art, and the School of Visual Arts in New York
The Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage: Queen of Pulp Pin-Up Art
First Fandom, the early science fiction community
The Pulp Genre which predates comics
The Pulp Magazine Weird Tales, which published Brundage’s work as well as other artist including H.P. Lovecraft
PAINTINGS OF J ALLEN ST JOHN PB: Grand Master of Fantasy
How Brundage was a very mysterious figure and there was very little known about her
J. David Spurlock’s journey investigating Brundage’s life and interviewing the few people left who knew her
Her husband Slim Brundage who was a leftist radical
Their protest against WWI which was illegal at the time
The Bughouse Square Debates and the Dil Pickle Club in Chicago
Hobo culture and involvement with the Wobblies (Industrial Workers of the World)
Censorship, controversies about the sexual nature of Brundage’s art, and rumors spread about her
How there were hardly any women illustrating pulps at the time
The Chicago Black Renaissance
The Federal Government’s work program for opening art centers and the South Side Community Art Center which is the only surviving one
The effects of McCarthyism on Brundage and her friendship with Paul Robeson
J David Spurlock’s point that things Brundage was considered a radical for are things we take for granted today
Brundage’s connection to Walk Disney
MTV’s review of the book stating “her story could be the basis for a great Hollywood film” and The Village Voice naming it one of the best graphic novels of 2013
Science Fiction artist Frank Frazetta and Conan the Barbarian
J David Spurlock’s pilot for a reality show called “Franzetta Girls”

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Robert Stark interviews filmmaker Christopher Moonlight

















Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater interview Christopher Moonlight. Moonlight is a film director and artist. He latest film is The Quantum Terror. Check out his WebsiteArt Magazine, and YouTube


Moonlight’s interest in the horror and sci-fi film genres
The Quantum Terror, crazy monsters, H.P Lovecraft
Puppets in movies, unique story plots, avant-garde films
The film Labyrinth
Movie settings, horror in film, movie monsters
Character’s in Moonlight’s movies
Horror films set in Labyrinth’s including, I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream, Kingdom Come, and The Cutting Room
Moonlight’s theory of the Science-fiction genre
Found footage, Clive Barker, Hellraiser, Alejandro Jodorowsky
H.R Giger, The foundation of Art
Girl in the Window
Emily Bloom
Grindhouse films
Chris’s inspiration from Ray Bradbury, and his work on the documentary Live Forever: The Ray Bradbury Odyssey
Moonlight Art Magazine, Goth culture, comics
Technology, art theory, film innovation, creativity
Hollywood’s demands for films
Moonlight’s cultural influences ranging from Salvador Dali to Tangerine Dream
VHS Tapes, film aesthetics, Folk-Horror

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Part I: Robert Stark interviews James O’Meara about The Eldritch Evola & Others












Topics include:

His recent book “The Eldritch Evola & Others: Traditionalist Meditations on Literature, Art, and Culture”

Why Traditionalist must create something new based on fundamental principles instead of trying to re-create the past

How if you try to recreate the past you end up back where we are today

H.P. Lovecraft and his horrific visions of the future

How the worse thing that could happen has already happened