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Robert Stark interviews Duckman creator Everett Peck















Robert Stark and Cartrell Payne talk to animator and illustrator Everett Peck (Official site). He is best known as the creator of Duckman and Squirrel Boy.


Everett’s background as an illustrator, including work for Playboy and Rolling Stone magazine
Artistic influences ranging from underground comics of the 60s and 19th century pen and ink illustrations
Working for Klasky Csupo as an independent contractor
The full emotional range of the Duckman character rather than stereotypical cartoon characters
Jason Alexander as Duckman
Dark dry cynical humor
The artistic style of Duckman which was an extension of his illustration style
Squirrel Boy’s 50s Cartoon Modern aesthetic
Character design for the animated TV series Jumanji
The internal politics at the networks
Upcoming and ongoing projects and concepts

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