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Robert Stark interviews Martin Lichtmesz about Ethnopluralism









Robert Stark talks to Martin Lichtmesz about his new German language book Ethnopluralismus: Kritik und Verteidigung about the political concept of ethnopluralism. Martin Lichtmesz is an Austrian journalist and translator based in Vienna, and you can read his articles at Sezession and follow him on Twitter.


The need to put forth a clear definition of ethnopluralism
Influence of the concept on the European New Right
How the concept was coined in the 70s by Germany sociologist Henning Eichberg but goes back further to romantic philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder
Eichberg’s sympathies with anti-colonial struggles from a German perspective
A rejection of monolithic universalist values and embracing of uniqueness
Defining the nation state, concept of Self-determination, and difficulties of drawing exact borders to respect national populations
The original version of Multiculturalism in Canada and degree to which it overlaps with ethnopluralism
The failure of the Left to preserve diversity and feasibility of maintaining a version of multiculturalism where all can take part
Claude Lévi-Strauss’ The Sad Tropics and Jean Raspail’s La Hache Des Steppes about lost tribes
Orania, the Afrikaner enclave in South Africa
The recent terrorist attack in Vienna 

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