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Robert Stark interviews Richard Spencer about Political Violence & Indentitarianism

Richard Spencer

Topics include:

Dylann Roof and Political Violence
The End of the Culture War
Identitarianism—A Conversation Starter

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Robert Stark interviews Nataliya Kochergova













Nataliya Kochergova Sergeevna blogs at Emma the Emo’s Emo Musings . She lives in Norway and is originally from Russia.  

Why she is with Eivind Berge

What Happens When You Date An Angry Incel

Why she has an omega fetish

Why she calls herself an antifeminist

Why she used to cut herself

Her Comic Books

Robert Stark interviews Sebastian Ronin
















Sebastian Ronin is the founder of the Renaissance Party of North America and the President of the Canadian branch

Topics include:

Mr. Ronin’s involvement with the Green Party in Canada in the 1980’s

How he ran for office under the Green Party on a soft Nationalist Plank

Why he broke ways with the Green party over the issues of decentralization and bioregionalism

Why he opposes the reactionary right

Why we live under deracination which means to be pulled up by ones roots

Why we have to reinvent instead of recreate the past

How he was involved with the original North American New Right

Building a movement where the radical right and radical left overlap

How the issue of race creates a barrier to the left and right working together

How Peak Oil will restructure society

How deindustrialization caused by Peak Oil will return the earth to a carrying capacity of 2 Billion people

Global Warming

His book Anschluss

His response to the reactions over his comments on Anders Breivik


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