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Robert Stark interviews filmmaker Bjørn Erik Sørensen about his film BROKE






Robert Stark talks to Norwegian filmmaker Bjørn Erik Sørensen about his upcoming film BROKE . Check out the Facebook Page for BROKE.


BROKE as part of a trilogy of short films dealing with the theme of adolescent angst
The theme of loss of wealth equating with one’s loss of self worth and status in society
Bjorn’s cinematographic style of closeups and focusing on emotions
Casting the actors
Premiering BROKE at film festivals including the International Film Festival in St. Louis
Bjorn’s film Reckless
The Norwegian Film Industry

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Robert Stark interviews Nataliya Kochergova













Nataliya Kochergova Sergeevna blogs at Emma the Emo’s Emo Musings . She lives in Norway and is originally from Russia.  

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