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Robert Stark interviews Anatoly Voronin about Ukraine

Robert Stark talks to Anatoly Voronin about the war in Ukraine, meta-modernism, and cultural trends. Anatoly Voronin is from Kharkiv, Ukraine, has worked as a fashion photographer and makeup artist, and politically identifies as a meta-modernist and post-liberal Centrist. Check out Anatoly’s Substack blog: Golden Heart Motel, and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.


War Diary: Live witness account of 2022 Ukrainian-Russian hostilities
The dissident-sphere’s take on the war and pro-Russia biases
Why Anatoly rejects the narrative of Ukraine being used as a pawn of the West
The end of the post-World War II narrative
Why Radical Centrism and Meta-Modernism are the next levels of consciousness
The Americanization of Europe
Why America is fundamentally a rightwing country
The Black-Red-Gold pill
The politics of beauty and why beauty pageants are radically centrist
The Russian film Bespredel (1989 ) about social hierarchies in the Soviet Prison System

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Robert Stark interviews Republican Socialist Candidate for Kansas Senate Brian Matlock












Robert Stark talks to Kansas GOP Senate candidate Brian Matlock who is running as a Republican Socialist. Check out Brian’s campaign website and follow him on Twitter.


Why Brian is running as a Republican Socialist
Politics inspired by the communitarian ethic of small-town America
The GOP socialist tradition going back to the Abolitionist Radical Republicans
A locally administered job guarantee
UBI as a supplement but not a replacement for a decent standard of living
The CARES ACT Corporate takeover
Modern Monetary Theory (one person’s spending is another person’s income)
The need for regulation of big tech
Agriculture policy of moving away from corporate industrial farming
The Nation’s crisis of despair
How neoliberalism creates conditions that breed reactionary politics and petty culture wars
The primary election on August 4th

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Alt-Center Solutions to LA’s Urban and Social Dynamics














Robert Stark and  Matthew Pegas discuss their recent trip to Downtown LA, Matthew’s experience as a newcomer to the city, observations on the regions cultural dynamics, and solutions to social and urban problems.


Skid Row, “ruin porn” and the Creepy History of the Cecil Hotel
Gentrification of the Historic Core
Broadway, neon signs and historic theatre marquees, and plans to revitalize and light up Broadway’s signs
Historic landmarks including the European style Spring Arcade and Art Deco Eastern Columbia Building
The Arts District, art bros, and the chadification of the hipster scene
The South Park highrise boom and new tallest skyscraper the Wilshire Grand
80’s Art Deco revival and new highrises influenced by Mid-Century aesthetics
John C. Portman’s Retro Futuristic Westin Bonaventure HotelInterior Urbanism, and Fredric Jameson’s Postmodernist review
The pros and cons of diversity and issues of social cohesion
The appeal of enjoying diversity from exclusive enclaves
The LA County Jail, Donny the Punk, and Jail as a metaphor for the problems of American society
The extreme social, economic, and aesthetic inequality in LA
Social problems caused by mass immigration, Neoliberal economics, and sprawl oriented development
Robert’s article Building a Based Urban Middle Class SWPL Utopia
Sane urbanist solutions to right wing grievances such as White flight
The political ironies of gentrification as re-colonization of urban areas
Family formation and reasons for declining demographics such as housing and education
How these social problems are now impacting the upper middle class demographically
An Alt-Center must offer solutions that cater to urban needs
Building a political movement based on aesthetics with visions for new urban communities
The hypocrisy of pro-immigration liberal elite NIMBY’s
How combining YIMBY policies with immigration restriction will gradually rebuild the urban middle class

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Robert Stark, Rabbit, & Alex von Goldstein talk about Future Trends & Scenarios

Future Trends












Topics include:

The conservative concept of self sufficiency( ex.working for a corporation, driving a car, and owning a home, in the suburbs) vs. the traditionalist one(ex.growing your own food), and the futurist one
The traditionalist Larpy goal of a society where everyone grows their own food, and how local agriculture should be encouraged, but it is unrealistic for everyone to be involved in it
The growth of the suburbs, from the original Railroad suburbs of the 19th Century, to the post war car oriented suburban sprawl
How small towns that have access to both urbanism and wilderness are the ideal place to live for those who can afford them(ex. Marin CountyPalo Alto, and East Bay Hills in the SF Bay Area, and parts of  North Jersey)
New Urbanism, which seeks to re-create walkable communities out of car oriented suburbs
James Howard Kunstler‘s theory that Peak oil will lead to the death of suburbia and re-creation of localized communities
Future predictions that Peak Oil will lead to a Mad Max style collapse
Conspiracy Theories, the theory that the elites want chaos vs the frog in the boiling pan theory, and Alex’s comment that the elite’s have a short time frame
A Futurist Utopian model that’s ecologically sustainable, where robots do all the work, and that has a Basic income
How a basic income could create a utopia if implemented the right way, but could also be abused by the elites
How the key problem with society is that the elites control to much of the wealth, and the underclass control a large share of the population, and how to remedy that
Mike Judge’s Idiocracy
The Nineteen Eighty-Four Police State Scenario
The US Prison System, and how inhumane condition only make people more dangerous
How we have open border combined with a surveillance state
How terrorism, “hate speech”, and the underage sex hysteria have been used to justify complete surveillance of the internet
How every political ideology is tied to a cultural aesthetic
Our upcoming show on Retrofuturism, and how Retrofuturism is the perfect aesthetic for Radical Centrism, because they are both based on fusionism

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Robert Stark interviews Augustus Invictus



Robert Stark and co-host Charles Lincoln talk to Augustus Invictus.  Augustus Invictus is a libertarian candidate for US Senate in Florida. Augustus is an attorney and community leader in Orlando, Florida. Best known as a radical philosopher and infamous social critic, he is Managing Partner of Imperium, P.A., the law firm he founded in 2013.

Topics include:

The controversies and media coverage of his campaign
The resignation of the Libertarian Chairman of Florida in response to his campaign
Establishment Libertarians who worship corporations, embrace political correctness, and are rigid in their views
Ezra Pound
Augustus’s opposition to Usury
His stance on immigration
The environment and wilderness conservation
Police State abuses
Corporate influence in politics and Citizens United
His stance on trade
His stance on foreign policy
His Paganism and sect of Thelema
His affinity for Ancient Rome
A Call for Total Insurrection

Robert Stark interviews Richard Spencer about the European Migrant Crisis & the Trump Phenomenon

Angela Merkel

Topics include:

A Podcast from a Budapest Jail about his arrest for thought crimes by Victor Orban’s Government in Hungary
How Richard was treated humanely in contrast to Prison conditions in “Liberal” America
How ironically Victor Orban is the most hard line of the European leaders on the migrant crisis
How people are more moved by emotions than logic and statistics
European Refugee Crisis as Blowback
Gaddafi’s Revenge
Richard’s interview with German journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter who has covered the crisis from both Germany and Syria
The Trump Phenomenon
How Trump embodies many aspects of the Radical Centrist movement Robert and Richard advocated in a previous pre-election podcast
What is the American Right?
Has Coulter Left Conservatism?

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Robert Stark interviews Bay Area Guy about the SF Bay Area & the Pitfalls of American Exceptionalism

Ghiridelli Square-SF Union Square-SF


Robert Stark talks to Bay Area-based blogger  Bay Area Guy of Occident Invicta.

Topics include:

Robert Stark’s recent trip to San Francisco where he met up with Bay Area guy at Union Square
The Bay Area as a microcosm for American Society, and how it combines both the best and worst of what America has to offer
How the Bay Area represent’s American Capitalism at it’s fullest
How SF Is the Second Most Unequal Major City in America
How despite it’s wealth and gentrification SF has preserved much of the historic character of the City
How SF’s unique charm and European feel compared to other American cities increases it’s demand for real estate
How the Bay Area has done a better job at Wilderness Conservation than Southern California
How Southern California has many of the same problems of the SF Bay Area but with lower aesthetic and cultural standards
The Racial Dynamics of the Bay Area
San Francisco and the Bay Area’s Progressive Paradox
How Diversity Destroys Economic Justice
How the elites are Social Darwinist who pose as progressive humanitarians
Andy Nowicki’s article The “PATRICK BATEMAN” RIGHT
His thought’s on Donald Trump and why he’s supporting Bernie Sanders for President
How the political ideal would be to combine the best aspects of Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader
His article The Pitfalls of American Exceptionalism
How the Left uses the language of American Exceptionalism to justify open borders and Cultural Leftism
How America is exceptional at obesity, anti-intellectualism, and income inequality
How The U.S. Has World’s Highest Incarceration Rate
Mark Ames’s Going Postal

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Robert Stark Interviews Charles Lincoln on the Prison-Industrial Complex












Robert Stark talks to commentator Charles Lincoln on slavery and the prison-industrial complex. Topics include:

  • How imprisonment replaced slavery
  • The 13th Amendment and the exception it made for imprisonment
  • Prohibition and laws criminalizing what one does with their body
  • American folk heroes that would be criminalized today and how the essence of America was “lawless freedom”
  • The Prison Economy
  • The creation of the Department of Justice and the Federal Prison System after the Civil War
  • US Prison conditions and how they are worse than slavery
  • Charles Lincoln’s Prison Experience


Robert Stark Interviews Keith Preston on the Declining Middle Class & the Rise of Populism










Robert Stark interviews Keith Preston of Attack the System on the decline of the American middle class and the prospects for radical populism. Topics include:

  • Joel Kotkin’s book The Next Hundred Million: America in 2050
  • Neo-liberalism 
  • Left-wing oligarchy
  • The Tea Party
  • Cracks in the Left coalition
  • The emergence of a permanent Right-wing opposition
  • The decline of the Republican Party
  • The prison-industrial complex
  • Why more men than women are raped in America

Robert Stark Interviews T. J. Parsell










T.J. Parsell is an author, filmmaker, and human rights activist, dedicated to ending sexual violence in prison, and ending the practice of sending juveniles to adult jails and prisons. His passion stems from the years he spent in prison as a teenager and young adult.

This interview discusses T.J. Parsell’s experience in prison, the U.S. prison system and its defects, racial realities inside prison, and his current film project.