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Robert Stark talks to Director Jonathan Holbrook about his Film Tall Men














Robert Stark talks to filmmaker Jonathan Holbrook about his film Tall Men. Check out Jonathan Holbrook’s Facebook page and the pages for Tall Men and Beloved Beast.


How Tall Men was a remake of Jonathan’s film Customer 152
The main character Terrence who accepts a new black credit card causing mysterious “Tall Men” to appear
The narrative of the credit card companies exploiting customers and those who abuse credit
Influences from David Lynch, especially Blue Velvet; the New Twin Peaks
The theme of mystery and loose ends
Playing with ones perception of reality; what is real and what isn’t
What the Tall Men represent
The Babylonian Brotherhood and David Icke’s reptilian theory
Casting the actors
Filming locations in Everett, Washington including the house and the jail
Jonathan’s upcoming horror film Beloved Beast; TRAILER 
Jonathan’s short film Whiskers
The Amazon TV horror sci-fi series Still which Jonathan wrote

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