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Robert Stark interviews Paul Bingham











Robert Stark talks to Paul Bingham about his book Down Where the Devil Don’t Go published by  Nine-Banded Books. “In his debut collection of short fiction, Paul Bingham confronts us with four sardonic tales of men at war. A writer at war with himself. A hired gun at war with time. A soldier at war with peace. A TV executive at war with an audience he cannot understand. When hearts and minds are up for sale and every battle line is blurred, there is yet a war that rages … Down Where the Devil Don’t Go.”

Topics include:

Creating characters that exist in the real world

Men who take action vs. those who act in a less masculine way to get their point across

Stories from a Nietzschean perspective

Why Andy Nowicki will be vindicated as a great writer by the younger generation

The meaning of the title and how the Alternative Right is willing to explore taboo and dark aspects of human nature

Paul’s experience trying to create an AM Radio network

His American Onslaught show which he co-host with Daryl Basarab

His Bi Racial identity(white and American Indian) and his interest in ethnocentric movements

His views on how America’s heterogeneity makes it difficult to create organic identities

His research on communities in the Ozarks such as the Mennonites

Public Banking and infrastructure Reform

His involvements in electoral politics

His upcoming Rock Opera project