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Robert Stark talks to Jamie Curcio about Narrative Machines












Robert Stark, co-host Sam Kevorkian, and J.G. Michael talk to Jamie Curcio about his new book Narrative Machines: Modern Myth, Revolution, & Propaganda. Jamie is an Artist, Writer, and Musician, and blogs at Modern Mythology.


Intro: Nefarious from the Album EgoWhore by HoodooEngine which Jamie co-produces and does bass and rhythm guitar for
The main thrust of Narrative Machines is the way in which myths function in our lives
How the conflict with our longing to connect with the sacred leads to seeking re-connection in the form of reified ideology in the current “Meme Wars”
Jean Baudrillard’s book Simulacra and Simulation
The concept of hyper reality and how social interactions are mediated by social media
Post Modernism and Deconstructionism; skepticism towards all ultimate truths
Hobbes vs. Rousseau: the debate over human nature
Jamie’s illustrations in Narrative Machines
The Artist David Mack
Aesthetic theory and how artist can affect the world politically
Interrogation Machine – Laibach and NSK
Aleksander Dugin, Nick Land, and Neo-Reaction
The relation between myth, retro-aesthetic creative movements like vaporwave, and the current cultural climate
The 80’s Retro themed show Stranger Things
The aesthetics of Horror and horror writer Thomas Ligotti
Surrealism and connecting to the sacred or primal force
Jamie’s book Join My Cult!, occultism, and Aleister Crowley
David Bowie Inspires Jamie’s Upcoming Book, “Masks”
Yukio Mishima’s Confessions of a Mask
Jamie’s involvement in the goth industrial music scene of the 90’s and 00’s
The ways in which virtual reality, myth, and “the real world” have collided
Alternate Reality Games, the film The Game, and playing with peoples perception of reality through media

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Robert Stark interviews Musician En Esch















Robert Stark, Pilleater and J.G Michaels interview EN ESCH. En Esch was an original member of the pioneering industrial band, KMFDM. He is also in his own band, Slick Idiot, and toured with Pigface. En Esch’s recently released a new album, Trash Chic.


En Esch’s interest in music and beginnings in KMFDM, Slick Idiot
En Esch’s early influences, Goth and Queer culture, Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft
The politics of East and West Germany
“Xcess” in True Love, and “Ooh La La” in Hellraiser 3
The politically imagery used in KMFDM (the art of Aidan Hughes), Laibach, Dunkelwerk, Hanzel und Gretyl
Atari Teenage Riot, left-wing vs. right-wing imagery and sound, May Day
The Columbine Massacre, the controversy behind KMFDM’s song, “Waste,” YouTube comments about KMFDM’s association with school shootings
En Esch’s new album, Trash Chic
KMFDM’s influence over Rammstein
Modern Industrial musics vs. old style Industrial (Die Krupps)
How En Esch makes music, Nightcore vs. Vaporwave
Five letter codes, Covers, the funky infulence in En Esch’s music
En Esch’s advocation for animal rights, his vegetarian lifestyle
The origin behind Slick Idiot
The music market, downloading and streaming
The Raymond Watts / En Esch / Günter Schulz / Mona Mur KMFDM
Peter Murphy, Humor behind En Esch’s music
Introversion/Social Anxiety, and music as an outlet to express one’s self
Backing singers
En Esch’s future activities

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