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Robert Stark interviews Pinky Culture











Robert Stark talks to New York based vlogger Pinky Culture about GameStop, social and economic trends, AstroTurf politics, and populism. Check out Pinky Culture on YouTube and Twitter.


Pinky’s political compass.
What the GameStop short squeeze exposes about our economic system
How the Great Reset is just late stage capitalism
Patriot Act but woke
Jimmy Dore calls out AOC
Andrew Yang’s campaign for New York mayor
The Black Pill philosophy
Tucker Carlson on the incel economy
Pinky’s videos on the racepill and agepill
Populist icon Huey Long

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Robert Stark talks to Kevin Lynn about the Election & Economic Crisis











Robert Stark talks to Kevin Lynn about 2020 election issues including the pandemic, economy, and immigration policy. Kevin Lynn is executive director of Progressives for Immigration Reform and founder of US Tech Workers and Doctors without Jobs.


Kevin’s past involvement with progressive politics during the Bush era, and how that movement was watered down into today’s woke left
US Tech Workers’ victory for Tennessee Valley Authority workers, and Kevin’s meeting with Trump
The recent Presidential Debate as symbolic of polarization and decline of the Empire
Trump’s initial executive order restricting foreign worker visas that was later watered down
How the pandemic exposed vulnerabilities in our nation’s borders
Trump’s support for The CARES Act bailout and PPP loans for corporations with limited benefits for the public
The stock market being propped up by buybacks, the K-shaped recovery, and dangers of an economic bubble burst
The benefits of remote work
Kamala Harris – Silicon Valley Love Affair
How immigration and handling of the pandemic have become part of the divisive culture war

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Robert Stark talks to Ron Unz about America’s Fall












Robert Stark talks to Ron Unz about how the pandemic exposed America’s deep-seated corruption and how we might witness the nation’s fall. Ron Unz is a theoretical physicist, and editor of the Unz Review, and a past candidate for California Governor in the 90’s and more recently for  US Senate.


Recap of Ron’s Top Issues in past California U.S. Senate Race
The Unz Review as a big tent of important, interesting, and controversial opinions from both the left and right
The abysmal handling of the public health crisis
The looting of the treasury by politically connected corporations under the CARES ACT bailout and loan guarantees
How America could lose it’s status as the World’s Reserve currency, which would expose how poor Americans have become
The irrationality of our nation’s leaders provoking a conflict with Russia and China
The end of meritocracy and Culture of Corruption in the US
The iconoclastic cultural revolution as a product of our elite universities
The debt crisis and siphoning off of wealth from our economy
The contrast of America’s inefficiency with China’s handling of the pandemic and infrastructure projects
Woke Capital
Why California has avoided the worst of the civil unrest impacting much of the nation
Tech Censorship: how The Unz Review was banned from Facebook and de-ranked from Google
Ron’s thoughts on the motives for tech censorship

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Robert Stark talks to Joshua Zeidner about Bernie Sanders’ anti-Corporate Welfare Bill & The Tech Oligarchy


















Bernie Sanders bill targets Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s pay practices
How the bill would tax companies for state benefits that their workers receive
How state benefits for low wage workers are a form of corporate welfare
The role that corporate HR and temp agencies play in modeling their employment payment program on state benefits
The disturbing part about Amazon’s HQ2 competition
The emphasis on job creation rather than creating high quality jobs and living standards
The deregulation of labor rights in the Tech Industry
Joshua’s advice that it’s not worth it for young people to go into tech
Rep Yoder’s immigration bill and the Tech Industry’s lobbying for mass immigration 
Bernie Sanders’ flip flop and Trump accomplishing little on immigration enforcement
The monopoly-busting case against Google, Amazon, Uber, and Facebook
Social media as a public utility
National Review Denounces “Internet Fairness Doctrine”
Social media censorship and manipulation of content
The Safe harbor (law) which makes social media immune from libel laws
Surveillance Valley — Yasha Levine
Why Did Walmart Leave Germany?

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Robert Stark interviews Jeffery J. Smith














JEFFERY J. SMITH published The Geonomist, which won a California GreenLight Award, has appeared in both the popular press (e.g.,TruthOut) and academic journals (e.g., USC’s “Planning and Markets”), been interviewed on radio and TV, lobbied officials, testified before the Russian Duma, conducted research (e.g., for Portland’s mass transit agency), and recruited activists and academics to A member of the International Society for Ecological Economics and of Mensa, he lives amidst the beauty of Northern California. Jeffery is currently Chief Editor at


Jeffery Smith’s new science fiction novel Perfect Timing about time travel to a future society
How the book conveys the tone of Hitchhiker’s Guide, offers insights like Stranger in a Strange Land, and presents an upbeat alternative to Brave New World
The theme and implementation of a Basic Income in the future society
Why a basic income is necessary and ways to implement it
The artificial notion of the work week and the book The Overworked American
The Post-scarcity economy and how the surplus of wealth is concentrated in the top 1%
The theme of Utopia; Aldous Huxley’s utopian novel Island
The future society of Geotopia, the theme of Ecotopia, and the book by Ernest Callenbach
Ecological based economics; Herman Daly’s Steady State Economics
Geonomics, Georgism, and the land value tax
How a land value tax is different from a property tax and leads to more efficient land use
City Density—Friend of Trip Efficiency
The book Better NOT Bigger: How to Take Control of Urban Growth and Improve your Community
Jeffery Smith’s upcoming book on measuring the indicators of land value

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Robert Stark interviews John Médaille


Robert Stark and co-host Charles Lincoln interview John Médaille. John is a retired businessman who teaches in the Theology and Business departments at the University of Dallas, and is a senior scholar with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. He is a veteran of the Vietnam War, a former city councilman, and the author of two books, “The Vocation of Business: Social Justice in the Marketplace” (2007) and “Toward a Truly Free Market: A Distributist Perspective.”

Topics include:

The culture and economy of Texas
How a Free Market is defined by a high degree of competition and participation
How capitalism is not a truly free market because it leads to consolidation
How conservatism became redefined as corporate global capitalism instead of local control and tradition
The need to end corporate subsidies and regulations favoring large corporations
Wal-Mart and the hidden inefficiency of our distribution system
Monopolies in the media and communications
Anti-Trust Laws
Banking and the need to end to big to fail banks in favor of localized banking
Georgism and the theory on land speculation
Why John favors a wealth tax over an income tax
How the breaking up of large estates led to the economic success of Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea
How those examples differ from Communist land confiscation in Zimbabwe and the Soviet Union
The Emilia-Romagna Cooperatives in Northern Italy
Free Trade deals and how they destroyed small businesses and manufacturing
Healthcare reform: licensing, guilds, and insurance

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Robert Stark interviews Keith Preston about Distributism
















Robert Stark talks to Keith Preston of Attack the System for a written interview.

Topics include:

Keith’s interest in alternative economics that opposes both capitalism and socialism such as distributism
Why third way economics theories have limited influence but a large potential audience
A Traditionalist critique of Capitalism
Chesterton and Belloc’s views on Nationalism, Eugenics, and Imperialism
How Marxist viewed Distributism as a Petit Bourgeois movement
The Distributist critique of the welfare state versus the modern conservative view towards poverty
Taxation policies such as a Negative Income Tax and Asset Tax

Transcript of Interview:

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Deo Vindice: Charles Lincoln interviews Montana State Rep. Jerry O’Neil














Guest Host Charles Lincoln interviews Montana State Rep. Jerry O’Neil from Columbia Falls.

Topics Include:

Jerry O’Neil’s proposed Constitutional Amendment on the regulation of Interstate Commerce

Franklin Roosevelt and his packing of the Supreme Court to push his agenda

Abraham Lincoln on financing the railroads and the beginning of the power of big corporations

How the Lincoln administration created the Department of Agriculture

How Abraham Lincoln was a big corporate attorney for the railroads

How corporate welfare originated

Charles’s view on how the Government created the Robber Barons

Anti Trust Legislation and how Robber Barons exploited them

State’s Rights issues

Whether Corporations have a right to freedom of speech

Charles’s proposal to abolish centralized banking and his view that it would cause companies to self regulate

Jerry’s call to abolish the 17th Amendment which maximized corporate power

How Jerry was an advocate for the Black Feet Tribe in Montana and how they have a right to form their own bank

The Lakota Free Bank

How the State can use the Social Security Trust Fund as a checking account and how it’s funded by non marketable securities