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Robert Stark talks to Evee about Culture & Psycho-Social Dynamics

Robert Starks and Francis Nally (aka Pilleater) talk to Evee about culture and aesthetics, psychology, and sexuality. Evee, a long time fan of the podcast, is an underground artist and musician (formally signed to Eyeball Records) from New Jersey, and is of French and Italian descent. Evee is a soi-disant Avant Garde bohemian, and champagne socialist, with a French mentality in temperament and cultural sensibilities. Check him out on YouTube and Twitter.

Evee’s satirical fan videos of Robert Stark, Luke Ford and Jason Reza Jorjani
The New Jersey scene as a more authentic precursor to Dime Square
Revisiting the scene known as the Alt-Left, Alt-Center, or leftwing of the Alt-Right
Aesthetic preferences in art and cinema
The politics and philosophy of aesthetics
Why economic elitism is the enemy of cultural elitism
Why sincere sexual and aesthetic-based racism is preferable to sublimating these preferences into reactionary politics
Why psychoanalysis could cure a lot of political and social problems
Why rightwing moralism is as bad as leftwing moralism
Evee’s intuitive view of human nature
Why Evee dislikes the Manosphere and Red Pill scene
The political symbolism of oral intimacy and fetish culture
The implosion of modern liberal society
Evee’s upcoming book of poetry

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Robert Stark interviews Robert Lindsay about Personality Types

Robert Lindsay

Topics include:

Generalizations, the Bete Noir of the PC Crowd, Rule Our Lives
How races have different personality types
Is a Black Bastard Different from a White Bastard?
Idi Amin as a Worst Case Scenario for the Basic Black Personality Type
As Bad As an Asian Man Gets
Hitler’s personality type
The differences between sociopaths and psychopaths
People who view everything as about money, sex, status and power
One Corporate Party with “Liberal” and “Conservative” Wings
How Robert Lindsay can relate to people like Ann Sterzinger  and Rachel Haywire  who don’t fit into to the stereotypical left wing or right wing mold
You Will Never Eat Bacon Again
Some Thoughts on a Majority-Gay Society
What Would Society Look Like If a Majority of Adults Were Gay?
Why Having a Fact Based View of Your Life and Future May Be a Very Bad Idea
Egotism Is Natural and Normal in Humans
Is It Ok for a Man to Complain?
Different Types of Loners: Pure Loners and “Frustrated Extroverts”

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Robert Stark interviews Dota about the Paris Terrorist Attack













Dota  is a Canadian Paleo-Conservative of Indian origin. He blogs at

Topics include:

The Importance Of Being Tolerable: Thoughts On The Shooting in France and Multicultural Stupidity

Muslims, Muslim Immigration, and why it’s a mistake to make Islam the main issue

When immigrants are wiser than natives

Dota’s recent trip to Mumbai, India and how the nation has changed

Dota’s article on Return of Kings

Why feminism fails in the third world

Portrait of the alpha male

Feminism’s corporate benefactors