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Robert Stark talks to James O’Meara about Mysticism After Modernism

Robert Stark speaks with James O’Meara about his book, Mysticism After Modernism: Crowley, Evola, Neville, Watts, Colin Wilson, & Other Populist Gurus. Mysticism After Modernism is published by Manticore Press, where it is available for purchase. You can also find it at Counter-Currents and on Amazon.

“Our spirituality has gotten too tame today. James J. O’Meara has a solution [in Mysticism After Modernism]
Mitch Horowitz, PEN Award-winning author of Occult America and The Miracle Club

-The intersection of mysticism with politics and culture, and how mysticism is available to any political persuasion
-Countering the Hippie-dippy liberal  stereotype about New Age gurus
-Critiquing the reactionary who passively accepts cycles of decay, and the need to embrace infinite possibilities
-A practical take on magic/mysticism, in regards to enacting real world change
-Aleister Crowley’s definition of magic as transforming the World in accordance with one’s will
-Examples of opinions and attributes of Alan Watts and William Burroughs that come across as anti-liberal
-Greg Johnson’s article, “The Spiritual Materialism of Alan Watts: A Review of Does It Matter?
-Watts’ ties to quasi-fascist Serbian mystic, Dimitrije Mitrinović
New Thought, and an explanation for how Neville Goddard’s Law of Assumption works
-New Thought as a vehicle for political change, by removing all mental constraints
-Why Theosophy is the theology best adapted to hereditarianism (eg. illiberal pluralism)
-William Burroughs’ obsession with rejecting control in a metaphysical sense
The Greek Qabalah, hidden esoteric traditions in Abrahamic faiths
-Colin Wilson’s practical mysticism, focused on expanding consciousness
-Parapsychology and Spiritual Science
-The need for spiritual elitism and Aristocratic Radicalism
-Robert’s novel, Vaporfornia, which has themes relating to New Thought
-James’ book, Passing the Buck: Coleman Francis and Other Cinematic Metaphysicians

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Robert Stark interviews Publisher Josh Dale
















Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to publisher Josh Dale. Josh Dale runs Thirty West Publishing House and has a BA in English from Temple University.


Josh’s background including being an associate editor and contributor to Temple’s Hyphen Literary Magazine and experience with a vanity publisher on Instagram
Temple University in Philadelphia; Science Fiction writer Samuel R. Delany
The process of setting up Thirty West Publishing
The overall themes and criteria of Thirty West
Josh’s interest in work that is introspective and inspired by the inner workings of the mind
The designs of Thirty West’s books
Authors published including Thom Young
Josh’s collection of poetry Duality Lies Beneath
The themes of the poems ranging from random imagination, observations, critiques of society, and personal idiosyncrasies
The book cover from a train station in Philadelphia
Josh’s influence from the Transcendentalist writers including Ralph Waldo Emerson
Josh’s near death experience from a car crash and how that impacted his outlook on life
Involvement in spoken word poetry readings

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