Alt Left Chaos Magic With Brandon Adamson









Robert Stark and co-host Sam Kevorkian talk to Brandon Adamson. Brandon blogs at, is the author of Beatnik Fascism, and has a Youtube channel Self Checkout.


Brandon’s Official Response to Trump’s Remarks on the AltLeft
The context of Trump using the term “Alt-Left” to describe the antfa as opposed to the original Alt Left
The media’s references to Brandon’s Alt Left site and how the only semi accurate one was The Week’s Article
Confusing political hacks with esoteric outlandish cultural references
The “Orange Pill”
How the less aggro elements of the Left and the Alt-Right should combine forces for single payer health care, student debt relief, and the dismantling the College Football Industrial Complex
How massive online censorship forces people to build alternative tech universes
Corporations enforcing a uniform culture of consensus among workers
Companies policing employees behavior outside of work
Why a 6 hour work day would be more efficient
People Don’t Think Universal Basic Income Be Like It Is but It Do
New Suburbanism

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