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Robert Stark interviews Italian Artist Shinja








Robert Stark and Pilleater talk to Italian artist Shinja. Shinja is influenced by anime and is interested in the alt-right and alt-left. She has a Youtube, and you can find her work at deviantart.


Shinja’s interest in art and anime
Her art contribution to Youtube blogger Prince of Queens
Rumiko Takahashi, Ramma 1/2, The Roses of Versailles, Patalliro, Vagabond, Takehiko Inoue
Shinja inspiration from Japan in contrast with Japanese artist inpired by Art Nouveau
Shinha’s favorite paintiner Caravaggio
Shojo manga and Hentai,
Pop Italian art, Art of Italo-Disco / Eurobeat records.
The art of Trevor Brown, Brown’s i-NaziFrancis Bacon
Fred Schodt’s “Manga! Manga!” Candy Candy, Ai Shite Knight,
P.E.P.E’s Shilday esoteric kek power breaks down Robert’s computer.
Italian Politics, the Five Star Movement, and Forza Nuova
CasaPound and their interest in Captain Harlock, anime fascism
The alt-right vs. alt-left
Life and culture in Italy
Northern vs. Southern Italy
The European Migrant Crisis
The Chinese in Italy, The Postmodern Wax Museum
Pilleater’s Asian Aryanism vs Asian Colonization of the West

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