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Robert Stark talks about the origins of Sexual Paraphilias















Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas discuss the psycho-social origins of sexual fetishes and paraphilias. If you’re one to enjoy particular fetishes you can to your hearts content.


The concepts of law, social codes, morality, and natural law
The moralistic tendency to view human nature as good when in fact it’s untamed state is grotesque
The Marquis de Sade, and how he had a more accurate understanding of human nature than the 60’s “Free Love” movement
Roger Devlin’s Sexual Utopia in Power
The connection between sex and struggles for power, status, conflict, and politics
Untamed erotic energy(Eros) as a force for both creation and destruction
Being disconnected from society and it’s social codes also has the same parallel effects
Chuck Palahniuk’s new book Adjustment Day
The Idea of Homonationalism
The psychology and power dynamics behind doms, subs, and switches in BDSM
The role that eroticized rage plays in sexual fetishes and fantasies
The power dynamics of cuckoldry
Sexuality being shaped by traumatic events and the attempt to gain something you lost
The Lolita Syndrome and Michael Jackson’s Peter Pan Syndrome
Ethnic fetishes and preferences
Individual sexual exploration vs. the mass incentivisation of sexual mores

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Robert Stark chatters with actor Nicholas Vince

















Portrait of Nicholas Vince (photo by Adam Turner) montage by Andrew Tong

Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, and J.G. Michael talk to Nicholas Vince. Nicholas Vince played The Chatterer Cenobite in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser & Hellbound: Hellraiser II) and Kinski in Barker’s Nightbreed. He is Patron of the London Horror Festival 2016 and was awarded the London Horror Society Award at the Unrestricted View Horror Festival 2016 for Outstanding Contribution to UK Independent Horror. He wrote and directed The  The Night Whispered, and wrote What Monsters Do and Other People’s Darkness.He hosts the popular YouTube show Chattering With Nicholas Vince where he interviews independent film makers, writers and artists


Intro Song: Opening to the Night Whispered by Patrick E. Fagan
How Nicholas Vince met Clive Barker, his role as Chatterer
The 30th anniversary of Hellraiser
The film set of Hellraiser, The Chatterer costume, the dreaded fish-hook scene
Roger Corman’s New World Pictures, Horror movies, the budget of Hellraiser
The The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker
The villains of Hellraiser, Hellraiser as a love story, Whether the cenobites are evil or “just doing their jobs”
Piercing Fans International Quarterly, John Norman and Gor, Terry Pratchett
The effectiveness of psychological torture in horror
The Wire Twins in Hellraiser: Inferno, which Robert Stark found the most disturbing
Hostel, Human Centipede, the creativity of horror films compared to “gore porn”
Nightbreed, the monsters as good guys, and Hellbound,
What Monsters Do, Vince Nicholas Vince as a comic writer, Fear magazine
Neil Gaiman, John Bolton, Sam Keith, Simon Bisley, Brendan McCarthy, Peter Milligan, Brett Ewins
Whether the cenobites will make a cameo in Robert Stark’s upcoming novel, “Bad artist imitate, Great artist steal!”
The therapeutic power of writing
Illustrator John Bolton, who Nicholas Vince has worked with, and Robert Stark’s paintings of Vintage Piccadilly CircusRaymond Revuebar and Madame Jojo’s in London’s Soho where Nicholas Vince used to work
The English science-fiction and comic scene, 2000AD, Brian Aldiss
Tales of the Crypt: The Vault of Horror comic series
Horror short stories, M.R. James
Tank Girl
The impact of WWI and II on Europe, and the influence of war on the arts
Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska
Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape, and Clive Barker on Open to Question in 1987, where he addressed moral concerns over Hellraiser

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Robert Stark and Pilleater talk about the Film Salò









Robert Stark and Pilleater talk about the film Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini

Topics include:

The film was based on the book 120 Days of Sodom, written in 1785 by the Marquis de Sade, and was even more extreme than the film
De Sade’s nihilistic anarchic philosophy towards sex, in contrast with today’s society, which has replaced traditional morality with new moral codes rather than De Sade’s libertinism
How each generation tries to shock their elders, and how de Sade,’s work is shocking even by today’s standards
The book Sade by Jonathan Bowden
Kerry Bolton’s book The Psychotic Left
Ian Brady’s The Gates of Janus: Serial Killing and Its Analysis
Censorship, Sade’s imprisonment for his writings, and the banning of the film in Australia
Author Peter Sotos, who has been compared to de Sade, and also prosecuted for obscenities
Photographer Will McBride, who Sotos has written about, the censorship of his Sex Ed book Show Me!, his art book Coming of Age, and Lasse Nielsen’s films
The theme of adolescent sexuality, innocence, and the desecration innocence
Avant Garde filmmakers Harmony KorineLarry ClarkKenneth Anger, and Nagisa Oshima
Larry Clark’s film Kids
Brooke Shields in the film Pretty Baby
The portrayal and theme of Fascism in the film, and the line “the fascist are the true anarchist.”
Pasolini’s political and cultural views, and his Catholic Paganism
Pasolini’s homosexuality, his love affair with teenage Ninetto Davoli, who was in Salò, and depictions of homo eroticism in the film
Race play in sex, the Nazi S&M Film The Night Porter, and sado-masochist themes in films dealing with political and racial taboos
The film Hard Candy, which is Salò in reverse, but fits within the politically correct narrative
The dominant submissive paradigm in human sexuality
Eli Roth’s torture porn Hostel series
How we have become detached from violence and death in real life, and seek it out in film
The theme of sex as power
The other worldly transcendental aspect to sex

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Robert Stark interviews Richard Wolstencroft

Richard Wolstencroft












Robert stark and co-host Alex von Goldstein interview Richard Wolstencroft. Richard is a filmmaker, writer, events promoter, and founder and festival Director of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. Check out his articles at Alternative Right

Topics include:

Richard’s film Pearls Before Swine(Watch here)
The actor and musician Boyd Rice who stars in Pearls Before Swine
The theme of fascism, power, and sadomasochism in the film
Influences on the film include A Clockwork OrangeAmerican Psycho, and Salò, which also deals with the themes of fascism and sadomasochism, and was temporarily banned in Australia
Richard’s horror film Bloodlust
Censorship and Film in Australia
The BDSM Hellfire Club which Richard owned
The psychology and philosophy of sadomasochism, and how it relates to politics(Master–slave dialectic)
Social Darwinism
How culture is a more effective way to be subversive than through politics
Richards Theory of Transcendental Fascism
Richard’s political views, and his interest in the Alternative Right and Nationalism
Richard’s point that the left and right should unite against the globalist 1%(ex. the left should agree to be more anti-immigration, and the right more socialist)
The theory that psychopaths evolve through evolution to deal with overpopulation
The film HIGH-RISE based on the book by British writer J.G. Ballard
Aesthetics in Film
Richard’s new film The Second Coming
Richard’s porn documentary THE LAST DAYS OF JOE BLOW

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