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Robert Stark interviews David Cole about Censorship & Selective Outrage


Topics include:

David’s article Our Delicate Muslims about the Muslim boy who brought a clock to school
How there is police state abuse but people are selective in their outrage
How Political Correctness forces the Police State to treat everyone equally bad
How Ernst Zundel was treated the same as Islamic Terrorist in Canada in order to appear fair
David’s experience at Hamilton High School in Los Angeles in the 1980’s
David’s article The Right’s Jewish Problem about Dave’s old “Friends of Abe Club” hosting Mark Steyn
Double standards about censorship
Why David is even handed in criticizing all groups
David’s thoughts on the Ann Coulter incident
John Derbyshire’s expulsion from National Review
Aryan Psycho Killers and Me
The Left’s Ever-Shifting Goalposts
Latinas in the Field

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