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Robert Stark interviews Author Ben Arzate

















Robert Stark and Brandon Adamson talk to Des Moines based author Ben Arzate. Ben blogs at, writes book reviews for Cultured Vultures, and is the author of The Story of the Y and The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Saying Goodbye.


The Story of the Y, inspired by outsider musician Y. Bhekhirst whose life remains a mystery
Road trip theme and importance of place in literature
Surreal super natural elements and dream narratives in the book
Ben’s matter of fact minimalist writing style
Comparisons to Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Influences from Quentin Tarantino films, and neo-Westerns El Mariachi and Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
Fringe and transgressive literature
Ben’s review of Robert’s novel Journey to Vapor Island
How shorter attention spans influence literature
Ben’s interest in the Post-Left and critique of the Woke Left
Women’s March accuses Tulsi Gabbard-a woman of color-of not pandering to women of color
Bringing together the high and low in literature
Georges Bataille
How Ben is best known for his book reviews, least favorite books he’s reviewed, and how to write critical reviews
Ben’s review of Girl Like a Bomb by Autumn Christian 

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Robert Stark interviews Dain Fitzgerald












Robert Stark and co-host Joshua Zeidner talk to Dain Fitzgerald. Dain works in the Silicon Valley, is based in Oakland, blogs at Dry Hyphen Olympics, and writes for The American Spectator and Secular Right. He is also on Twitter.


How Robert met Dain at a Bay Area futurist meetup
Growing up in Sacramento, CA
Life in the Bay Area
The Bay Area’s economic situation and housing crisis
Dain’s political views, how he is fairly centrist economically, and opposed to SJW culture
The Grey Tribe
The Culture War; the humanities vs. the sciences
The political climate of the Silicon Valley
The firing of James Damore from Google
Dain’s article Asian-American Leaders Are Scarce in Silicon Valley. And?
Dain’s article Meet the New Boss about how well behaved Millennials are
Futurism and science based politics
The Harvey Weinstein Scandal(note: the show was recorded before the recent SNL)

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This show is brought to you by Robert Stark’s Paintings!

Robert Stark interviews Matt Forney on Millennials
















Topics include:

Matt’s Takimag article Twit Planet about the Millennial generation, social media addiction, and sexual dysfunction
Roosh’s new book Poosy Paradise
How  Millennials are the least adventurous generation in recent history due to helicopter parenting and their economic situation
How the Millennial’s asset is that they have no memory of a functional society
How younger Millennials born in the 90’s have no memory of a world without social media
The Fourth Turning Theory on generations
Matt’s thoughts on the riots in Ferguson, Missouri
How the left and the right are equally intellectually bankrupt
The class war between the white Brahmins and white Vaishiyas
Matt’s thought on Living in the Philippines
How the Philippines is a much freer and socially open society than America
Matt’s observations on dating  in the Philippines
Matt’s review of Some Thoughts on Hitler and Other Essays by Irmin Vinson
How politically correct taboos are declining
Andy Nowicki’s video LET’S TALK ABOUT JEWS! about his rejection of obsessive anti-Semitism
Matt’s review of the film Are All Men Pedophiles?
America’s totalitarian laws about sex

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