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Poolside Over Politics with Anatoly Karlin

Robert Stark talks to Moscow based blogger Anatoly Karlin about his resignation from the Unz Review, current events, geo-political trends, and revisiting political predictions from past podcasts. Check out Anatoly’s new Substack: Powerful Takes and follow him on Twitter.


The Last Reaction: Why Anatoly is returning to his roots as an independent blogger
Anatoly’s assessment of Biden’s presidency
The continuation of countering China as part of  the US foreign policy consensus
The post-pandemic economic recovery, the inflation scare, and risk of crash due to financialization
The pandemic as a test run for UBI and zoomers demanding higher wages
The pollicization of vaccinations (anti-vaxxer Red Tribe in America and Anti-Putin Communists in Russia)
The minimal impact of covid lockdowns on fertility trends and why Anatoly predicts that Germany will have a higher fertility rate than India by 2050
The US withdrawal from Afghanistan
Why Anatoly embraces The Great Reset but thinks its overhyped
What to expect out of the Woke Culture War
Why Anatoly predicts Biden vs. Trump in 2024, with a Biden victory
Why American politics  are no longer of a concern since Anatoly returned to Russia

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Robert Stark talks to Ron Unz about America’s Fall












Robert Stark talks to Ron Unz about how the pandemic exposed America’s deep-seated corruption and how we might witness the nation’s fall. Ron Unz is a theoretical physicist, and editor of the Unz Review, and a past candidate for California Governor in the 90’s and more recently for  US Senate.


Recap of Ron’s Top Issues in past California U.S. Senate Race
The Unz Review as a big tent of important, interesting, and controversial opinions from both the left and right
The abysmal handling of the public health crisis
The looting of the treasury by politically connected corporations under the CARES ACT bailout and loan guarantees
How America could lose it’s status as the World’s Reserve currency, which would expose how poor Americans have become
The irrationality of our nation’s leaders provoking a conflict with Russia and China
The end of meritocracy and Culture of Corruption in the US
The iconoclastic cultural revolution as a product of our elite universities
The debt crisis and siphoning off of wealth from our economy
The contrast of America’s inefficiency with China’s handling of the pandemic and infrastructure projects
Woke Capital
Why California has avoided the worst of the civil unrest impacting much of the nation
Tech Censorship: how The Unz Review was banned from Facebook and de-ranked from Google
Ron’s thoughts on the motives for tech censorship

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Coronacast with Anatoly Karlin: Episode II
















Russian Unz Review blogger Anatoly Karlin returns to talk about the recent stats and political implications of the coronavirus pandemic. (Note updates have occurred since recording of show). Check out Anatoly’s updates on the pandemic on Twitter.


Why the US is still in the early stages, despite being number one in cases
Comparisons of different nations’ Case Fatality Rates, and dangers of the rates increasing as ICUs are overwhelmed
Effective precautions including the use of surgical masks and using AI to locate those who break quarantine
Where there are exponential growth rates and where there is stabilization
Correctly Estimating Coronavirus Infections
How the US was behind in testing but is now starting to catch up
The underestimated death rates(Corona Deaths In Italy 5x Higher Than Official Numbers?)
The nonsensical theory that the majority is already infected
Scenarios depending on what actions we take
Why we should not count on warm weather to slow the spread
Chinese, Russian Corona Aid Is 80% Useless (Says CIA?)
How world flights are at a standstill with the exception of the US
China closing its borders to prevent reinfection from elsewhere
The US’s focus on China’s role to cover up for its own incompetence
China Stakes Out the Post-Corona World
The inevitability of a recession which could be made worse with loosened quarantines
Why Trump will probably ignore promise to re-open the economy
Trump’s missed chance to reinvent himself with a UBI rather than the current bailout and one time rebate
The divide between the red and blue tribes over handling the pandemic
How there is no consistency in ideological patterns in how foreign governments have handled the pandemic
The irony over inter-generational narratives between conservatives and the anti-Trump dissident right
The political positions vindicated(nationalism plus left economics)
How the initial wave of the pandemic primarily impacted the wealthy then later spread to lower income areas
Why policy and social behavior is more important than the urban/suburban divide
Anatoly’s further observations on Moscow and Russia’s handling of the pandemic

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Russian Rendezvous with Anatoly Karlin










Robert Stark and Constantin von Hoffmeister talk to Anatoly Karlin.


The State of The Altsphere, Anatoly’s brand of Centrism, and the Alt Center
Moscow’s Demographics
Hate speech and anti-secessionist laws in Russia
The victim hierarchy in Russia
Putin’s liberal stance on immigration from Central Asia
Putin’s economic policies as a hybrid of neoliberalism and nationalization
Inequality in economics and human capital between Moscow and the rest of Russia
Russia welcomes South African Refugees
German migration into Eastern Europe in response to the Migrant Crisis
The brain drain from countries that are rivals but culturally compatible
Limits to Cognitive Elitism
The Global Baby Bust and Anatoly’s prediction of a future increase in western fertility

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Robert Stark interviews Anatoly Karlin about his American Decade, Futurism, & Political Trends










Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to Anatoly Karlin. He blogs at The Unz Review

Topics include:

Anatoly’s article at the Unz Review about his American Decade
Why Anatoly is leaving the United States and going back to Russia
How the United States is becoming more like Europe
T.R. Reid’s book The United States of Europe, where he argued that the EU was emerging as a superpower rivaling the US, but has latter been disproved
How during the Bush era Americans perceived Europeans as “Cheese Eating Surrender Moneys,” but latter Sarkozy became the architect of the war in Libya, and arming Syrian rebels
Another element of America’s Europeanization is the decline in social conservatism, the surge in support for gay marriage, and drug legalization
Anatoly’s political views, which are fairly socially liberal(except for rejecting political correctness, and radical feminism),  economically centrist, and closest to Rabbit’s AltLeft
U.S. Millennials More Likely to Support Censoring Offensive Speech, especially among university students who are the future elites
The decline in American fertility rates toward European levels
How American politics now resembles Europe in the sense that there are five distinct blocs: Clinton democrats, Sanders socialists, Rubio/Bush etablishment conservatives, Cruz Bible-bashers, and Trump nationalists.
Anatoly’s pre election prediction article US Elections 2016: Let’s MAGA, Not War, and Trump’s support in the rust belt
Trump’s economic policies as a hybrid of supply side economics, and economic nationalism, and the similarities to Putin’s economic policies in Russia
The GINI index of income inequality
The pros and cons of economic automation, and the basic income
Transhumanism, Zoltan Istvan, and his book The Transhumanist Wager
The Bay Area where Anatoly spent most of his time in the US, and how it’s pretty much ideal, but also the most expensive macro-region of the US
California is also home to Ron Unz, Steve Sailer, as well as the “Alt Left” movement(the tiny group of thinkers combining leftist economics with HBD, sane views on gender relations, and a penchant for futurism )
The futurist scene in the Bay Area including Scott Jackisch’s Bay Area Futurists meetup, Health Extensions Salons, Mike Johnson’s Qualia Research Institute, Effective Altruism, and the “techno” faction of NRx
Mass Transit, Bay Area Rapid Transit, how older cities tend to have more integrated transit systems, and why conservatives oppose mass transit
Global Warming, Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius who discovered climate change, debunking climate change deniers, and whether it will benefit arctic regions such as Russia
Observations on other American cities including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, and Pittsburgh
Anatoly’s experience ridding across the nation on Amtrak
Architecture: Skyscrapers, Brutalism, architect John Portman’s 70’s Neofuturism, and Rabbit’s ideal city based on the film Logan’s run
America’s great wilderness and National Park System

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Robert Stark interviews Ron Unz about his campaign for Senate

Ron Unz










Robert Stark and co-host Alex von Goldstein talk to Ron Unz about his campaign for US Senate in California.  Ron Unz is the editor of The Unz Review and his campaign website is He is also chairman of Free Harvard/Fair Harvard, a slate of candidates running for the university’s Board of Overseers on a platform of immediately abolishing undergraduate tuition.

Topics include:

How Ron Unz organized and sponsored a successful ballot initiative(prop 227) to keep English in the Schools
The San Francisco Chronicle article about Ron Unz, Even Republicans Swing Left in 1st California U.S. Senate Debate
His support for Raising the Minimum Wage
Raising the minimum wage as a politically correct way to reduce illegal immigration
His stance on Immigration  and support for a reduction in legal immigration
How mass immigration effects workers and the environment
Cutting College Tuition and his campaign for ending tuition at Harvard
The Myth of American Meritocracy
Opposing Affirmative Action
Controlling the Wall Street Casinos and His support for a Financial Transaction Tax
The importance of Admitting the Iraq War was a Disaster
Civil Liberties and Government Surveillance

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