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Robert Stark interviews California Gubernatorial Candidate Adam Papagan













Robert Stark and Matt Pegan talk to California gubernatorial recall candidate Adam Papagan. Adam Papagan is an LA native, tour guide (Cool LA Tours), musician, and public access tv producer. Adam’s campaign site will launch soon and you can follow him on Twitter.


The recall as part of entertainment culture and a unique opportunity to insert yourself into the narrative
Comparisons of Gavin Newsom to Gob from Arrested Development, Patrick Bateman, and The Green Goblin
Crucial California issues including wildfires, homelessness, and the housing shortage
Making billionaires pay their fair share and fixing the fundamentally broken economic and political system
Thoughts on social media, algorithms and censorship, and opportunities in entertainment
Adam’s Curb Your Enthusiasm and OJ Simpson tours
Adam’s musical collaboration with David Liebe Hart and his public access show

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