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Thomas Rinaldi returns to talk about Neon












Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to returning guest Thomas Rinaldi. He is the author of New York Neon and blogs at


Thomas’s Tours of West Village’s Vintage Neon Signs, his Greenwich Village Neon Walking Tour, and how those areas have the highest concentration of surviving Neon in New York City
Thomas’s observation that Neon has declined in both corporate chain dominated, as well as lower income communities
How ironically in the 60’s Neon was synonymous with commercialization(ex. Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence)
The association of Neon with 80’s Retro-Futurism(ex. RetrowaveClub NEON) and the irony that Neon hit rock bottom in the 80’s
The decline of Neon in Time Square, Robert Brenner’s Gritty Old Time Square Tours, and the few remnents including the West 43rd Garage and the McDonalds from the 80’s
Lights Out 2016: Signs We Lost That Year
The Colgate Clock in Jersey City, which has been LED’ed
Clock Towers Signs in New York including the Paramount Theatre, the Consolidated Edison Building, the Met Life Tower, and the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower
Soviet Neon Stars at the Kremlin and Neon in Communist Cuba
Williamsburg’s Domino Sugar Refinery redevelopment; the outlawing of waterfront signs in New York City
The C & H factory Sign in Crockett, California
Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco as one of the best examples of a renovated former industrial site
Georges Claude, the father of the commercialization of Neon
The popularity of Signs Inside
Fake Neon
Animated Neon Signs, the peak in the 50’s, and San Francisco’s “Coca~Cola” Sign
Bulb Signs which were proliferate in the 1920’s, and Robert’s observation that they were also popular with 90’s era Las Vegas Casinos
Wildwood, New Jersey Neon
Mid Century Road Signage; Route 66
Downtown LA; The LA Museum Of Neon Art
Neon in Buenos Aires, Argentina; The Art Deco Kavanagh building and Estadio Luna Park
Thomas’s observations from Stockholm and Amsterdam
How Neon is declining in both Mega Cities such as New York and London as well as the poorest cities in the developing world
Hong Kong Is Slowly Dimming Its Neon Glow

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Robert Stark talks to Rabbit about the Milo Controversy












Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, and Youtuber Left of Arbanon, talk to Rabbit about the Milo Controversy. Rabbit blogs at


Milo’s Controversial comments
The media’s reaction, Milo’s resignation from Breitbart, and cancellation of his book deal
The key points are that Milo never advocated anything illegal, and was talking about himself as a teenager
Milo as a Free Speech advocate, and why no subject should be taboo to discuss
How Rabbit has written articles critical of Milo in the past, but this incident makes him more sympathetic to him
The importance of distinguishing between teenagers and real pedophilia
Age of Consent Laws, and societies double standards regarding teen sexuality
Parallels between pedophilia and racism accusation to demonize political adversaries
Salon Removes its articles by Todd Nickerson
Greg Johnson’s article The Coming Pedophile Rape Epidemic in response to Salon
National Review blames Milo’s comments on the Alt-Right
Milo’s mistake in apologizing, and how not apologizing is what made Milo successful in the first place
Pizzagate and the “Pedophile Elite”
Gore Vidal’s defense of Roman Polanski
Beatniks Allen Ginsberg, and William S. Burroughs‘s novel Naked Lunch
Japanese Mangas Kaze to Ki no Uta, and Patalliro!, filmmaker Lasse Nielsen, and writer Peter Sotos
How Homosexual Culture was Avant Garde when it was suppressed
Homosexuality in Ancient Greece
Rabbit’s article The Other Mayans about 70’s Mayan Revival Architecture
Retro Ocean City in Wildwood, New Jersey

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