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Robert Stark talks to Francis Nally about his book A Manifesto About Stalking Patrick Hyland













Robert Stark talks to Francis Nally about his new book A Manifesto About Stalking Patrick Hyland. Francis blogs at and is also the author of Trip and Almond Eyes, Baby Face. Check out his music label Phteven Universe.


Intro song: Asian Girlfriend
Quotes by Adam Parfrey, Sam Hyde, Chris Corda, James Nulick, and Brandon Adamson who wrote the forward
The book’s cover art by Shelby Criswell
The book as Francis’s manifesto and collection of his essays
Eurasian Futurism
Introducing a conceptual “bicultural” world after the fall of globalism and multiculturalism
Future City States
Chinese vs. Japanese Culture
The Alt-Right being stuck in a right wing ghetto and the need to be both left wing and right wing
The Alt Left and it’s key principles of friends, family, and freedom
Andrew Yang for President who is proposing a basic income
Rejecting Normie values
The Artist as the natural elite
Avant Garde Art and resurrecting Apocalypse Culture
Sexual Mores
The Cult of the Extroverts
The Asian feminist fallacy
Queer Culture & Homo-Nationalism
Fashwave Sectarianism vs. Vaporwave Hegemony
Francis’s upcoming performance under the label Phteven Universe on May 5th at the Sound Hole in Philadelphia

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