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Yosemite High Country Photo Album

Album of the High Country of  Yosemite National Park  includes Olmsted Point with view to Half Dome, Tenaya Lake, and Tuolumne Meadows. Photos were taken over Labor Day Weekend.

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Yosemite Valley Photo Album

Album of Yosemite National Park includes the Wawona Hotel, Glacier Point, Tunnel View, and the Yosemite Valley including the Merced River,  Vernal Fall and Emerald Pool above the falls, the Ahwahnee Hotel, the view to Half Dome, and Curry Village. Photos taken over Labor Day Weekend.

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Central Contra Costa Photo Album (Summer 2021)













Central Contra Costa County Album includes the Caldecott Tunnel, Lafayette, Briones Reservoir, Briones Regional Park, view to Mount Diablo, Danville, and California State Route 24 through Lafayette and Orinda, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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The Peninsula (Bay Area) Photo Album











Album of the southern San Francisco Peninsula includes Palo Alto, Stanford University, Windy Hill Open Space Preserve, Woodside, and, Portola Valley.

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Robert Stark interviews Delicious Tacos















Robert Stark and Matt Pegan talk to Delicious Tacos about his books, philosophical outlook, and life in LA. Delicious Tacos is the author of Hot Naked Kittens, Finally, Some Good News , The Pussy, and his most recent book Savage Spear of the Unicorn. You can follow him on Twitter and his books are on sale until Christmas.


The “California Houellebecq ”
Thoughts on self-publishing and how the novel Severance is to publishing what the film Sideways is to film critics
The economics of the arts and Delicious Taco’s advice to separate one’s creative endeavors from source of income
The slave morality of work and need for a guaranteed basic income
Delicious Taco’s support for Bernie Sanders, why he’s given up hope on American politics, and advice to focus on building up one’s own wealth
Delicious Taco’s love of birdwatching
The pros and cons of living in LA
Theme of Geomaxxing in Delicious Taco’s Finally, Some Good News and Houellebecq’s Platform
Age gap hysteria and why Delicious Tacos doesn’t need to moralize his proclivities
Working in Hollywood as a development executive
Matt and Robert’s upcoming books, and Delicious Taco’s upcoming book True Love

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Robert Stark interviews Scott Tungay











Robert Stark talks to Scott Tungay about the current situation in South Africa, the ongoing riots in America, and his views on social capital, land use, and wealth. Scott is originally from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and immigrated to Kentucky to be with his American wife. He blogs at Department of Winning, has a Youtube channel with his wife Kelli, and is also on Twitter.


Scott’s background, like many English South Africans, growing up believing in the Rainbow nation narrative and classical liberal values
How immigrating to America lit a nationalist spark
Scott’s passion for homesteading and Permaculture
Scott’s admiration for conservationist Wendell Berry and the Southern Agrarians
How Scott is currently stuck in South Africa which has one of the most draconian Lockdowns in the world
How the lockdown could be used as a power grab by the ANC, with businesses foreclosing, and a planned expropriation of White property
Why South Africa will fall, like Yugoslavia | With Scott Tungay by Willem Petzer
Different scenarios for South Africa, including a partition into smaller nations, Chinese intervention, and why a Rwandan scenario is unlikely
How most White South Africans are looking to emigrate
The ongoing riots in America, and why Scott thinks America is 20-30 years away from where South Africa is now
The media narrative about race relations, divide and conquer strategy, and long term un-sustainability due to economic breakdown
The failure of conservatism, and opportunity for a Third Position that is localist, anti-usury, and anti-globalist
The missed mashup that could have happened between Bernie and Trump
The Backto-the-land movement and New Urbanism as alternatives to the commercial squalor that destroyed small town Americana
How the lockdown proves the value of family and community over the corporate rat race
Economic Class Dynamics: The significance, slave, and survival economy
The importance of aesthetics: how beauty elicits care
The limits of meritocracy: how future economic survival will depend upon one’s In-group

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Robert Stark talks to Paul Tripp about his proposal for a Green New Right












Robert Stark talks to Unz review writer about his proposal for The Green New Right. Paul is also the author of Psionism.


Paul’s critique of the Left’s handling of environmental issues
The focus on carbon emissions and the degree to which climate change is responsible for habitat loss
The Left’s focus on the West while ignoring ecological devastation in the developing world
The Left’s lack of concern for overpopulation in the developing world while telling Westerners to reduce their birthrates
Mass immigration’s impact on ecological footprints
Education, IQ, and Fertility
The need for rural revitalization for the new green economy
How sustainable agriculture would need a much larger and higher skilled workforce
The mainstream right’s neglect of environmentalism
How economic nationalism and tariffs would help end the exploitation of resources by global capitalism
The environmental origins of the coronavirus pandemic
The problems of a consumption based economic model
Why profits should be based upon reciprocity
One-Third of American Workers Pay Is Being Stolen. Here’s How
The decline in workers’ purchasing power
Why the Financialization of the economy is a bigger issue than labor supply
Paul’s book Psionism about rejecting an imposed mono culture in favor of neo-tribalism

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Robert Stark interviews Richard Register about Ecocities










Richard Register is a theorist in ecology and urban design, the author of several books on the topic of ecologically sustainable cities, and founder and President of Ecocity World.


Richard’s concept of an Ecocity
Paolo Soleri’s concept of an Arcology and his project Arcosanti in Arizona
The Ecosa Institute which is doing what Soleri intended on a smaller scale
Ancient examples of the Arcology go back to Ur in Mesopotamia and Çatalhöyük in Turkey
The city as a complex living organism
Horizontal vs. three dimensional cities
Implementing an ecocity on a large scale as an Ecotropolis
Why density is more ecologically sustainable
Ecocity Zoning
The goal of creating a car free city
The use of bridges between structures
John C. Portman’s Embarcadero Center in San Francisco which has aspects of an Arcology
Exterior glass elevators
Richard’s book Ecocity Berkeley and NIMBY imposed barriers to change in Berkeley
Opening up the creek systems in urban areas
Creating Ecocity village cores in the suburbs and how to retrofit aesthetically pleasing suburbs(ex. Santa Barbara, Marin County, and wealthy East Bay suburbs)
Reducing the foot print of cities and suburbs and opening up new land to agriculture and wilderness
Richard’s illustrations and the importance of aesthetics in urbanism
New Urbanism as a step in the right direction but too rigid in height and density
Richard’s trip to the Galapagos Islands and observations of how architecture coexists with nature
Ecocities in China
Robert’s observation that Las Vegas despite being an ecological catastrophe has many aspects of the Arcology

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